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Independent Distributor One Team Worldwide & Zija International.

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1 Independent Distributor One Team Worldwide & Zija International

2 Independent Distributor Wellness Industry $500 billion dollar industry Trillion dollar industry estimated by the year 2010 Huge exponential growth 14 million new millionaires created by wellness industry Why the growth?…baby boomers (1946-1964) Bottled water, SUVs, Internet, etc… They want to maintain youth and lifestyle

3 Independent Distributor Natural Beverage Industry $8 Billion Worldwide Zija is creating a brand inside this industry 1st to market a global Moringa beverage

4 Independent Distributor Zija International Launched in November 2006 Debt-free company Experiencing explosive growth Zija world headquarters—Lindon, Utah, USA

5 Independent Distributor Businessman & Innovator Foundation of management team 35 Years in direct distribution Created multiple $100M companies (Nature’s Sunshine & Enrich Intl.)

6 Independent Distributor Invested Millions 140 Formulations Qualified science professionals Dr. Monica Marcu, Ph.D., Pharm.D. Pharmacology Advisor Russ Bianchi Product Formulator and Advisor

7 Independent Distributor Zija Management Team Over 130 Years of combined business experience 75+ Years in Direct Distribution

8 Independent Distributor Zija—The Moringa Beverage 100% natural, liquid dietary supplement

9 Independent Distributor Why Zija? Over-Fed Over-Supplemented Over-Stimulated UNDER-NOURISHED

10 Independent Distributor Zija Contains over 92 verifiable nutrients.

11 Independent Distributor Zija—a Natural Fusion of Nutrients 46 Antioxidants 36 Anti-Inflammatories Omegas 3, 6 and 9 20 essential Amino Acids Including 9 essential Amino Acids our bodies don’t produce

12 Independent Distributor Z-Atin™ A unique, natural combination of nutrients that can trigger your body’s metabolism. Anti-aging properties Positive effects on Cholesterol Encourages healthy cell growth Anti-Inflammatory nutrients Supreme Antioxidants

13 Independent Distributor Zija Facts 100% natural—nothing synthetic No chemicals - No preservatives - No concentrates Flash Pasteurized Kosher and Halal certified Conveniently packaged in 5.5 oz. aluminum cans

14 Independent Distributor Why The Can? Convenient, on-the-go 100% light barrier for maximum nutrient potency Safety coating inside the can to protect the beverage No mixing or measuring Portability and ease of sampling

15 Independent Distributor Network Marketing Advantages Leverage your time Pick your own team Tax benefits Travel and incentives Unlimited earnings

16 Independent Distributor Retail Commission

17 Independent Distributor Fast Start Commission Smart Kit $180 (150 PSV) (1 Case Smart Drink, 1 Case Smart Mix, 1 Shaker Bottle, Distributor Kit) Z5 Smart Kit $445 (450 PSV) (3 Cases of Zija Smart Mix, 4 Mini-Cases of Zija Smart Drink, 1 Case of Zija Smart Drink, 1 Smart Mix Shaker, 1 Distributor Enrollment Kit and added benefits of Z5 Smart Kit) Z10 Smart Kit $975 (1,050 PSV) (12 Mini-Cases Smart Drink, 7 Cases Smart Mix, 1 Case of Zija Smart Drink, 1 Smart Mix Shaker, 1 Distributor Enrollment Kit and added benefits of Z10 Smart Kit)

18 Independent Distributor Autoship Program $130 - $160 USD Monthly Auto Delivery for personal and business use Save time and money Foundation of your business success

19 Independent Distributor Unilevel Commissions 100 — 1,000 — 10,000 People Drinking Zija @ $6.50 on $130 (2 Case Auto Ship) $650.00 Month $6,500.00 Month $65,000.00 Month Your results may vary

20 Independent Distributor Builder’s Bonus Pool Top enrollers for the month Dale Taylor receiving $4,800 from the Builder’s Bonus Pool in Nov. 2006

21 Independent Distributor Rapid Growth Bonus

22 Independent Distributor Executive Director Bonus Pools

23 Independent Distributor Unlimited Leadership Bonuses

24 Independent Distributor Training & Support Communication System (daily conference calls, websites, and email system) Professional marketing tools, brochures, magazines, DVDs, and CDs Live trainings: local, regional, national, and international events

25 Independent Distributor Time Growth 70% 0-18 months 20% 18-48 months 10% 48+ months Your Opportunity Is HERE! Get Started Now! Timing is Everything

26 Independent Distributor How Do You See Yourself? 1. Ready NOW! 2. Ready, once my questions are answered 3. Not interested yet

27 Independent Distributor How To Get Started Purchase a Z5 Smart Kit$445 (450pv) Purchase any 2 case Autoship You are now qualified for ongoing Power Play Bonuses!

28 Independent Distributor Personally refer 3 others who do the same in 30 days Earn: $90 Fast Start Bonus x 3$270 $70 Power Play Bonus x 3$210 $480 An excellent return!

29 Independent Distributor Create as many Power Plays as you want Duplicating Z5 Smart Kit orders within your group Gives people a track to run on Create leadership within your group Helps your group make money quickly Take advantage of your first 30 days Watch your business explode!

30 Independent Distributor Use 3 rd Party to Tell the Story 3 Minute Overview(512) 404-1299 Company site Business Presentations Tues, Thurs, Sat (512) 597-6200 pin 9671111# Webcasts like tonight Give out the Zija beverage and a DVD…

31 Independent Distributor 3 rd Party Validation Listen to the stories of other successful distributors and learn why Zija will be Ken Brailsford’s most successful legacy company ever!!!

32 Independent Distributor Get back to the person who invited you to listen in tonight …and get started!

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