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Win with Honeywell: Trends in Retail Scott Tubbs Director, Retail Strategic Accounts Bob Grabowski Retail Alliance Manager.

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1 Win with Honeywell: Trends in Retail Scott Tubbs Director, Retail Strategic Accounts Bob Grabowski Retail Alliance Manager

2 Honeywell Proprietary  2 Document control number Agenda Retail Overview E-Forms Fill Cordless Scanning GS1 Databar Mobile Retailing –Mobile Couponing –Mobile Payments RFID

3 Honeywell Proprietary  3 Document control number Retail IT Spending Forecasts Retailers maintaining long-term technology investment plans Spending driven by: –Rapidly evolving security standards –Demands for highly efficient and customer-friendly technology Source: VDC 2010 Mobile Device Offering Report Retail IT SpendingRetail Mobility Spending Source: ABI Research

4 Honeywell Proprietary  4 Document control number Retail & E-commerce Growth Monthly U.S. Retail Sales & Consumer SentimentQuarterly U.S. Retail & E-commerce Sales Retail spending flat among most consumers High income consumers increased spending in April Sales and consumer sentiment have both increased from their lows in Q4 2008 Nov 2008 Consumer Sentiment = 55.3 Dec 2008 Retail Sales = $336B E-commerce now represents an all-time high 4.1% of total retail sales in the U.S. Average quarterly E-commerce sales growth rate since Q1 2009 is 3.2%

5 Honeywell Proprietary  5 Document control number Cross-Channel Alignment Plentiful consumer shopping options: –Brick & mortar –Online –Mobile Smartphones drive mobile commerce and mobile comparison shopping Social media networks open new avenues for loyalty and marketing Develop appropriate multi-channel strategy for your target customers

6 E-Forms Fill

7 Honeywell Proprietary  7 Document control number Types of Forms in Retail Membership Application –Wholesale clubs, spas, gyms, etc Loyalty Card Application –General retail industry Instant Credit Application –Retailers with company-specific credit card programs Returns Processing –General retail industry Warranty Registration –Electronics retailers and other high value retail Pseudoephedrine Tracking –Pharmacies/drug stores Age-Restricted Sales –Liquor stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, fire arms Customer contact information is repeatedly captured for multiple purposes

8 Honeywell Proprietary  8 Document control number What is an “e-Form”? Paper Form –Printed paper form –Handwritten completion, typically by customer –Often keyed into an electronic system in batch processes –Field content cannot be controlled Electronic Form (e-Form) Paper Form Electronic Form (e-Form) –Computer-based form –Electronic completion, typically by cashier or customer service rep –Data entered real time into backend database –Field content can be electronically controlled/validated Paper forms are often hand-keyed at a later date, duplicating effort

9 Honeywell Proprietary  9 Document control number Scanner Parsing vs. Host Parsing Additional SW on host system NoYes SW Integration required NoYes E-Form Modification NoYes Jurisdictional Updates Scanner firmwareNew parsing SW revision Deployment of Updates Push new scanner firmware; or Scan bar code sheet Push new parsing SW Solution Cost One time purchase w/scannerAnnual license fee Scanner Parsing Host Parsing Scanner parsing can integrate without any host software changes POS Application @AAMVA10093001DL00270194DAQ9 99000680DAASAMPLE,SUSAN,DAGP.O. BOX 1272 ROOM 2120DAILITTLE ROCKDAJARDAK72205 DARD DAS DAT DAU511DAW120DAYBR DAZBR DBA20031212DBB19701212DBCFDB D20020226 Parsing Middleware POS Application Susan Sample,12/12/1970 POS Application Parsing Middleware

10 Honeywell Proprietary  10 Document control number EasyDL vs. Competitive Offerings Multi-code programming  Single-code programming  PC GUI programming  AAMVA/ANSI Formats  Non-AAMVA/ANSI Formats  Encrypted Data (NC/GA)  Common Separator Characters   Unique Separator Characters   # of Separator CharactersUnlimited <10 Date Formats User Configurable: mm/dd/yyyy, mmddyyyy, mm/dd/yy, mmddyy, mm-dd-yyyy, mm-dd-yy Non-configurable: encoded license format only User Configurable: yyyymmdd, mmddyyyy HSM EasyDL Motorola EasyDL is the most versatile and complete solution on the market Datalogic

