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Power-Soft ERP Overview Welcome to Power-Soft ERP - one of the most advanced and comprehensive retail management software.

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2 Power-Soft ERP Overview Welcome to Power-Soft ERP - one of the most advanced and comprehensive retail management software solutions available anywhere in the world. For more than 15 years Power-Soft ERP has been growing right along with the retailers who thrive on our products. From savvy, growth oriented businesses to prestigious national enterprises, Power-Soft ERP is the solution-of-choice for some very good reasons. Our Billing and Merchandising solutions drive business growth like no other - Power-Soft ERP is incredibly easy to use and configure. It's as simple as you want, or as sophisticated as you need. And - it's surprisingly affordable. More and more retailers every day are choosing not to settle for limited, ordinary retail solutions when they can easily have Power-Soft ERP. It's serious software for serious retailers

3 Choosing a RIGHT Retail System The true goal of any retailer is to make the right merchandising decisions consistently by using accurate and timely data and thereby increasing overall sales revenue volume and maximizing profit margins. Day-to-day profitability relies on results facilitated by your retail system: Accurate buying Less inventory expense Loyal customers Repeat traffic Enhanced security Smooth Retail Merchandising and customer service Reduced paperwork and many others

4 Choosing a RIGHT Retail System A multi-tiered infrastructure that provides the ability of distributing components across multiple machines. A truly open design for easy integration with legacy systems to maximize existing resources. An architecture that allows data to be continuously and consistently in-sync with inventory and its history A statistics-rich wealth of information available through analysis of your data. Low administration/maintenance and easy installation to take the burden off your in-house IT staff. Superior ability to adapt to changing technology and stand the test of time.

5 Choosing a RIGHT Retail System Power-Soft ERP fully integrates with accounting systems, merchandising systems, inventory management systems, business analytic and intelligence systems, and virtually any other enterprise business application that you may be deploying. Power-Soft ERP manages security through its role-security system, which provides the administrator to configure security based on the roles. Besides that the administrator can also customize the applications settings and reports.

6 Why Power-Soft ERP WORLD CLASS INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE Power-Soft ERP provides the ultimate flexibility to meet your business needs, growing with you, the way you like to do business. Unlike ordinary cookie-cutter solutions, Power-Soft ERP adapts to meet the needs of virtually any retail operation- saving time, money and lost productivity with its ease of use. Even employee turnover becomes less of a hassle cause its is so easy to learn. EASILY ADAPTABLE INTERFACES The interface manager is extremely flexible and allows the user a great flexibility, This flexibility enables retailers to integrate Power-Soft ERP with a wide variety of applications.

7 Why Power-Soft ERP A TOTAL RETAIL SOLUTION PACKAGE Because Power-Soft ERP is one integrated solution, the positive impact on your business can be tremendous. Benefits include: improved revenue, profit, etc. With Power-Soft ERP, you’ll increase sales productivity while reducing inventory carrying costs, out-of-stocks, and the need for drastic markdowns due to overbuying. You’ll develop loyal repeat customers who are happy with their shopping experience, and come back again and again.

8 Why Power-Soft ERP SOLID “BEST PRACTICES” RETAIL BUSINESS LOGIC SERVICES Power-Soft ERP is built on an infrastructure with an established and solid retail business logic services foundation. Separating the logic from the interfaces and the database allows the user to independently make changes and provides unmatched freedom from programming and customization.

9 Why Power-Soft ERP SOLID RETAIL INFRASTRUCTURE AND UNLIMITED SCALABLE PLATFORM Power-Soft ERP provides the scalability, stability and reliability you need in a mission critical retail application systems. Running on a powerful Micro-Soft embedded database, Power- Soft ERP provides a scalable and flexible solution that is cost- effective. The embedded database is self-maintained and requires low administration, so you won't need a fleet of IT in- house staff for maintenance... or a separate budget to pay for it.

10 Why Power-Soft ERP POWERFUL AND EXTENSIVE TAILORING TOOLS Power-Soft ERP provides you with powerful presentation services tools to manage screens, pages within screens, field data definitions without the additional burden of programming or customization. This allows the retailer freedom in customizing and replicating screens and transactions to suit their needs.

11 Integrated Tools POWERFUL AND EXTENSIVE TAILORING TOOLS The ever-changing needs and demands of consumers create a cutthroat competitive environment in which retailers struggle to turn positive revenues and profits. Retailers need greater insight into their merchandise assortment and enterprise performance to empower better and more informed decisions. Power-Soft ERP’s affordable, integrated tools provide retailers a superior competitive advantage improving their company’s efficiencies and profitability.

12 Integrated Tools POWERFUL AND EXTENSIVE TAILORING TOOLS Planning Power-Soft ERP Planning delivers everything retailers need to create fast, accurate plans down to the store level. Power-Soft ERP Planning offers an integrated merchandise planning system that includes statistical forecasting, integrated business intelligence and the scalability to meet your needs for store-level merchandise plans. With Power-Soft ERP Planning, you can: Develop and implement optimal merchandise plans down to the store level. Create better plans despite limited resources. Ensure consistent performance and increase accountability.

13 Integrated Tools Billing Features Easy multi payment mode. Multi and Accurate pricing. (with and without bar code) Advanced returns management Customized Tax and Discount Management Special order handling Customer Information tracking and gathering Accounting Effect with taxes and discounts. Schemes and Discount Management.

14 Integrated Tools Billing Advantages Increase revenue Reduce stock loss Increase customer traffic Ensure fiscal compliance Reduce fraud Improve customer satisfaction Prevent lost sales Multi rates and multi quantity billing through bar code.

15 Integrated Tools Retail Merchandising Features Multi-tier item hierarchy Multiple price levels Planned price changes Inventory allocation Customer loyalty management Vendor management Data definition at SKU, category and group levels Product image and e-commerce support Product Categorization

16 Integrated Tools Retail Merchandising Advantages Decrease administration costs Reduce system costs Increase revenue Reduce unsold inventory Increase profit margins Generate repeat customers Improve vendor relationships Manage slow moving merchandise Allocate appropriate stock by location

17 Integrated Tools Inventory Management Features Stock balancing Real-time view of inventory levels Inter-store transfers Auto-transfer recommendation Efficient physical inventory counts Lot/serial number tracking Product performance tracking Bulk stock management through product categorization

18 Integrated Tools Inventory Management Advantages Prevent over-ordering Reduce inventory costs Reduce stock loss Optimize the merchandise mix Maintain inventory stock of fast moving items Decrease administrative costs Analytical view of stock levels. Automatic Min/Max calculation Automated order generation Reduce out-of-stocks

19 Power-Soft sample outputs Visualization gives more power and based on the theory Power- Soft provides the most effective analytical reports. Customized graphical analysis for sales on customers and/or products.

20 Power-Soft sample outputs Customized graphical analysis for sales on customers and/or products and same for purchase.

21 Contact US Cell : +91 98241 47822, 97235 57820 Email id : Gmail ID : Web site : Thanks

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