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Continued strong sales and earnings trend January-June 2007 Ray Mauritsson, CEO Fredrik Sjöstrand, CFO.

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1 Continued strong sales and earnings trend January-June 2007 Ray Mauritsson, CEO Fredrik Sjöstrand, CFO

2 This is Axis Q Product launches High activity in the market The future Today's agenda

3 This is Axis Founded in 1984 An IT-company driving the network video market Worldwide presence in 18 countries, 504 employees Product areas, Network Video Solutions Network Print Servers Net sales in 2006: SEK (US$163M) Global partnerships through distributors, resellers and system integrators Listed on OMX Nordic Exchange, Stockholm Large Cap and Information, Technology exchanges

4 Global distribution and sales Distributors ResellersSystem integrators End user

5 The market’s broadest video portfolio Fixed camerasDomes & PTZ’sVideo serversManagement SW AXIS 223M AXIS 221 AXIS 225FD AXIS 216FD AXIS216MFD AXIS 216FD-V AXIS 211 and 211A AXIS 211M AXIS 210 and 210A AXIS 207 and 207W AXIS 207MW AXIS 206 AXIS 209FD-R AXIS 232D+ AXIS 231D+ AXIS 213 PTZ AXIS 212 PTZ AXIS 214 PTZ AXIS 215PTZ AXIS 233D AXIS 240Q & Blade AXIS 241Q & Blade AXIS 241S & 241SA AXIS 241S Blade AXIS 243SA AXIS 243Q Blade AXIS 291 1U Rack AXIS 242S IV AXIS 247S ACS ACM ADP > 400 Partners

6 Total net sales 748 (540) MSEK Total growth + 39% Stable growth within video + 44% Growth in all regions High activity in the market Transportation Retail Government Highlights January-July, 2007

7 Sales January - July, 2007 Total sales  748 MSEK (540)  Growth 39%  Currency effects - 44 MSEK Video sales  677 MSEK (469)  Growth 44% MSEKGrowth

8 Operating expenses Q2, 2007Q1, 2007Q2, 2006 Selling and marketing costs Administrative costs Research and development costs Total costs

9 EBIT and Gross margin Gross margin  56.3% (54.6%) Operating margin  23.1% (15.3%) Profit margin  23.0% (15.2%) MSEKMargin Q2 2007

10 Sales in the product areas Q Video + 48% Print + 22% Scan & Other + 30% Growth in all product areas

11 Sales in the regions Q Americas + 53% EMEA + 35% Asia + 57 % Growth in the regions

12 Shipping & invoicing Logistic Centre Lund/Asia Manufacturing Asia/Europe Scalable production Component purchasing Forecasts Orders

13 Latest news License agreement for print server software, June AXIS Document Server Bundled with New HP Scanjet, June Product launches - AXIS 216MFD - AXIS 211M - AXIS 215PTZ - AXIS 247S

14 Mega pixel cameras – See what you have been missing AXIS 216MFD  Fixed dome megapixel network camera  Offering high levels of details  Ideal for stores, schools, airports, banks or government buildings AXIS 211M  Provides three times better resolution than traditional analog camera  Delivers crisp and clear images  Perfect for identification of objects and people

15 AXIS 215PTZ Provides full 360 degree panning Places that require both overview and zoom functionality; shops, reception areas, schools, offices and other Professional and discreet design

16 Customer segments Banking & Finance Education Government Industrial Retail Transportation

17 High market activities Security exhibitions  IFSEC in UK  ISC WEST in US Retail exhibitions  Loss Prevention, USA  Retail Solutions, UK

18 Why focus on retail surveillance CCTV is already a well-known and much-used technology in the segment Accounts for approximately 25% of the surveillance market (analog and digital) Shrinkage is affecting the retail industry's bottom line

19 Up sell and control in retail Flow control  Analyzes routes and customer behavior People counting  Store utilization  Lane control  Staff allocation Zone monitoring  Increased merchandising effectiveness Parking lot surveillance  Marketing purposes  Secured area for customers

20 Growth of the global market Growth 10% CCTV Growth 40% Network Video

21 Future outlook, Axis goals Focused product range  Aggressive product development  Intelligent solutions Focused business model  Channel partnerships Focused company Market leadership Professional Network Video

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