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1 IBM BPM (Process), ODM (Rules & Events) and Mobile in Action.

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1 1 IBM BPM (Process), ODM (Rules & Events) and Mobile in Action

2 2 “An estimated $5 billion is up for grabs for the health insurer who figures out how to make health insurance as simple as ordering a value meal from a local fast food joint.” ~ US Consumers Willing to Pay Five Percent More For Their Insurance / Why shouldn’t filing and insurance claim or opening a bank account be as easy as buying a book online? 2

3 3 What does it mean to be easy to do business with? Insurance: Can I report an accident on my mobile device and automatically trigger a tow truck and taxi? Healthcare: Can I shorten hospital stays by one or two days without compromising treatment quality? Government: Can I speed up passport control at the border for pre-certified frequent travelers? “Amazon, Apple and Netflix provide the customer satisfaction benchmarks to which [other business] must aspire” ~ Where is the ROI on Customer Experience? Systems & Technology Journal, 2012 “Amazon, Apple and Netflix provide the customer satisfaction benchmarks to which [other business] must aspire” ~ Where is the ROI on Customer Experience? Systems & Technology Journal, 2012 Banking: Can I instantly add a family member to my credit card account?

4 4 Your customers are no longer your customers ~ Global Consumer Banking Survey 2012, Ernst & Young “The proportion of customers planning to change banks has grown by 70% since 2011” Homeowners in the 18-34 range changed insurance carriers 2.5x more often than those 51 and older ~ The Voice of the Personal Lines Consumer Deloitte Research, 2012 “R ETENTION IS THE NEW HOLY GRAIL ” ~ Beyond Price: The Rise of Customer-Centric Marketing in Insurance, McKinsey & Company, 2012 4

5 5 Effective business operations create superior customer experiences Process today plays a critical role in driving customer experience initiatives…from companies looking to overhaul customer service processes to companies seeking to deliver more compelling experiences that incorporate big data analytics and real-time guidance. The Forrester Wave: BPM Suites, Clay Richardson & Derek Miers, 2013 Customer experience is the #1 factor in both customer retention and acquisition: “Customer-Centricity in Retail Banking”, Boston Consulting Group, 2012. 5

6 6 The gap in business operations is widening Time to open a new account in retail banking 5 minutes – best 76 minutes – worst Availability of loan funds 2 days – best 37 days – worst Time for conditional mortgage approval 15 minutes – best in class 4 hours - median Source: Boston Consulting Group, The “New New Normal” in Retail Banking, 2012 6

7 7 Instant At Internet speed 47% of online bank account opening applicants don’t successfully complete the process and fund their accounts Insightful Targeted and relevant 47% say it frustrates them when companies don't use the information they have to make interactions and offers more relevant Insightful Targeted and relevant 47% say it frustrates them when companies don't use the information they have to make interactions and offers more relevant Seamless Interconnected & ubiquitous In the US, mobile banking jumped to 32% of customers in 2012 up from 21% in 2011 Seamless Interconnected & ubiquitous In the US, mobile banking jumped to 32% of customers in 2012 up from 21% in 2011 What do you need from your processes in a customer-centric world? Processes must be:

8 8 New forces are disrupting how companies do business Mobile requires process reinvention Forrester forecasts that companies will spend about $900 million on mobile process reinvention services in 2013 and up to $2.7 billion in 2014 $3.6B spend by 2014 Cloud deployments force companies to rethink their processes Gartner ranks Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) as the fastest growing cloud segment with 47% annual growth 47% growth in cloud processes Socially-enabled processes drive increased productivity According to McKinsey, social technologies, when used within & across enterprises, can raise productivity of high-skill knowledge workers by 20 to 25% 25% productivity improvement Big data drives insight into processes McKinsey found government administration could save more than €100 billion in operational efficiency improvements alone by using big data €100B government savings 8

9 9 Marie Wieck launched Smarter Process to 7,000 people at Impact IBM’s approach for reinventing business operations - to enable greater customer-centricity - in the age of mobile, social, cloud and big data - while driving efficiency and optimization into end-to-end processes

10 10 IBM capabilities for Smarter Process Enterprise Content Management Business Intelligence Predictive Analytics Master Data Management Service Oriented Architecture & Integration Industry Solutions and Accelerators Industry and Functional Consulting Expertise Managed Business Processes Managed Business Processes GovernmentBankingEnergyHealthcareTelecomInsuranceTransport Case Management Case Management Business Process Management Operational Decision Management Operational Intelligence Mobile Social Cloud Big Data Retail

11 11 Go to for YouTube & Downloadable Demos!