11 Cordless Scanning

12 Honeywell Proprietary  12 Document control number Wireless Area-Imaging Scanner: Xenon ™ 1902 Highlights Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth Class 2, v2.1 radio, 33 feet (10m) range, reduced wireless interference Flexible Power Management: Limits radio power output, minimizes device interference Multi-point connectivity: Lowers TCO by allowing up to seven imagers to communicate to a single base Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery: Up to 50,000 scans per full charge, ensuring maximum uptime Remote MasterMind™ Scanner Management Software: Quick and convenient solution for IT administrators, manage all scanners in network from single remote location Features:

13 Honeywell Proprietary  13 Document control number Wireless Benefits Increased Efficiency: –Reduced downtime associated with replacing failed cables –No need to spend time orienting oneself Added Working Range: –Wireless radio enables movement of up to 33 feet (10m) from the host system Improved Safety: –No cables to trip over –No frayed wires

14 GS1 DataBar Sunrise

15 Honeywell Proprietary  15 Document control number GS1 DataBar Sunrise 2010 Sunrise: Produce Items Impacts retailers who sell loose produce GS1 recommends retailers begin to scan the GS1DataBar bar code found on loose produce Main financial benefit is shrink control via increased accuracy of PLU transaction 2011 Sunrise: Coupons Impacts retailers who accepts manufacturers coupons and prints in-house coupons GS1 mandates that by June 2011 coupons ONLY incorporate a GS1 DataBar bar code Main financial benefits are supporting multi-product coupons designed to increase purchases and serialization to reduce fraud 2014 Sunrise: Perishables Extends the adoption to perishable and healthcare items Recommends retailer begin to capture attribute information such as “sell by date” Benefits are consumer safety and product traceability Retailers are looking for clarity and guidance with GS1 DataBar

16 Mobile Retailing

17 Honeywell Proprietary  17 Document control number Mobile Retailing: The Fourth Channel Retailers investing in “cross channel” SW solutions –Consistent messaging and experience across all consumer venues Mobile Retailing newest channel –Consumer facing Direct Marketing via Smart Phones –Mobile commerce / wallet –Employee facing Mobile POS/Clienteling –Complements general retail apps –Build better mobility ROI

18 Honeywell Proprietary  18 Document control number Industry Trends & Statistics 57% consumers would like to receive mobile coupons – Deloitte 100M forecasted users of mobile coupons by 2010 – Juniper Research 3Bn mobile coupons issued by 2011 – Juniper Research 1% redemption rate for printed coupons – CMS Inc. 5% redemption rate for mobile coupons – Juniper Research $7Bn redemption value of mobile coupons by 2011 – Juniper Research Mobile marketing is here. Are you prepared?

19 Honeywell Proprietary  19 Document control number In-Store Mobile Retailing Applications In-Aisle Promotions Electronic Loyalty“Mobile Coupon” PromotionsMobile Payment >100 million trees are used each year for paper coupons 2.8 million automobiles emit the same amount of carbon emissions created to dispose of paper coupons Support the Green initiative, while improving your bottom line

20 Honeywell Proprietary  20 Document control number Electronic Loyalty Cards Scanaroo CardStar WalletZero Royalty Rewards CodeBroker How It Works 1.Download app to phone 2.Select store 3.Type enter loyalty number 4.Present phone to cashier at checkout Customer Benefits Consolidate multiple cards in one convenient place Increased savings by always having their card No hassle: lost cards or oversized wallets Retailer Benefits Corporate image: Green and environmental Reduced costs minimizing printed cards Improved customer satisfaction Customers are downloading and using these apps TODAY!

21 Honeywell Proprietary  21 Document control number Mobile Payment & E-Gift Card How It Works 1.Unique ID created and linked to pre-paid account 2.Unique ID encoded in bar code 3.Bar code distributed to customer via phone 4.Upon each transaction, scan bar code to debit the account Customer Benefits Never forget your gift card at home Reduced wallet size Retailer Benefits Corporate image: Green and environmental Reduced costs minimizing printed cards Improved customer satisfaction Avoid the costs of printing 1000’s of gift cards per year

22 Honeywell Proprietary  22 Document control number Advertising – Text to Action Demonstration: Text “Honeywell” to 78527 (Powered by CodeBroker, Verizon does not apply ) CodeBroker CellFire RocketBux How It Works 1.Advertise with normal marketing methods - Print, Web, billboard, TV, etc. 2.Call-to-action: Text keyword to short code 3.Customer receives automated response with promotional offer 4.Customer promo redemption at store Customer Benefits Selectively accept promo offers (“opt in”) Easier call-to-action vs. website, phone or fax Coupon always on your person Retailer Benefits Increased redemption rate, increases revenue Allow customer to immediately react, increasing likelihood of success Reduced costs with automated back-end Environmental image

