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Glenmore & Centre 6624 Centre Street South “A Retail Real Estate Investment Opportunity”

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2 Glenmore & Centre 6624 Centre Street South “A Retail Real Estate Investment Opportunity”

3 Kensington Asset Management is a partially owned subsidiary of Platinum Equities. History of Platinum Equities: 1.Founded by Shariff Chandran and two other individuals in 2003. 2.Completed 13 successful syndication in 4 years. 3.Also founded by Mike Lalji.

4 Our focus is the acquisition of existing retail real estate. We invest in low risk projects. Our interests are aligned with our investors: 1.Minimum Targets. 2.Personally invest as limited partners. 3.We have full liability. Our vision is to convert into a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

5 Location

6 Building Photos

7 Building Information  Address: 6624 & 6626 Centre Street SE  Site: 3.62 Acres  Year Built: 1965  Land Use Designation: C-1 (Local Commercial). As of June 1/08 will be C-COR3 (Retail Shopping Centre)  Size: 68,020 SF  Tenancy: 96.2% Occupancy

8 Building Information  Structure: Reinforced concrete blocks and wood frame behind corrugated metal panels and structures  HVAC: Roof mounted HVAC units provide the building tenants with the necessary heating and cooling  Interior Design: Designed to accommodate requirements of various tenants. Finishes include commercial grade rubber and vinyl tile, painted drywall, partition walls and suspended acoustic tile ceilings  Condition: Regular renovations have kept this property in superior condition leaving it free of costly capital deficiencies. Recent renovations include roof repairs and signage improvement

9 Land Use Overview  Legal Description: Plan 54 44W Block L Lot 4  Land Use Designation: The purpose of this property is to provide for retail commercial and personal service uses that do not rely on the patronage from beyond the immediate neighborhoods  Permitted Uses: - Essential Public Services -Home Occupations -Financial Institutions -Medical Clinics -Offices -Parks & Playgrounds -Personal Service Businesses -Restaurant-Food Service Only -Retail Food Stores -Retail Stores -Signs -Utilities -Veterinary Clinics

10 Land Use Overview  Density:-Maximum of 8500 square metres for a neighborhood shopping centre -Gross floor area for food services shall be a maximum of 15 square metres -Gross floor area for an outdoor café shall be a maximum of 25 square metres -Net floor area for a Restaurant/Drinking establishment shall be a maximum of 75 square metres -Net floor area for a take-out food service shall be a maximum of 15 square metres

11 Lot Overview Land Use Designations

12 Location Overview – Manchester Industrial District  District Boundaries North:25th Avenue SE South: Glenmore Trail SE East: Highfield Road SE and Blackfoot Trail SE West: Macleod Trail S  Adjacent Districts North:Victoria Park Residential District South:Fairview Industrial District East:Highfield Industrial Districts West:Park Hill / Stanley Park, Manchester, Meadowlark Park Residential Districts

13 Location Overview – Manchester Industrial District  Major Arterials & Access Macleod Trail S Glenmore Trail SE Blackfoot Trail SE  Neighborhood Character Manchester Industrial Park is an established, primarily commercial and light industrial district that has been developed with a wide variety of suburban office and light industrial / quasi-retail developments. With excellent access to major arterial routes providing easy connection to other retail and commercial properties, including Chinook Centre, Calgary’s largest commercial mall. Manchester is a highly sought after area of Calgary for retail space.

14 Financial Information Total Purchase Price:$21,000,000 Mortgage (Interest Only)$15,500,000 Term:4 years Interest Rate:6.25% Loan to Value:74% Annual Debt Servicing:$968,750 Cash to Close:$6,200,000 Units Offered:248 Price per Share $25,000

15 The Retail Real Estate Market: a)Calgarians have high income and low unemployment.

16 The Retail Real Estate Market: a)Calgarians have high income and low unemployment. b)Current and upcoming supply is insufficient. c)Current Vacancy Rate. d)Other factor affecting rates. e)Retail Real Estate Market Conclusion.

17 Project Advantages a)Location b)Low Risk Factor i.Upgraded. ii.Over 95% leased. iii.Strong national and regional tenants.

18 Project Advantages c)Upside i.Market Rates expected to continue to rise. ii.Current Average Lease Rate is low.

19 Project Advantages iii.Opportunity to increase rates.

20 Project Advantages iv.The result:  Higher Cash Flow.  Higher Property Value.

21 Return Projections


23 Potential Exit Strategies a)Option 1 – Sale b)Option 2 – Refinance c)Option 3 – Convert Kensington Asset Management to a REIT *As with all real estate purchases, actuals may vary due to current and future economic conditions and time. Projections are for illustrative purposes only and are not indicative of any actual returns or a guarantee thereof. Actual results will vary, and may vary materially from the information provided herein. As a result there is no representation by Kensington Asset Management Inc. that actual results realized in the future will be the same in whole or in part as those presented herein.

24 Structural Advantages  Quarterly dividends are paid based on the positive cash flow  Quarterly dividends paid out as a tax deferred return of equity  Project will be RRSP eligible  Passive investment  No mortgage liability for the limited partner

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