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© 2004 GEOIDE GE omatics for I nformed DE cisions GEOIDE GE omatics for I nformed DE cisions NETWORK OF CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE NETWORK OF CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE.

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2 © 2004 GEOIDE GE omatics for I nformed DE cisions GEOIDE GE omatics for I nformed DE cisions NETWORK OF CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE NETWORK OF CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE D r. K eith P. B. T homson "Geomatics Research in Canada: the GEOIDE Experience" "Geomatics Research in Canada: the GEOIDE Experience" Scientific Director and CEO Dublin October 26, 2004

3 © 2004 Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) Program The GEOIDE research network 1998-2005 Examples of collaborative research projects The GEOIDE research network 2005-2012 Summary and conclusions P resentation O utline

4 © 2004 Permanent program of the Government of Canada, supporting research in universities and hospitals in partnership with private and public sectors. Fosters synergies between creators, users and “receptors” of knowledge. Addresses complex areas of critical importance to Canada. Multidisciplinary research, from basic to applied, in a variety of disciplines. Permanent program Government Canada universities hospitals private public sectors Fosters synergies creators, users “receptors” knowledge complex areas critical importance Canada complex areas critical importance Canada Multidisciplinary research, basic applied, variety disciplines T he NCE P rogram


6 © 2004 $20,871M(13,10M€) R&D in Canada NCEs in Context $6,815(4,5M€) R&D in University $1,431M (90M€) Federal Funding of University R&D Federal Funding of University R&D NCEFundingNCEFunding $77M (49M€)

7 © 2004 The GEOIDE Network 1998-2005 2003-2004 180 Students 137 Researchers 91 Firms 52 Agencies 27 Projects

8 Research Excellence Research Excellence Networking & Partnership HQP Management Knowledge & Technology Exchange & Exploitation

9 © 2004 E xcellence of the R esearch P rogram Implementation of a R&D networking culture for Canadian geomatics Multidisciplinary Research Integration across the R&D Matrix A productive and innovative Research Program responding to the needs of stakeholders and Canadian society Penetration of new sectors with existing and new geomatics technologies Strategic Investment Program (2003) for short-term high risk geomatics research geared to commercialisation and social benefits

10 © 2004 Development of HQP An internationally competitive training program:SummerSchool Geoide Students’ Network Studentprograms International visibility TrainingproductivityIncrease in the number of degree programs in geomatics in Canada New programs at Sherbrooke, York, Victoria and Ryerson 354 Graduate students since 1998 Total HQP 541

11 © 2004 Support from non NCE sources ≈ 11M€ Networking and Partnerships Stakeholder & Partners National & International outreach $ $ NCE Funding 1998-2005 13,2M€

12 © 2004 A well developed Knowledge Exchange Program: Research publications Annual Meeting (150-200 attendees per year) Workshops – Pro-active Workshop Program Vision Initiatives (Technology Trends, Women in Geomatics, Sustainable Development, Geomatics and Children) Technology Kits Knowledge and Technology Exchange and Exploitation

13 © 2004 Innovative research with commercial deliverables High uptake of Research results by the public and private sectors Business Development and Marketing Committee Outreach to students, researchers and university TT on commercialization and IP protection Well developed and well managed commercialization process Market Development Fund Technology Exchange

14 © 2004 Market Development Fund (MDF) Total Spending By March 2005 ≈ $320,000 2 Patents 3 Spin-off Companies 14 MDF Projects funded since 2002 1 project in evaluation 1 project in evaluation 6 licences 1 licence under negotiation 1 licence under negotiation Evaluation by External Expertise Business Plans Market Studies IP Protection

15 © 2004 GEOIDE IMPACTS A new multidisciplinary and networking culture for Canadian geomatics Innovative and multidisciplinary research program with commercial deliverables Internationally competitive training program Penetrated new sectors with geomatics technologies Outreach nationally and internationally A mature network with a strong and effective Business Centre

16 © 2004 GEOIDE Inc. GEOIDE Students’ Network Business Development & Marketing Committee Scientific Director Research Management Committee Network Structure Board of Directors -Theme & Thrust Leaders- -Project Leaders- -Researchers- -Students,professionals & affiliates-

17 © 2004 GEOIDE Project Examples Image fusion algorithm developed under data fusion project Pan sharpening software product can be used with set of images Software licensed to PCI and Digital Globe

18 © 2004 GEOIDE Project Examples SilverEye™ product developed in data fusion project Patent-pending innovation allowing collection of 3D measurements from a single raw, uncorrected image 3D information collection also possible using a stereo image pair from two different satellites Rapid building of 3D models

19 © 2004 GEOIDE research projects are transforming data gathering for leaders in health care, transportation and business. Prototype on environment health, looking at cancer and respiratory desease and environmental factors using a national inventory of pollutants Implementation of SOLAP for analysis of the road network in Quebec Spatial On Line Analytical Processing Timely Informed Decision Making

20 © 2004 Real-Time Spatial Mobile Information in Support of Energy and Resource Operations Doctor Tao, director of York’s Geospatial Information and Communication Technology (GeoICT) Lab. Dr.Tao’s team developed a unique mobile GIS software, GeoEye™, for mobile geospatial information management. It can run on virtually any platform (PDAs, cellular phones, etc.) Management can oversee operations over the Internet Field workers can download maps and find marked locations, equipment or team members. The technology has been licensed to a Calgary-based consulting firm.