23 Honeywell Proprietary  23 Document control number Direct Marketing to Mobile Phones How It Works 1.Consumer targeted (database) 2.MMS/SMS sent to mobile phones 3.Message: Bar code or link to promo code offering 4.Customer: Presents code at checkout Customer Benefits Promos direct to phone Easier redemption, always on your person Retailer Benefits Corporate image: Green and environmental Reduced costs: Less printed paper Increased sales: Higher redemption rates Get promotional offers to customers faster and more effectively

24 Honeywell Proprietary  24 Document control number Mobile Marketing Value Chain Right CustomerRight Bar CodeRight Scanner Target a specific set of customers that have similar buying habits so you can offer the … Right Promotion To maximize redemption rates and increase sales by sending the… Who will optimize the bar code for size and orientation on each unique mobile phone so that the… That contains all the necessary information through the… Can ensure the highest read rate and customer throughput. Right Provider Retailer Marketing or Outsourced Agency Mobile Marketing Solution Provider Bar Code Scanner Manufacturer This can result in an increase in redemption rate by 500%

25 Honeywell Proprietary  25 Document control number Mobile POS Settle transactions anywhere in store –Payment, returns, loyalty enrollment –Consumer convenience –Capture sales before customer reconsiders Add peak POS capacity, preserve floor space Reallocate floor space from lanes to product displays Integrate CRM / Clienteling –Capture customer preferences –Assist store associate in selling –Settle payment immediately Big buzz among retailers –Mobile POS demos in great demand –Included in RFPs –Now early adopter phase

26 Honeywell Proprietary  26 Document control number 9700 MSCR Durable 9700 mobile computer w/ MSR Combination MSR & contact smart card reader –Supports credit card transactions –Reads customer loyalty cards –Reads North American 2D drivers licenses –Applications beyond retail  Law Enforcement / First Responder  Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)  Access Control –Easily snap fits onto bottom of 9700 Compatible with Windows-based LOB apps Several Honeywell ISVs migrating apps –Magstar, PSS, Others Currently in beta, release in Q4 2010


28 Honeywell Proprietary  28 Document control number RFID – What Are Retailers Asking For? A lot of interest, but little action at POS RFID in Retail What we heardWhat we’re doing Inventory Control is a key driver Eliminating Inventory Frozen File Automating inventory counts / Reducing labor Reducing Back-Stocks Locating merchandise for customers (size, etc.) Honeywell RFID Handhelds Prototypes with integrated RFID for Dolphin® 9500 & 9900 Investigating custom integrated 6500 design Item Tagging Store-level tagging used in pilot is costly & time-consuming Source tagging is direction; start with store-brand ready-to-wear since most is private label RFID “Hang-Tag” Combines dynamic pricing adjustment with RFID Automate store-level tagging Partner is utilizing Honeywell IP POS Integration Stand-beside RFID inventory system used in pilot Long-term goal is integration with scanner/POS Scanner Integration HSM is a leader in AIDC scanning/ imaging Identifying customers willing to jointly invest in solution development RFID at POS Smartcard Payment Increased security Reduced fraud Expedite transactions NFC Mobile Payment Increased security Reduced fraud Expedite transactions Loss Prevention / Shrink Patron Theft Employee Theft Sweet-hearting Item Checkout Queue reduction Increase customer throughput Reduce checkout area Customer Loyalty No touch No hassle Applications & Benefits

29 Honeywell Proprietary  29 Document control number Size of antenna and tag correlate to read range Extended read range would require either: Significantly larger antenna within scanner, or Increased tag size on products Today’s technology limits feasible applications at the point of sale Size of antenna and tag correlate to read range Extended read range would require either: Significantly larger antenna within scanner, or Increased tag size on products Today’s technology limits feasible applications at the point of sale Tier 1 Retail VOC RFID Limitations for Retail POS Is item-level RFID practical at the point of sale? 1.5” x 1.5” Tag 4” x 1.75” Tag 1” 12”

30 Honeywell Proprietary  30 Document control number Questions? Scott Tubbs Director, Retail Strategic Accounts Tel: 973-890-9500 x3401 Email: Thank You for your time! Bob Grabowski Retail Alliance Manager Tel: 631-239-6377 Email:

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