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Create Your Future with Smart Sales Retailing Success.

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1 Create Your Future with Smart Sales Retailing Success

2 What is Retailing? The sale of products or goods directly to the consumer or client. 2

3 Why Clients Want to Buy from You O Improve their skin O Look or feel younger O Be in style/trendy O Attract the opposite sex O “Keep up with the Joneses” O Save time/effort O Save money 3

4 Why Clients Want to Buy From You O Improve health/fitness O Decrease pain O Increase comfort O Reduce stress O Satisfy an impulse O Treat themselves O Enhance their appearance 4

5 How Clients Size Up Products O Appearance/packaging (shape, color, labels) O Smell—the most powerful of the senses O Feel and texture of package or product O Will it give me results? 5

6 Move Clients from Evaluation to Purchase What interests customers most in products are results, ease of use, and value. Value is not the same thing as price. Price = Fee Value = Worth 6

7 What Influences Your Clients O 64%—of product purchases are influenced by a good product experience during treatment. O 58%—of product purchases are influenced by a recommendation from you. Yet, 68% of clients have never been given a proper retail recommendation. 7 International Spa Association and Lisa Marie Arnold, spa consultant

8 Why You Need to Sell O Recommending and selling results-oriented retail products are key to your overall success. O You are helping clients achieve their goals. O Employers expect it of you. O It’s highly profitable. 8

9 Retail Matters Because … Proper home care products help clients get or maintain the results they want. 60–70% of client results stem from what they do at home. 9

10 Retail Matters Because … Suggesting home care products helps extend the overall client experience. 10

11 Retail Matters Because … 11 Good product recommendations improve the esthetician’s perceived level of professionalism and can create job security.

12 Retail Matters Because … Appropriate product suggestions increase client trust, loyalty, return visits, and client referrals to others. 12

13 Retail Matters Because … It increases your commission or earnings. 5 clients x 5 days x $45 retail each = $1,125 weekly At 10% commission, this equals $448 monthly or $5,376 a year $90 retail per client equals $10,752 a year! 13

14 But I Hate to Sell! Here’s Why … O I’m not confident in my product knowledge. O I don’t want to be pushy. O It’s just not me. O I fear rejection. O I’m not sure what to sell to whom. O I dislike paperwork. O I’m confused about price versus value. 14

15 Points to Ponder O You can change your perspective about sales. O You are the expert in skin care. O You don’t have to be pushy to sell products. O Selling is your professional responsibility. O Selling helps clients satisfy their needs and wants. 15 Milady’s Standard Comprehensive Training, 2003

16 Yes, You Can Learn to Create Retail Success! 16

17 The Client Interview—Step 1 To establish trust and rapport between you and your clients, introduce yourself, and ask your clients questions about themselves. 17

18 The Client Interview—Step 2 Ask about the client’s history and experience with their skin, treatments, or facials. 18

19 The Client Interview—Step 3 Determine why the client is there and what he or she really wants. 19

20 The Client Interview—Step 4 Find out the client’s likes, dislikes, and “must haves” so you can give them what they want. 20

21 The Client Interview—Step 5 Discuss the client’s current home care routine and his or her willingness to change. 21

22 The Client Interview—Step 6 Get permission to provide suggestions and work together on a plan to help them achieve their skin care goals. 22

23 Ready, Set, Succeed! O Consider client goals first. O Note products they liked during the service. O Consider their current routine and willingness to change it. O Combine services and home-care products that fit your client’s budget, schedule, and desired results. 23

24 Retail Success: Cross-sell “Mary, I know you are a fan of Magic Mineral powder foundations. Have you ever tried their powder blush?” 24

25 Retail success: Up-selling & Add-ons “Jennifer, the cleanser you are getting is also available in a travel size. Would you like to add that since you are often away on business trips?” 25

26 Retail Success: Promotions “Terry, Le Spa is hosting a seminar on preventing sun damage next Monday. The cost is $20 and includes lunch, a full-spectrum sunscreen, and a sun visor. May I sign you up?” 26