21 © 2004 Completion of the most comprehensive database of Canadian marine activity ever attempted. This research helped determine the location of the 8 new substations granted to the Canadian Coast Guard. The result : Better located substations that can perform search and rescue operations more efficiently – and save more lives. Marine Activity Geomatics and Risk Analysis in the Coastal Zone Doctor Pelot, Department of Industrial Engineering, Dalhousie University

22 © 2004 Spatial Data for the retail Industry From monster malls to pop-up power centres, the retail industry – which employs 20% of Canada’s workforce – has seen constant changes over the past 15 years. Now GEOIDE research is helping retailers find true value. Helped by early GEOIDE funding, the research has created a national database of the retail economy – a comprehensive listing of every retail outlet in the country was completed. The database is now updated on a monthly basis, with a particular focus on the 300 key retailers who control the economy. Dr. Ken Jones, Director of the Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity (CSCA) at Ryerson University

23 © 2004 Spatial Information for Informed Decisions in Medical Diagnoses,Procedures, and Treatment The same geomatics knowledge used by satellites to study land and water is helping a Calgary-based research team create a better understanding of what is going on in the human body. Evaluation of implant migration by integrating small beads into the bone at the time of the replacement surgery Measuring how the implant is moving in the bone by using X-rays, information about the implant shape and computer algorithms. Development of userfriendly tools to train surgeons and analysts to move this procedure from a research to a clinical tool. Strong inroads in simulating surgery on a computer screen to explore how to precisely position a hip implant.” Doctor Janet Ronsky, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Calgary

24 © 2004 GEOIDE Strategic Plan 2005 - 2012 A multidisciplinary Network with International Outreach 4% 2% 6% 8% 15% 5% 17% 9% 23% 6% 5% Canada USA Europe ORGANISATIONS UNIVERSITIES 85 5 4 30 5 10 GEOMATICS GEOMATICS ENGINEERING ENGINEERING GEOGRAPHY GEOGRAPHY

25 © 2004 Strategic Plan 2005 Network Research Program Focus and Coherence Network Vision, Business & Research objectives resulted from long term strategic planning with the research community and with stakeholders from government and industry Research program encompasses both fundamental and applied research Research addresses new challenges for the social implications of geomatics technology Research is linked to Canada’s Innovation Strategy Research is linked to outcomes and contributes to National Goals

26 © 2004 A Network of Networks mini-network The research plan is built upon GEOIDE’s well developed networking structure Each project is a Multi-disciplinary focus is built into our project evaluation criteria Priorities of our Network Partners are built into the applications thrusts and technology themes Networking activities are overseen by the RMC, and guidance is provided by this entity

27 © 2004 GEOIDE R&D Program Thrusts Geomatics Value Chain and the GEOIDE Research Program Delivery Framework THE GOAL: V a l u e C h a i n Instr ume nt and Com pone nt Build ers 1 Dat a Col lec tor s 2 Prima ry Explo itatio n 3 Syste m Integr ation & Decis ion Supp ort 5 4 Secondary Exploitation Sustainable Land & Water Resources Health & Social Science Oceans / Marine Aquatic Infrastructure & Utilities Forestry Security & Emergencies Mining & Oil & Gas Social Science Environmental Monitoring Health / Epidemiology Agriculture Transportation Transport & Disaster Management Markets / Sectors / Clients Integrated Market-Driven Commercializable Implementable Research Outcomes

28 © 2004 MATRIX 2005-2009 Thrusts Themes Starting with19 Projects More to be added In 2005 +

29 © 2004 Research Program Outcomes New spatial referencing developments in GEOIDE’s application Thrusts Geomatics + IM/IT leading to value added or unique solutions New and enhanced decision support systems and applications New application areas for geomatics technology Geomatics solutions in the social, humanities and health sectors

30 © 2004 Sustainable Land and In the early stages, GEOIDE focused on: Image analysis, Image interpretation and understanding, Data integration for application development, Spatial referencing. The second finding cycle will: Innovatively contribute to geomatics applications in earth sciences (atmosphere, hydrology, oceanography); Contribute to dynamic areas of research (hyperspectral imaging techniques, 3D modelling, topological analysis, data fusion for coastal mapping and salmon production); Develop new decision-support tools for marine risk management with a focus towards policy development. Marine Resources