12 Customer-centricity requires a cross-functional approach The new triumvirate: Operations, IT and Line of Business and business unit leaders and technology leaders and cross- functional business leaders President SVP/GM of Operations Chief Transformation Officer Chief Innovation Officer Chief Customer Officer Chief Risk Officer … VP of Claims Processing VP of Retail Lending VP of Commercial Loans VP of Outpatient Services VP of Power Delivery Services Chief Technology Officer VP of Software Development Enterprise Architect IT Architect Successfully attracting and retaining customers requires companies to think and act cross functionally. ~ Adam Klaber, Managing Partner Emerging Markets, IBM GBS At HCF we have found that delivering a superior customer experience requires tight partnership between operations, IT and the various lines of business. ~ Stephen Nugent, General Manager of Operations, Hospitals Contribution Fund “ ” “ ” Strategic Leadership: Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer 12

13 13 Credit card processors make updates to credit authorization and settlement rules based on business conditions and regulations Customs officers make updates to import fees based on new tariff schedules Insurance underwriters update insurance coverage rules based on changing risk conditions Loan officers make updates to new loan requirements based on regulatory changes Business experts can directly make changes to business rules Business users can make changes to the rules that represent business practices, policies and regulations 13

14 14 90% improvement Lincoln Trust realized a 90% reduction in customer complaints caused by process delays Eliminated paper & lost documents; Estimated $3M in annual savings Business process management yields significant benefits 3000 Average users per day 3000 Average users per day Banco Espirito Santo has 200 simple processes in production with 80,000 process instances in 6 months 3000 average users per day running on the processes 300% ROI Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield generated an average of 300% ROI on each internal process improvement project Reduced processing time for claims by 20-30 minutes each $594 Million in savings NYS Tax generates $594 million in cumulative savings over 5-year period, with ROI of 1,461% over same period $117M in annual revenue; $1.45M in annual cost savings

15 Account Administration Invoice Reconciliation Teams Executive Management Finance & Ops Executive Mgmt Risk Management Teams Customer Service Finance and Ops Rules Account Admin Improve business efficiency for innovation with Smarter Process  Inefficient working environment  Incomplete or inaccurate data flow  Inconsistent prioritization  Lack of control over the process  Poor visibility into process performance  Automate workflow & decision making  Reduce errors and improve consistency  Leverage existing systems and data  Streamline processes and initiate actions  Real-time visibility and process control Typical process problems Bring order to the chaos Billing ERP Imaging CRM Customer Service 15

16 16 Simple and intuitive process discovery and design Browser based interface empowers everyone to participate in the discovery and documentation of business processes Easily visualize and model each process to help understand bigger picture

17 17 Collaborate on process design & execution through social interaction Work together on the same tasks via real-time interactions; reach out to experts to help complete tasks; monitor and perform ad-hoc actions through activity streams Collaborate with experts that are currently logged on, or create notes for view upon return for timely completion of tasks

18 18 At a glance visibility into team work Manage work and team performance Review work across teams Manage work across teams Drill down into individual team member view

19 19 Optimize your process with visibility and analytics Visibility into work-in-progress providing the ability to take corrective action when necessary Detect bottlenecks and performance thresholds and display them visually View into process performance Analyze process performance to uncover areas for improvement

20 20 130 milliseconds per transaction MasterCard processes each payment transaction within 130 milliseconds per request 43,000 transactions per minute; Responds to fraud threats within hours Operational decision management yields significant benefits 96% straight-through processing 96% straight-through processing Swiss Customs achieves 96.5% straight-through processing to validate electronic customs declarations 200,000 declarations daily; Over 700 business rules 8000 transactions per second Visa Europe handles up to 8000 credit card payment authorizations per second across Europe 60 rule changes in 13 months; Over 30,000 business rules 300% improvement WorkSafe Victoria sees 300% improvement in payment times to workers compensation treatment providers 85% straight-through processing; Over 2,000 complex rules

