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Sindhu Cargo Service Pvt. , Ltd. (a JV with SG Holdings Co. , Ltd

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1 Sindhu Cargo Service Pvt. , Ltd. (a JV with SG Holdings Co. , Ltd
Sindhu Cargo Service Pvt., Ltd. (a JV with SG Holdings Co., Ltd. Japan) May 2013

2 Outline Established in the year 1987
Initially started as Customs House agent, currently we offer whole part of Logistic such as: Customs Clearance Freight Forwarding Transportation Warehousing & distribution Consultancy on customs laws and foreign trade policy

3 Sindhu – Today An integrated logistics solutions provider.
Pan India presence with over 20 branch offices. Employing more than 800 staff across India. Global networking through more than 150 known associates. Accredited member of WCA family logistics Successfully implemented quality system procedure in line with ISO 9001:2008 standards. Affiliated to leading freight forwarding entities such as:

4 Sindhu Network Sindhu Offices Bangalore Mumbai Pune Delhi Chennai
Tuticorin Hyderabad Cochin Coimbatore Calicut Pondicherry Tirupur Vizag Trivandrum Kolkta Ludiana Ludhiana Ahmedabad Kolkata Vizag Calicut /Tirpur Trivandrum

5 Highlight of major Achievement
Business relationship with major clients over 20 years. Successfully handled many project shipments on-time. Handled time-bound shipments for special events such as - Cargo for Indian National games - Musical concerts → Scorpion Bands - Formula race cars Acquired core competency for effective operation 5

6 Strategic alliance between Sindhu & SG Holdings
SGH holds 26% of Sindhu Share Capital Develop Total Logistic business in India together Utilize respective network for Global basis operational growth Share best practice to improve operation of both Realize Sales & Profit growth (win-win)

7 Future Focus Put major focus onto Freight Forwarding, Warehousing and distribution Strengthen key branch office operation for better relationship and service to the customers Embarking on establishing Airfreight stations and CFS Soon launching Bonded Warehouse at Bangalore Started Educational Institution to groom young professionals for logistics sector. 7

8 Sindhu Logistic Park in Bangalore


10 Awards & Accolades Received Samman Patra from Customs for highest Revenue collection Twice awarded by Indian Airlines for highest Cargo Sales

11 Awards & Accolades Emirates Sky Cargo , has conferred on us the award for highest International cargo sales for the year

Awards & Accolades SIEMENS VDO AUTOMATION LTD., (now CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE LTD.,) has conferred on us Award in the category CSM/Service for the year 12

13 Awards & Accolades WIPRO INFOTECH has conferred on us
Award for the year 13

14 Awards & Accolades Voted as Top 3 agent in the
10th March 2013 To Sindhu Cargo Services, We are delighted to announce that Sindhu Cargo Services has been nominated as one of the top three best partner agents for the Indian sub-continent region within the Advanced Professional Logistics Network (APLN) for 2012. There is no better endorsement for your company and the services you provide than being voted for by hundreds of your peers and partners around the world. To achieve top three best partner status for your region is recognition of the value your services and staff provide to fellow WCA members and clients. Yours truly, WCA Management Voted as Top 3 agent in the India and Indian Sub-continent for year 2012, at the WCA conference held March 2013 at Bangkok. 14

15 Received Certificate of Excellence for exemplary growth
Awards & Accolades Rated as the best agent in APLN, part of WCA family in India Sub-continent (ISC) region during 2006 & as one among the top 3 agents in ISC region during 2010 Received Certificate of Excellence for exemplary growth 15

16 Key Clients TELECOM

17 Engineering/ Automotive
Key Clients Engineering/ Automotive Airlines

18 Garments / Apparels / Retail
Key Clients Garments / Apparels / Retail Pharma Others Note: All trademarks & logos are IPs belong to the respective companies


20 SG Holdings Group Company Overview May, 2013 20

21 SGH Group Structure Express Share in Japan 2011 J-Post Yamato 11% 42%
Sagawa Express SG Logistics SG Advance SG Motors SG Systems SG Financial SG Realty SG Expert SG Fielder Other Express Share in Japan 2011 J-Post 11% Yamato 42% SG (Sagawa) 39% 21

22 FY2013 Consolidated Budget
09/16/13 15:57 FY2013 Consolidated Budget Sales/Profit/Headcount FY2012 (Act) FY2013 (Plan) Diff. Consolidated Sales INR 485 Bil INR 479 Bil 98.7% Consolidated Profit INR 16.2 Bil INR 17.5 Bil 108% Headcount 71,985 79,452 +7,467 2012年度の連結予算は、 連結売上高 9,085億円、前期見込比 103.4%、 連結営業利益、323億円、前期見込比 115.8%を 必ず達成する。 Page:22


24 Thank you very much for listening!!

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