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School of Retail & Services Management Managing Cultural Diversity.

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1 School of Retail & Services Management Managing Cultural Diversity

2 Course outline What kinds of disability Disability or ability How you can help

3 Kinds of Disability Physical - affects a person's mobility or dexterity Intellectual - affects a person's ability to learn Psychiatric - affects a person's thinking processes Sensory - affects a person's ability to hear or see Neurological - results in the loss of some bodily or mental function

4 Disability or ability Intellectual disabilities does not mean customer is “Special” and they should be treated so. Psychiatric disabilities does not mean you will get multiple sales from one customer for the same product. Blind people cannot see you but they can here you.

5 Disabitly and Retail Shops come in all shapes and sizes Loads of imagery Subtle techniques to get consumers to impart with there cash

6 Factors of consideration RetailerCustomer High quantities of customers To make the environment relaxed Right product at the right price Shopping environment that is easy to navigate Independence while shopping, don’t like asking for help.

7 What can be done to change Awareness of the retailer to a wider demographic of customers Include training for there staff when dealing with people in the public domain

8 What others have done

9 The Retro-fit Results are not always favourable Users might be uncomfortable asking to use a ramp. Or other device Seasoned users might object to a more simplified interface

10 Its a Delicate Balance To keep all customers happy

11 Solution Universal Design Apply the 7 principals of universal design to the retailers approach to the public Can be used to design many different aspects of the retail environment It will not segregate among users

12 7 Principals of Universal Design Equitable Use Flexibility in Use Simple and Intuitive Perceptible Information Tolerance for Error Low Physical Effort Size space and approach to use

13 Scenario “a new split level computer shop is opening in a busy street, there are a number of shallow steps to the front door, the shops focus will be on seniors computing ” Analyse using 7 stages of Universal Design

14 Share your thoughts to the class

15 Some Items of consideration Ageing population Senior citizens while not legally “Disabled” they do have sensory impairments and mobility issues

16 Thank you Any Questions

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