21 21 Externalizing decisions from applications into business rules Manage decision logic independently from applications Business Rules Application Decision logic  Natural language rules can be easily read  Externalized rules are easy to change  Centralized rules enable reuse and consistency  Rules written in software code cannot be read by business people  Hard coded rules are difficult to change  Rules intertwined within applications cannot be reused by other systems Without Decision ManagementWith Decision Management

22 22 Rules represent business practices, policies and regulations Business Practices: Fundamental operational tactics in daily business Example: Healthcare Fraud Detection Policies: Mandatory instructions for organizational safeguards Example: Insurance Risk Assessment Regulations: Externally imposed laws that must be complied with Example: Sales Tax Collection 22

23 23 Business users can easily read and make updates to rules Natural language syntax Automatic completion Rule authoring made simple with natural language syntax Capture complex rule conditions in a Decision Table Equivalent action rule

24 24 Business users can easily collaborate on business rules Automatic notification Social communication post The Activity Stream enables easy collaboration in the context of the activity Overview of the main changes that occurred between 2 snapshots Side-by-side comparison of project snapshots to visualize changes

25 25 Input Data Expected Results Rulset Tests Simulate & Test rules for what-if scenarios

26 26 Abu create a Snapshot John Create a Snapshot A Baseline Is automatically created John Run a Simulation Adam Deploy On prod2 Abu Run UAT scenarios Joe Create Comprehensive Base Premium John Create Roadside Base Premium Abu Deploy For UAT Williams & Averell approve the release Bea update Comprehensive Discount John Create Roadside Discount Release is Complete Release is In Progress Adam Deploy on prod 1 Paul Create a Release Release objectives are documented To complete, a Release must be reviewed and approved 4 Release has status 4 Release has status Rule management activities occur in the context of a release 4 Release has an owner 4 Release has an owner Changes and deployments related to a specific release Decision governance framework

27 Leverage IBM Worklight adapter sample to develop, test and deploy business rules applications for mobile devices. Client device invocation enables end users to leverage decision services taking advantage of mobile specific features like geo-location and device information Decision Server now provides a Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interface (API) for ruleset execution Decisions on the go RESTful API and IBM Worklight Adapter for mobile invocation of business rules 27

28 28

29 29

30 30 Top 20 Smarter Process Use Cases: From #1 to #10  A large US bank achieves faster loan origination with 85% straight-through processing A large US bank  HCF reduces claims processing times by 93% and increases market share by 56% HCF  Jet Airways reduced reporting errors and regulatory errors by 80% Jet Airways  Castilla y Leon regional government improves the speed and accuracy of social services payments Castilla y Leon  MasterCard speeds up creating new fraud rules from days to hours MasterCard Regulation & Compliance ManagementFraud & Risk Management Claims ProcessingEligibility Determination  Tata Sky on-boards 1M customers on its satellite TV network in 1 year Tata Sky  Hiscox reduced development effort by 70% to create a dynamic website for real-time insurance quotes Hiscox  Visa Europe handles up to 8,000 payment transactions per second Visa Europe Customer Care & InsightPayment Processing  The Ottawa Hospital speeds up patient flow through the hospital improving quality of care The Ottawa Hospital UnderwritingHealthcare Process Management  ASE speeds up unemployment benefit calculations from 15 minutes to 10 seconds ASE Credit & Loan ProcessingPension & Benefits Management Top 20 1-10

31 31  Reliance Life’s self service portal reduced costs by 30%, enabling policies for low income households Reliance Life’s  BNP Paribas targeted the right customer with the right product and increased customer satisfaction BNP Paribas  MVV Energie enables customers to automatically optimize consumption to minimize their power costs MVV Energie  Hanson Cements created a single view of the current training status of all team members Hanson Cements  The City of Madrid reduced emergency response times by 25%City of Madrid Power Grid ManagementCitizen Safety & Security Cross-sell & Up-sellTraining & Certification Management  University Hospitals Birmingham reduced recruitment cycles by 30% University Hospitals Birmingham  NY State Tax saved the state more than $889 million, while allowing it to process refunds faster NY State Tax  Yansha department store reduced order lead time from 2.5 days to 4.5 hours Yansha department store Customer & Employee OnboardingOrder Management  Odyssey Logistics & Technology increased the productivity of its for logistics operations by 300% Odyssey Logistics & Technology Tax CollectionTransportation Management  Accovia enabled travel booking engines create real- time dynamic packaging of vacation activities Accovia Customer Self ServiceDynamic Pricing & Bundling Top 20 Smarter Process Use Cases: From #11 to #20 Top 20 11-20

32 32 Go to for YouTube & Downloadable Demos!

