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P24 Presentation to ROGER CRESSWELL SCOTTSDALE, AZ OFFICE: (480) 704-4045 MOBILE: (509) 723-5781.

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1 P24 Presentation to ROGER CRESSWELL SCOTTSDALE, AZ OFFICE: (480) 704-4045 MOBILE: (509) 723-5781

2 P24 Product Attributes P24 FeaturesComments Ergonomics Large 24” display Touch screen input (or external keyboard) Portable (not to be carried around) Mountable or kick stand Users will take this device to a location or mount it in a convenient location. The large screen (1920x1080) makes it ideal for images and video viewing. Navigation between screen will be swiping and scrolling using touch. The addition of an external keyboard/mouse allows for greater input and navigation. System Specifications Intel 4 th gen iCore M-series CPU (plus Pentium & Celeron) Intel HM86 chipset Two DDR-3L SODIMM sockets 1600MHz (16GB Max) 2.5” SATA HDD or SSD Multiple interface options Gigabit Ethernet, express mini for WLAN, optional WLAN.BT Plenty of horsepower and storage to accommodate function specific applications. Multiple wired and wireless communication options will ensure local/remote connectivity. Interface options can be used for job specific functions. Solid audio features will enable use of integrated speakers/mic versus external sources. Environmentals Operating temperature range 5°c ~ 40°c Humidity 10% ~ 90% (non condensed) Spill resistant Vibration protected Antimicrobial surface The antimicrobial surface makes this a solid solution for medical and lab environments. It’s unlikely that this unit will be used outdoors in hot/cold environments or in the rain. Spill resistance is a nice feature for classrooms and bars. In vehicle usage will be limited.

3 Healthcare (A+) Doctors offices and surgical environments require computers to view medical data and share information with patients Large screen is Ideal to display images/data for patience Antimicrobial surface required for surgical centers All-in-one feature will save critical space Portability allows for movement from room to room Convenient kickstand can be used for setup Mounting options can be used for carts Wired and wireless connections offer flexibility Multiple interfaces for external components (i.e. ultra sound, x-rays, etc.)

4 Research Labs (A+) A variety of computers are required for lab technicians throughout the research process Space is limited and interfacing to the device while conducting lab tests can be challenging All-in-one feature reduces space and cabling Touch screen interface is highly desirable Antimicrobial surface is required Centers can choose to mount the P24 or leave it portable Voice navigation and audio may be necessary Large display is ideal for viewing images Multiple interfaces enable various configurations and attachment of accessories Wired and wireless connectivity offers multiple connectivity

5 Home Security/Home Automation (A) Large screen computers are required in the home or office to monitor security cameras and run home automation applications These units must be conveniently located P24s All-in-one feature is ideal as a control unit Wired, WLAN, and wide area connectivity options will be a necessity Large hi resolution screen is ideal for viewing images Minimal input required to transition from application to images etc. Multiple interfaces to accommodate various connection options (i.e. video recorders)

6 Automobile Repair Shops (A) Engine management systems require computing for diagnostics purposes during repair procedures Laptops or tablets are currently used to collect and store data These device must be conveniently located and Connected to central systems for storage of historical repair data Wireless connectivity is required Touch screen interface is ideal Durability features are key selling points All-in-one feature reduces space and wiring Large screen enables viewing from a distance

7 Education/Classrooms (A-) Technology in the classroom is an exploding market 1-to-1 initiatives are leading the way The P24 is too large to accommodate individual students, but there is a need for teachers to have a larger device for instructional purposes All-in-one will save space and cabling on the desktop Portability will make it easy to relocate the P24 as required Large display enables multiple students to view images and videos Multiple interfaces enable connection to projectors and smart boards

8 Video Production (B+) Video production operations use a variety of computers and monitors to develop content Minimal space requirements make it difficult to configure monitors and place CPUs in key positions Cabling becomes an additional source for potential failures The all-in-one features of the P24 are an excellent solution for this environment Fixed mounting options will be key Multiple wired connections will be critical Integrated audio will support output needs Large screen will support viewing requirements

9 Hospitality – Sports Bars, Hotels (B) Individual viewing with simultaneous data interface is available with the P24 Hotel rooms can offer guests internet access using a remote keyboard while relaxing in bed Likely to be securely mounted WLAN and wired options Spill resistance is a plus Large screen with touch enables easy navigation Minimal wiring required Portability may be helpful

10 Retail Shops (B) Video based product demos are becoming very popular in the retail space Direct-from-the-manufacturer messaging replaces the knowledge required by the floor sales clerk The P24 is well positioned to support this technique Large display to run video content Touch screen navigation enables shifting from video to data material Multiple products can be displayed on a single device Portable or fix mounted Wireless or wired interface

11 Agriculture/Livestock (B) The use of hi-tech solutions to manage production in livestock and agriculture markets is on the rise The P24 is well positioned to support this market The large display can be viewed from a distance Touch screen interface is ideal Wireless connectivity and all-in-one feature will save space Unit can be fix mounted or portable Multiple interfaces support a variety of connectivity requirements Spill resistance and antimicrobial features are a plus

12 Manufacturing/Distribution Centers (B) Automated manufacturing processes often require in-line computers to monitor and control production Distribution Centers use computers in the warehouse to manage fulfillment processes on the floor The P24 can be used in either operation All-in-one minimizes space requirements Touch screen interface or portable keyboard offers flexible means to input information Multiple interfaces enable a variety of connections for external components (i.e. bar code scanner) Wireless connectivity is a key component Large screen can be viewed from a distance

13 Oil & Gas Monitoring (B) The refining processes requires the use of computers to monitor and control production Strategically positioning these units in the control center can be a challenge Control centers have challenging space requirements as well The P24 can help solve these issues All-in-one design reduces space and cabling requirements Large screen enables viewing of multiple applications Interfaces for keyboard and mouse input Mounting and portability options

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