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Thinking Critically Questions Chapter Ten and Eleven.

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1 Thinking Critically Questions Chapter Ten and Eleven

2 Prison Why do we sentence convicted offenders to prison? Does type of crime make a difference? If yes, it what way? Does criminal history or prior record make a difference? If so, in what way?

3 Prison Design What, if any, impact does jail’s architectural design have on inmates? If your were a correctional officer, how would you react to your position in a direct supervision jail?

4 Rehabilitation and Release Do you think rehabilitation programs can truly make a difference? Why or why not? What would be a measure of success of a rehabilitation program? Do you think anything could be done to lower recidivism rates among offenders? If so, what?

5 Ex-Offender Stereotype How can ex-offenders shed the ex-convict status? Should they be allowed to shed it? Why or why not? Does your answer change depending on the ex-convict’s type of offense?

6 Constitutional Rights What constitutional rights do you think should be extended to prisoners? Or, Do you think prisoners already have too many rights? Why?

7 Right to Vote Should incarcerated felons have the right to vote? l What about felony probationers or parolees? l What about ex-felons who have completed their sentences? l What about sex offenders or felons convicted of a violent offense and have completed their sentence? l If voting rights are restored for convicted offenders, should there be conditions? If so, what should they be?

8 Conditions of Prison and Release Do you think inmates should earn money for the work they do while in prison? Why or why not? In your opinion, should prisoners be allowed to reduce their time in prison through parole or good time? Why or why not?

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