33 33 Smarter Process has received strong support from analysts “With Smarter Process, IBM is the first megavendor to introduce an integrated collection of hardware, software and services offerings designed to facilitate intelligent business operations.” GartnerGartner : Michele Cantara & Teresa Jones IBM Smarter Process Expands to Transform Business Operations “Smarter process seems to be more about raising the top line, leveraging continuous engagement with the customer in the age of mobile, social, cloud, and big data… Smarter Process is an interesting story, and one that IBM can tell better than anyone else.” Bruce Silver Associates Bruce Silver Associates IBM Impact Makes Way for Smarter Process “BPM in some form has been a significant feature of the previous two IMPACT events, and this year its position was elevated even further – although IBM is now using a different term to describe it… Partly the shift to ‘Smarter Process’ is a result of IBM being a victim of its own success regarding its use of the term BPM.” Neil Ward-Dutton Neil Ward-Dutton Moving IBM's $100 Billion Needle with Smarter Process “Big Data, cloud, social and mobile is driving change in the Smarter Process portfolio. In particular it means that process efficiency is no longer enough to guarantee success – you need processes that are effective also.” James Taylor James Taylor Smarter Process and Decision Management Updates 33

34 34 Gartner defines 10 core components of an iBPMS IBM Smarter Process is 10 for 10! Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites, 27 September 2012

35 35 Install base of over 5,000+ active implemented customers and 800+ business partners Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites and leader in the Forrester Waves for BPM Suites and Dynamic Case Management #1 market share in Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS) according to Gartner and IDC Global Business Services and ISSW established the Smarter Process Center of Competency (CoC) to provide deep expertise and create repeatable Smarter Process assets Why IBM for Smarter Process?

36 36  YouTube & Downloadable Demos  Trial IBM Blueworks LiveIBM Blueworks Live  Attend a Proof-of-Technology LabProof-of-Technology Lab  Hold a Discovery WorkshopDiscovery Workshop  Plan a Quick Win ProjectQuick Win Project Get started today!

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38 38 Merci Grazie Gracias Obrigado Danke Japanese French Russian German Italian Spanish Brazilian Portuguese Arabic Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Thai Korean

39 39 A leading US bank brings customer-centricity to loan origination Challenges  Onboarding new customers took several days for the average loan  Inconsistent customer experiences as employees interpreted written policies differently “Our existing loan origination process became a potential obstacle to unifying operations. Now, the customer experience is consistent and we can onboard new customer faster.” ~ IT Architect, A leading US Bank Faster loan origination with 85% straight-through processing Solution  Automate loan processing operations and increase straight-through processing prioritizing human interactions for exception flows  Combine 17 different legacy systems together with IBM BPM, IBM ODM and IBM ECM Benefits  Instant: Faster customer onboarding and a more consistent customer experience  Seamless: Consolidated the operations of a new acquisition and created a single process flow for all loan processing centers  Insightful: Automated decision making in 85% of the loan approval process Back to Top 20 US bank

40 40 Hospitals Contribution Fund achieves same day claims payments Challenges  Settle medical and hospital claims on the same day  Pay ancillary claims in real-time  Move to a paperless claims management system “At HCF we have found that delivering a superior customer experience requires tight partnership between operations, IT and the various lines of business.” ~ Stephen Nugent, General Manager - Operations, Hospitals Contribution Fund Reduces claims processing times by 93% and increases market share by 56% Solution  Business Process Management and Business Rules streamline claims processing  Analytics enabled rapid identification of risk patterns and trends Benefits  Instant: Reduced medical claims processing times by 93%, from 3 weeks to 1 day  Seamless: Interconnected claims payment systems that brings together providers and payers  Insightful: Early identification of high claiming members allows for preventative healthcare while reducing costs Back to Top 20 Hospitals Contribution Fund