31 © 2004 Innovative, original contribution Mapping the ocean surface (Sea Surface Topography) with geodetic and oceanographic tools An original approach to solve this worldwide problem: combining Geodesy (GPS, Satellite altimetry, LEO gravity models) and Oceanography tools (ocean dynamic modeling) Space gravimetry contributions to Earth Science Exploit the great potential of three satellite missions: CHAMP (2000), GRACE (2004) and GOCE (2006-2007) Establish a Canadian satellite gravity data processing centre; Novel products in geomatics, hydrology, glaciology, geodynamics and oceanography like space-gravimetric water budget estimates (soil moisture, SWE) for river basins to be integrated in an hydrological model.

32 © 2004 New decision-support tools Coastal Security and Risk Management using GIS and Spatial Analysis Develop a versatile and robust models of maritime traffic, and coastal characteristics according to security considerations. A major contribution to the understanding of traffic patterns and how to incorporate them into policy. Application: New decision support tools regarding coastal security and sustainable development in the coastal zone Users: Transport Canada, Coast Guard, Fisheries and Ocean, Defense and Environment Canada

33 © 2004 Health and Social Science Thrust Earlier work was focused on: Access to and creation of appropriate databases. appropriate databases. Transition / evolution to : Extension of geomatics functionality to support new applications and improved policy formulation, Applications in understanding health and social sciences through integration with geomatics information and analysis into new innovative areas, Expansion and application of geomatics into new spatial decision support areas.

34 © 2004 Health and Social Science Thrust Supporting New Research Areas: Interactive sustainable community development and the value of landscape visualization Improved primary care management for chronic diseases Archaeological geomatics-based excavation model in three and four dimensions Archaeological geomatics-based excavation model in three and four dimensions

35 © 2004 Health and Social Science Thrust Advancing Geomatics technologies: Advanced spatial statistics Multi-agent geo-simulation modelling (MAGS) Geo-visualization/ landscape visualization

36 © 2004 Transport and Disaster Management Earlier work led to an enhanced capacity to: Monitor and manage transport networks (spatial referencing, real time mapping, public transport, urban growth, shipping, new technology) Monitor and mitigate disaster (spatial referencing, natural hazards, search and rescue operations, new technology) The second funding cycle extends this research. Application Areas: Transportation (GPS, INS, MEMS) Navigational support using multisensor systems (GPS, INS, MEMS) New satellite applications (Galileo, LEO) Data fusion to support disaster management scenarios Dynamics of crowd movement in the context of disaster scenarios

37 © 2004 Transport and Disaster Management Supporting New Research Areas Global Navigation Satellite System - GNSS Multisensor Systems (integration – algorithms) Wireless Spatial Networks (multipurpose) Data fusion for disaster management (flow, flood, ice)

38 © 2004 Networking & Partnerships Strategic Investment Program (SII) unding Cycle A Key Element in the Second Funding Cycle Funds short-term innovative projects linked to stakeholders’ needs oing SII Program will strengthen ongoing networking but will also bring: (400,000€) new researchers new stakeholders leverage and addition of non-NCE funds for research add innovation to the research program and help to engage industry in our R&D

39 © 2004 Knowledge & Technology Exchange & Exploitation ( key Elements) Strategic Investment Strategic Workshops Innovation Strategy Market Development Fund (MDF) GEOIDE Students’ Network (GSN) GEOIDE Summer School (GSN) Annual Scientific Meeting

40 © 2004 Bridging the gap GEOIDE provides an important role in filling the well-recognized gap between discovery of new knowledge and its deployment in the marketplace i.e., helps guide the research and assist the commercialization process. It is especially valuable to SMEs that work with GEOIDE to identify markets and develop solutions.

41 © 2004 The GEOIDE Network: provides a world-class sustainable network environment for the continued growth of geomatics talent and capabilities in Canada Interfaces with industry partners to develop innovative, commercial capabilities to compete in the international marketplace. track record of experienced Leadership that provides for a sound management structure C LOSING R EMARKS

42 © 2004 GEOIDE intends to maintain its Agenda Setting and Leadership role in: Excellent, Innovative and Multi-disciplinary Research Networking (international networking) HQP training Partnership & Outreach Vision and Knowledge Exchange Bringing commercial and social benefits to society Return on Investment C LOSING R EMARKS

43 © 2004 National Défence Defence Nationale Fisheries and Oceans Pêche et Océans Canada Natural Ressources Canada Ressources Naturelles Canada

44 © 2004 Health and Social Science Thrust Advancing Geomatics technologies:GIS Multi-agent geo-simulation modelling (MAGS) Geo-visualization/ landscape visualization Advanced spatial statistics Participatory research and landscape & information visualization (Circuits)

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