27 Retail Success: Incentives “Robert, if you purchase any treatment serum today, you’ll receive a complimentary full-size cleanser. Would you like to get the eye serum we talked about earlier?” 27

28 Retail Success: Samples “Max, here is a sample of the men’s shave gel. Try it for a few days to see how your skin reacts to it before you open the bottle you purchased.” 28

29 Retail Success: Pre-booking 29 Don’t ask, “Would you like to book another appointment?” Instead say, “I’d like to see you in three weeks for a follow-up treatment. I have Tuesday or Thursday that week open. Would you prefer a morning or afternoon appointment?” Let them choose when, not if.

30 Sales Hurdles & Challenges 30 It’s too expensive! Know your products and the value of using high quality ingredients. Most spa and salon grade skin care products can be used sparingly because they contain high quality ingredients. Better products = better results.

31 Sales Hurdles & Challenges I can get it elsewhere for less. 31 O Anticipate concerns and objections and be ready with answers about your return program, product guarantees, and other incentives for in-house purchases. O Remind them that professional-grade products most likely have a higher concentration of active ingredients.

32 Sales Hurdles & Challenges I already have products. Sell to the pain or problem the client wants to solve. Highlight one or two products the client can add to their routine to help get the results they want. 32

33 Sales Hurdles & Challenges 33 I’m afraid it won’t work. Speak from your personal experience with the product and share the positive results you and others have had.

34 Sales Hurdles & Challenges 34 I don’t understand how to use it. Understand your client’s needs so you can customize the sale and product type to the buyer. Demonstrate using the product, give directions for use, and be sure to follow up.

35 Tips for Closing the Sale Know your clients’ desired results and goals for their skin, beauty, and well-being. 35

36 Tips for Closing the Sale Recommend and sell only products that create results or advance client goals. 36

37 Tips for Closing the Sale Know and believe in your products. 37

38 Tips for Closing the Sale O Be familiar with each product’s uses, ingredients, and results it offers. O Tell the client you are recommending these products “for your skin” to personalize the interaction. 38

39 Tips for Closing the Sale Refer to the products used during the treatment or service. Let your client try the product on his or her hand, then place it in his or her hand. 39

40 Tips for Closing the Sale Be genuine and speak from personal experience about your products. Ask “which products would you like to take home today?” NOT “Would you like to take products home today?” Never give clients the option to say “no” with yes-or-no questions. 40

41 Keep in Mind … O You are the expert. O Clients may not own expensive cars, clothes, or designer purses, but they do spend money on their complexions. O Professional lines have higher percentages of active ingredients. Mandy McCleave, consultant and trainer 41

42 Keep in mind … O The customer is already in your treatment room, so go ahead and sell. O The best way to counter a price objection is to offer a value proposition. O It may be worth a lot to clients to have the skin they want. 42

43 The Afterglow O Follow up with a call and/or an email. O Share information on related products and events. O Ask about product results and satisfaction level at the next appointment. 43

44 Celebrate Your Success! “Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” Franz Kafka, author 44

45 45 Special thanks to those who made this curriculum possible. O Felicia Brown, Spalutions, Greensboro, North Carolina O Linda Burmeister, International Dermal Institute, Carson, California O Anita Geary, Acaydia Institute, Provo, Utah O Douglas Preston, Preston, Inc., Los Angeles O Sherry Taylor, Florida College of Natural Health, Pompano Beach O Lauren Armitage, Licensed Esthetician

46 46 Professional membership with Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) includes: For more information about ASCP membership, please contact us. 25188 Genesee Trail Rd., Ste. 200 Golden, Colorado 80401 800-789-0411 O Comprehensive liability insurance coverage O ASCP Skin Deep magazine O Free website and email address O Online marketing and business support tools O Successful Business Handbook O Client consultation and consent forms O Free educational webinars O Exclusive member discounts O Excellent customer service

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