41 41 Challenges  Comply with EU mandate to reduce carbon footprints through the Emissions Trading Scheme  Need to accurately measure carbon footprint and create reports for faster decision making with audit trails for transparency  Accurately calculate individual aircraft emissions for the entire fleet, using flight records and fuel usage data Solution  Using IBM Case Manager, Jet Airways automated the calculations and analysis process to determine the best options for buying carbon credits and allowances Benefits  Instant: Reduce time to compliance by 75%  Seamless: Compared flight records and fuel usage data contained in multiple systems ranging from internal aircraft systems to regional navigation data and flight records  Insightful: Instead of fleet-wide calculations, the solution analyzed credits to the aircraft level and can even exclude fuel used during maintenance activities Jet Airways streamlines its compliance on carbon credit regulations Reduced reporting errors and regulatory action by 80% “Calculations and predictions enable the airline to plan ahead, allowing it to manage routes more efficiently, or to buy offsets and credits when necessary, to help ensure compliance with the EU ETS.” ~ Manish Dureja, Vice President of Marketing, Jet Airways India Back to Top 20 Jet Airways

42 42 Challenges  Tata Sky sought first-mover advantage by rapidly launching its satellite broadcast service in India  Meet ambitious growth and market penetration goals with excellent customer service Solution  Using IBM BPM and Message Broker, ISSW and IBM Business Partner, TCS, built a customer onboarding system that enabled faster service installation & immediate activation Benefits  Instant: Launched the direct-to-home satellite TV service within 6 months with over 1M activations in the first year  Seamless: Provided seamless integration of customer service across all channels including call centers, over-the- counter or via the web  Insightful: The system customized content for local markets to accommodate regional needs Tata Sky onboards 1M customers on its satellite TV network in 1 year Achieved the fastest growth rate in the world for satellite TV "Tata Sky is the first direct-to-home satellite company across the globe to achieve the significant milestone of crossing one million connections in the first year of our operations and we are confident of achieving the eight million mark as well.” ~ Chakrapani Perangur, CIO, Tata Sky Back to Top 20 Tata Sky

43 43 Hiscox Insurance provides real-time online quotes Challenges  Manage the business policies for eligibility, underwriting and rating to generate real-time, online insurance quotes  Bring insurance products to market across different channels “The WebSphere solution gives us a single, comprehensive platform for rule-driven business process management. Over the long term, we plan to replace our legacy ratings systems with this unified solution and harness our service-oriented architecture to deliver even greater standardisation and control across all business units, products and channels.” ~ Chris Waters, Head of Architecture, Hiscox IT 70% less development effort to create and maintain a dynamic website for real-time insurance quotes Benefits  Instant: Provide real-time online direct insurance quotes in multiple US states – giving it a head-start on the competition and triggering significant business growth  Seamless: Provide general liability, professional liability and business owners’ policies to companies in 50 industries across 24 U.S. states  Insightful: Dynamically generate the questions on the direct insurance quote website based on customer responses Solution  Hiscox used IBM Operational Decision Manager to build a central repository for rules governing eligibility, underwriting and rating, which integrated with multiple web and call center systems Back to Top 20 Hiscox Insurance

44 44 ASE improves customer service delivering unemployment benefits Challenges  Reduce turnaround time of the daily benefit entitlements process  Improve customer service as a differentiator in a market of similar products  Improve agility and auditability to combat changing regulations “While working with IBM, it became apparent that the IBM offerings would support our goal of remaining the market- leading unemployment insurance provider in Denmark.” ~ Carsten Molgaard, Chief Operating Officer, ASE, Denmark Return-on-Investment in 18 months Solution  Implemented BPM and ODM through the Quick Win Pilot program  ODM automated the benefit calculation process, while BPM separated the benefit process from legacy applications Benefits  Instant: Decreases time required to calculate entitlements from 15 minutes to 10 seconds  Seamless: Automated 80% of benefits calculations while allowing IT to meet business needs  Insightful: Reduce business risk by monitoring complex decisions run through thousands of rules Back to Top 20 ASE

45 45 Castilla y Leon regional government administers social programs Challenges  Dramatic increase in number of new applicants for social services benefits under new Spanish law  New, social services introduced, with precisely defined, complex eligibility criteria  Consistently apply the same criteria to all citizens “By combining the strengths of IBM Software and services, we are dramatically reducing the time to process benefits, allowing the staff to put more focus on handling exceptional cases.” ~ José María Molina, Project Director, IT Department Social Services Management, Junta de Castilla y León Serves over 50,000 people including the disabled and elderly; Provides child protection services Solution  Business rules based decision service to score applications and assess eligibility  Centrally managed content repository to give all case managers access to the same information for timely service Benefits  Instant: Automates the processing of the paperwork, allowing agency staff tofocus their time on exceptions  Seamless: Fair decisions are applied through consistent scoring and rules-based eligibility criteria across all agency canters  Insightful: Powerful, user-friendly interface allows case managers to review, validate and maintain cases directly to confirm compliance Back to Top 20 Castilla y Leon regional government

