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Digital NHM - What’s New? Dave Thomas, Head Information Comms Technology.

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1 Digital NHM - What’s New? Dave Thomas, Head Information Comms Technology

2 Terms and labels 1990’s2000’s2010’s Everything Science

3 Kondrateiff / Kondratiev &

4 Some important principles Watch and ride the wave of technology oriented changeBuild Foundations and Creatively DestroyPrepare & develop your digital data +Public +Big ScienceWork with othersLook after your peopleImprove your execution

5 What on the plan Information Arch. April 13 14 15 16 Web redesign and development Gallery Wifi Collections and Digital Asset Systems Data Portal Data PolicyApps StudyMobile AppsCollections DigitisationScience ActivitiesVirtual Library Science Portals Commercial Initiatives: eShop -> ticketingCustomer Relationship: Membership, Marketing, Events, Science, ….In Gallery and LearningMoney Matters Other NHM support systems

6 Further Information Digital Strategy Board Digital Design Group Alan Hart Annette Ure Ben Rakison Chris Sleep Darrell Siebert Dave Thomas Ivan Teage Jez Burn Ken Johnson Richard Hinton Sheila Sang Vince Smith Digital Programme Group Ivan Teage Lincoln Borgartz Richard Hinton Siorna Macfarlane Victoria Carter

7 Backup slides

8 NHM Hype Cycle Technology Trigger Peak of Inflated Expectations Trough of Disillusionment Slope of Enlightenment Plateau of Productivity time expectations Years to mainstream adoption: less than 2 years2 to 5 years5 to 10 yearsmore than 10 years obsolete before plateau As of September 2012 This chart is a composite, derived from Gartner published Hype Cycles. The particular combination and comparison of items made here has not been reviewed by Gartner. 3D Printing 3D Scanners Active Directory/Kerberos Active RFID for Utilities Augmented Reality Applications Big Data Bring Your Own Device Cloud Collaboration Services Cloud ERP for Small or Midsize Businesses Contactless Payments Contactless Retail Payment System Content Management Platforms Content Optimization CRM Analytics Customer Relationship Management Enterprise Content Management HTML5 Human Augmentation ITIL Java Enterprise Edtn. v7 Master Content Mgmt Solutions Mobile Ticketing Public Web APIs QR/Color Code Retail Digital Signage RFID Semantic Web Wearable Computers Web Analytics Web-Based Office Productivity Suites


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