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7 th December 2012 The Future of Canterbury City Centre.

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1 7 th December 2012 The Future of Canterbury City Centre

2 Where is the UK now?

3 Towns are complicated… Town Centre RetailCultureResidentsPublic Services Leisure & Entertainment Private Services Commercial & Industrial Education

4 With many different users…

5 Public funding National finances are an on-going challenge: Public expenditure as a % of GDP: And Council expenditure is also diminishing… 2000/20012011/20122016/2017 35%42.1%36.5% 2010/20112011/20122012/2013 £22.5m£19.8m (-12%)£18.7m (-13%)

6 The challenge for local communities “…the involvement of local business people in the governance of their communities has dwindled, and their energy and innovation has been lost. The local economic leadership that drove the UK to the forefront of the world economy has disappeared.” (Lord Heseltine 2012)

7 Mary Portas

8 Canterbury City Partnership £75k income Members & Sponsors = 15% businesses in the City Centre Achievements: – Business support: Startmybiz with C4B – Sectors: Leaders Lunches, Retail Conference – Planning: responses to consultation – Ready to Trade: Bloom, Big Clean, High St traffic survey, Purple Flag, Late Night parking – Footfall: Festival Parade, F&D Festival, Destination Mgt. Plan – People & Skills: Apprentices, internships, GEW, Emp. Points Scheme

9 Background on BIDs Legislation 2004 Originates in USA 157 successful ballots since then incl a number of 2 nd ballots. In the last 12 months: Guildford, Chichester, Cambridge, Norwich, Durham 33 unsuccessful ballots incl 2 in Maidstone No town centre BIDs in Kent Discussion emerging about potential of Tourism BIDs (TBIDs) & Super BIDs

10 How do they work? First stage is extensive consultation Agree geographic area by street Agree proposed levy: 1 – 3% of RV Agree cut off point by RV: no levy below £20k? Create a ‘Proposal’ to put to the vote (binding) Adhere to timings set by Government Set a date for a ballot: need a majority by number and rateable value of those voting

11 What do successful BIDs do? Winchester: BID Levy 1.5%: £566k in 12/13 Premises, admin and staff costs: £175k BID Project costs: £424k including: Street cleansing: £35k PCSOs: £65k Marketing £80k Christmas lights and festival: £55k Floral display: £40k Pub & Shop watch: £16k Footfall cameras and KPIs: £15k City & Evening economy events: £16k We are visiting on 18 th December

12 What does it cost businesses? Winchester: 700 business Rateable value: £36.3m 13/14 levy: £538k (1.5%) Average £655 pa per business Mean £266 pa or less (half paying this or less)

13 Canterbury BID Rateable Scenario's Number of rateable businesses % of rateable businessesTotal Rates Paid1% levy > £5,00071192.58% £41,048,850.00 £410,488.50 > £10,00056773.83% £39,971,200.00 £399,712.00 > £15,00046059.90% £38,990,450.00 £389,904.50 > £20,00038650.26% £37,625,000.00 £376,250.00

14 Issues in Canterbury Westgate Towers Traffic scheme: created a protest culture; mistrust of CCP? Whitefriars Service Charge Payers: why pay more? Strong presence of national chains who are anti: BhS etc.

15 Potential timeframe November: autumn Conference: ‘Your city, your Future, Your Say’ consultation December: develop Build a BID workshops Jan – April 13: run 15 – 20 Workshops with local business people by street May: BID Conference June – August develop Proposal & Business Plan September: present Proposal and call Ballot October: hold ballot January 14: (if successful) launch BID

16 Questions

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