46 46 MasterCard combats fraud threats in hours rather than days Challenges  Quickly detect the less than 0.1% of fraudulent payment transactions from over millions of payments  Change fraud rules dynamically to handle new emerging threats “Every time we wanted to change or create rules, we had to perform a full development cycle, getting the requirements ready, testing them into regression. We had to find a way to do this a lot more quickly. You can’t tell a bank, ‘There’s a fraud attack and we’ll help you in a week from now.’” ~ Johann Gerber, Group Head, Global Network Products, MasterCard 43,000 payment transactions each minute and a total of more than 23 billion transactions each year Solution  Business rules based approach to implement fraud detection using ODM  IIB and Message Broker forms the messaging backbone to carry high volume payment transactions Benefits  Instant: Faster fraud rule creation and deployment, down from days to hours  Seamless: Extends fraud detection visibility to several business departments at member banks  Insightful: Enables checks and balances in the fraud management system, helping to mitigate risk Back to Top 20 MasterCard

47 47 Visa Europe unifies payments across 36 countries Challenges  Needed a scalable, automated payment authorization and settlement system for payments across Europe  Regulatory requirement to unify payments for the complex European market with multiple currencies and 36 countries “While we could have continued to use the global Visa Inc clearing and settlement platform, we saw the opportunity to create a far more capable solution and seized it” ~ Justin Snoxall, VP, Head of Development Services, Visa Europe Adapt to regulatory changes 3X faster; handle up to 8,000 payment transactions per second Benefits  Instant: 3x faster time-to-market to adapt to new regulatory changes  Seamless: Support over 500 different payment transaction types across 36 different countries  Insightful: Simplifies the handling of over 10,000 validation policies and 20,000 fee calculations Solution  IBM Operational Decision Manager to simplify the creation and management of over 30,000 rules  Reduces the cost of maintaining business logic by over 25% Back to Top 20 Visa Europe

48 48 The Ottawa Hospital provides patient-centric care Challenges  Needed patient focused processes to improve quality of care with better visibility  Need to improve key metrics: Patient wait times, Discharge rates, Instances of relapse “What we are doing is putting process orchestration and process models in place, so that you can literally see the characteristics of the hospital system… and you can then influence that.” ~ Dale Potter, Senior VP and CIO, The Ottawa Hospital Goal: Top 10% performer in Quality of Care and Patient Safety in North America Benefits  Instant: Faster consults and treatment through the electronic closed-loop consult service  Seamless: Improvements in patient flow through the hospital and easy access to patient information  Insightful: Benchmarking process execution to use historic and real-time data to make better patient care decisions Solution  BPM and Business Rules to create a ‘Circle of Care’ visual interface improves communication and collaboration within the care team Back to Top 20 The Ottawa Hospital

49 49 30% reduction in operating costs, enabling the distribution of low cost policies to rural, low- income households Benefits  Instant: Accelerated new product launch by 75% and product development by 50%  Seamless: Evolve business model for broader market base for growth compared to competitors  Insightful: 30% reduction in operating costs, enabling the distribution of low cost policies to rural, low-income households Solution  Reliance uses IBM BPM, MDM and WMQ to build a comprehensive self-service portal solution  Lifeline, Reliance’s self-service portal, has lowered operational costs by 30% while making the customer experience more streamlined and transparent “While they were all completely thrilled with the concept, the only question in people’s minds was whether it could actually be executed, since nothing like it had yet been done in the Indian market.” - C. Mohan, Chief Technology Officer, Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited Reliance Life achieves 100% growth in new business Challenges  A new entrant into India’s newly privatized life insurance market sought to transform the way insurance is sold to reach the masses.  Reach low income, rural customers Back to Top 20 Reliance Life

50 50 BNP Paribas provides customers with personalized services Challenges  Quickly construct grouped offers mapped to customer requirements - providing home insurance with a mortgage  Personalize fees based on the customer’s profile and service channel - giving discounts to some clients  Develop multi-brand customer loyalty offerings - waiving a monthly fee for a specified period Targeting the right product to the right customer to increase customer satisfaction Benefits  Instant: Create new offers and make product changes in near real-time.  Seamless: Customers receive personalized offers through any service channel: credit card renewals automatically detect eligibility for premium services  Insightful: Target the right product to the right customer to increase customer satisfaction Solution  Business Rules define eligibility and target the right product or offer to the right customer  Master Data Management provides the single repository of product and pricing information “Every bank provides packages to their customers… But we can really target the right product to the right customer. If you can provide the best product for each customer’s needs, the customer will be satisfied and will reinforce loyalty with the bank…” - Vladimir Milojkovic, BNP Paribas Back to Top 20 BNP Paribas

51 51 MVV Energie creates a smarter energy market Challenges  Create a marketplace for energy allowing customers to choose from renewable and local sources of power  Enable customers to sell power back to the grid from individual power generation “With IBM’s experience and technology, we’ve made a major stride toward realizing our vision of a smarter grid. We see the solution as an enabler of smart grid services, a virtual marketplace where all the key elements needed to build a smart grid can be traded.” ~ Dr. Britta Buchholz, Head of grid and plant planning, MVV Energie AG Responds to the German governments challenge of building an “Energy System of the Future” Solution  GBS designed processes to support new, flexible relationships among generators, distributors and consumers of power  BPM simplified billing and metering and IIB was used to integrate grid devices and power meters  Business rules in ODM determine the best power utilization patterns for individual customers Benefits  Instant: Provide real-time information to consumers on the cost and options for power  Seamless: Allows customers to buy their power from distributed local sources reducing transmission losses  Insightful: Enable ‘Distributed cooling storage’ to automatically schedule industrial refrigeration power consumption during the time of day with lowest costs Back to Top 20 MVV Energie

52 52 University Hospitals Birmingham speeds recruitment times Challenges  Recruitment processes at UHB could take up to 26 weeks and involve considerable paperwork  Needed to streamline recruitment processes to reduce administration time and cut agency staff costs ““From the HR department’s point of view, we have introduced a ‘traffic light’ RAG rating system of key performance indicators for each stage in the recruitment process, so we can see which areas are improving and which need more attention.” ~ Suzanne Hartshorne, Deputy Director of HR at UHB Reducing longest recruitment cycles by 30%, with goal of reducing by over 50% Benefits  Instant: Cut the longest recruitment cycles by 30% (from 26 to 18 with), with an ultimate target of over 50% (down to 12 weeks)  Seamless: Consolidated the systems used for recruitment, so processes from finance, job advertising and interviews are integrated for simplicity  Insightful: ‘Traffic light’ rating system to assess KPIs to improve each stage of the recruitment process Solution  Working with IBM Business Partner Axispoint, UHB reengineered their processes using IBM BPM and built a new system for staff recruitment Back to Top 20 University Hospitals Birmingham

53 53 New York State Tax collects taxes more effectively and efficiently Challenges  Combat sophisticated tax evasion techniques that can cost the state millions  Reduce processing time for the refunds of honest taxpayers 5 year ROI of 1,461% with a cumulative benefit of $594M over the period Benefits  Instant: Saved the state more than $889 million, while allowing it to process refunds faster  Seamless: Process over 24 million business and personal tax returns each year, collecting more than $90B in tax revenue  Insightful: Maximize the amount of tax revenue collected Solution  IBM BPM, Monitor, MDM and Global Business Services work together to increase the state's tax revenue by identifying which tax returns should be audited and investigated, which refunds should not be paid and how best to collect unpaid back taxes  The solution Improves customer service and increase staff productivity “The system allows us to process refunds faster, getting the money to the citizens of New York quicker.” ~ Tim Gardinier, Manager, Data Warehousing Unit, New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Back to Top 20 New York State Tax

54 54 Accovia enables dynamic packaging and pricing of vacations Challenges  Consumers demand more options and travel choices; dissatisfaction with pre-priced vacation packages  Create custom vacation packages through self-service booking engines  Quickly add new vacation options “To offer real-time dynamic packaging, we needed to build our solution on a foundation that reacts quickly to the market. ILOG BRMS offers functionality that allows users to manage their own rules using the routines of their web application.” ~ Jean Marie Grange, Director of Architecture, Accovia Adapts to changing customer vacation buying behavior – from travel agents towards self-service Solution  Business rules solution to dynamically manage flights, accommodations and on-site vacation options  Two tier customization that allows seasonal vacation development and tactical daily price variations Benefits  Instant: Reduced the time required to build new vacation products from months to weeks  Seamless: Increased customer satisfaction by enabling booking engines to meet traveller demand for real-time dynamic packaging  Insightful: Increased competitive and pricing agility Back to Top 20 Accovia

55 55 Hanson introduces an intuitive training management process Challenges  Needed an intuitive process for requesting, managing and budgeting employee training courses  Easily distinguish between mandatory training for health and safety and developmental training  Needed the ability to schedule unplanned training requests “It is much better than the old training management system - The whole process is at least twice as quick as before. If you are a manager who has a large team reporting to you, you can now see everyone’s training status in seconds, so it’s a huge improvement.” ~ Gareth Price, Technical Director, Hanson Cements Simplifies cement manufacturer’s compliance to regulation and improves safety procedures Solution  Applied BPM to model, deploy and monitor new training processes by orchestrating services from multiple existing IT systems  IBM business partner Axispoint worked with the HR stakeholders to create the new training processes Benefits  Instant: Enables unplanned training requests to be scheduled quickly and with more flexibility  Seamless: Standardizes training requirements across the company compared to a more departmental approach  Insightful: Helps managers easily identify new training that helps employee development Back to Top 20 Hanson

56 56 City of Madrid responds to emergency situations faster Challenges  Create an advanced emergency command center for the city of Madrid  Organize a unified response to incidents across all emergency first responders  Adaptable system that meets fast-changing needs without disruption to vital services “Commanders are now able to understand how complex and/or multiple incidents affect the entire region. We have more flexibility to innovate in our day-to-day operations, but we are also better equipped for any major challenges the future may have in store.” ~ Fernanco Garcia Ruiz, Head of innovation and development, Department of Security, City of Madrid Reduces emergency response time by 25% Solution  Emergency response processes are built and managed using IBM BPM  WebSphere MQ is used as the messaging backbone that connects all responders together Benefits  Instant: Reduces emergency response time by 25%  Seamless: Enables end-to-end coordination of emergency and municipal assets  Insightful: Commanders can understand how complex or multiple incidents affect the entire region Back to Top 20 City of Madrid

57 57 Yansha department store improves order management Challenges  Increase competitiveness against local retailers and new foreign competitors  Provide real-time visibility into operations with KPIs such as order acceptance rate and on-time delivery rate  Provides suppliers with information on customer buying behaviour and sales trends “Exchanging our data and interacting closely will enable us to respond to the market appropriately.” ~ Mr. Ai Jie Ma, Director of Yansha Technical and Information Department Achieved an ROI of 9 months and reduced order error rates from 9% to 1% Solution  GBS transformed order management processes with over 1,800 suppliers  BPM created workflows for purchase orders, shipping notification, invoicing, payment and return of goods Benefits  Instant: Reduced order lead time from 2.5 days to 4.5 hours  Seamless: Connects 1,800 suppliers into a single supply chain network  Insightful: Created a value-based supplier pricing model that uses new supplier performance metrics such as profitability, selling trends and level of activity. Back to Top 20 Yansha

58 58 Odyssey Logistics provides end-to-end transportation solutions Challenges  Choose the best transportation options given each customer’s unique needs across the globe  Implement customized logistics processes to provide full service to customers expanding globally “Process innovation allows an organization like OL&T to go in to a customer and figure out how to work with them versus trying to overlay a very specific rigid model on our customers.” ~ Russell Marky, Senior Vice President, Global Business Technology, OL&T 300% increase in productivity for logistics operations Benefits  Instant: Exceed customer KPIs in areas of on-time deliveries, invoice turnaround and error-free shipping  Seamless: Provide clients with a unified logistics experience regardless of local country conditions  Insightful: 300% increase in productivity for logistics operations and reduce errors by more than 10% Solution  Pre-constructed processes based on sets of common activities that can be quickly customized for local needs  Business rules reduce complexity by managing rate structures, routing guides and carrier information Back to Top 20 Odyssey Logistics

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