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2 Sberbank of Russia in Brief
Foundation: 1841 Largest Branch Network: Employees: 246 ths Retail clients: ~ 106 mln ATM and self-service terminals: > Retail transactions executed via remote channels: 83% Russian market share: 28 % - by Assets 32 % - by Corporate Loans 32% - by Retail Loans 45 % - by Retail Deposits 28% - by Equity As of 01/07/2013

3 Sberbank of Russia: Ownership Structure & Key Financials
Ownership Structure (Sberbank Group) Key Financials, as of July 01, 2013* Domestic Retail 3.7% Domestic Institutional 2.3% Assets, total: EUR 335 bn Equity, total: EUR 41 bn Corporate loans : EUR 176 bn Retail loans : EUR 66 bn Retail deposits: EUR 167 bn Net profit: EUR 4.5 bn ROAA: 2.8% ROAE: 22.4% Cost/Income ratio: 38.5% Free float 50.00% - 1 ordinary share 50.00% + 1 ordinary share 44.0% Foreign Institutional Central Bank of Russia 50.0% + 1 share Free Float Central Bank of Russia Source: Company’s website (, Bank of Russia website ( ) * at Central Bank of Russia RUR/EUR exchange rate for 01/07/2013

4 Sberbank Group: Broad Geographical Coverage
Central & Eastern Europe Sberbank Europe AG 100.0% stake 2.7% of Group’s assets Headquartered in Austria; 270 branches in 8 countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia and Ukraine Ukraine Sberbank of Russia JSC - to be merged with Volksbank Ukraine 100.0% stake 0.8% of Group’s assets #8 by assets 2.7% market share by assets Representative offices: Germany China Trading platforms: London New York Branch: India Wholly-owned subsidiary: Sberbank (Switzerland) AG Belarus Kazakhstan Turkey JSC BPS-Sberbank 97.9% stake 0.8% of Group’s assets #3 by assets 9.7% market share by assets SB JSC Sberbank 99.99% stake 1.1% of Group’s assets #5 by assets 6.1% market share by assets DenizBank AS 99.85% stake 6.9% of Group’s assets ca. 623 branches; 3,357 ATMs; 126,863 POS terminals Source: Sberbank’s unaudited quarterly IFRS financial statements for 1H2013, Sberbank’s operational data as of 01/07/2013, Sberbank’s and subsidiaries’ ranks and market shares based on the respective central banks’ data

5 Subsidiaries of Sberbank Europe AG in brief
Today nine banks of Sberbank Europe AG operate in 8 European countries Year of Foundation Total Assets, mln euro Branches Employees Sberbank, Slovakia 1991 1 971 41 625 Sberbank, Czech Republic 1993 2 575 22 706 Volksbank, Hungary 1 788 52 696 Sberbank, Slovenia 1 504 12 229 Sberbank, Croatia 1997 1 221 30 445 Sberbank, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2000 388 26 Sberbank, Banja Luca 2007 284 23 276 Sberbank, Serbia 2003 858 533 Volksbank, Ukraine 212 38 477 Subsidiaries of Sberbank Europe AG, total - 10 801 270 4 375 As of 01/09/2013

6 Magyarorszagi Volksbank Zrt. in Brief
Foundation: 1993 Outlets: 52 Employees: 696 Assets, total: EUR mio Market share in Hungary 1.70% by assets 2.30% by loans 2.20% by deposits As of 01/09/2013, except for market share figures – as of 01/08/2013

7 Russia and Hungary: economic cooperation
Russian-Hungarian economic relations occupy an important and permanent place in the system of foreign economic relations of the two countries, which made it possible to maintain the bilateral cooperation during the crisis. In the interest of sustainable development of the economies of the two countries Russia and Hungary are going to make efforts for the successful implementation of joint projects and already started to search for new ways of bilateral cooperation. Along with the cooperation within the “South Stream” framework, the other important project is delivering of Russian nuclear fuel for the Hungarian “Paks” Nuclear Power Plant which is planned to continue until the plant stops its operations. According to the Hungarian Customs statistics, the trade turnover between Russia and Hungary in January-June 2013 increased by 6.7% to $ 6.1 billion. The dominant share in Russian export to Hungary is occupied by energy sources (92%). Russian import from Hungary consists mostly of engineering products (44.7%) and manufacturing (excluding engineering products) (45.1%). The Russian-Hungarian Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation is one of the established authorities set up to strengthen mutual cooperation.

8 Sberbank in Hungary: key achievements
Corporate: - Participation Hungarian National Bank growth program - Several significant deals in Corporate - Increase of fees based on new account contracts signed Retail: - Moneygram cooperation agreement signed - New account packages launched for private individuals & micros - Consumer loan pilot started - Mobile banking application for smartphones developed and will go live by end of 2013 Risk: - New credit process launched Operations: - STP Excellence Award of Deutsche Bank

9 Business relationship
Despite the unfavorable macroeconomic situation in Hungary, Sberbank of Russia successfully develops its business in the following areas: Energy: VBHU is one of the most active banks that lend to projects in the energy sector in Hungary, including alternative energy projects Telecommunications and transport: VBHU actively lends money to the telecommunications sector companies (Magyar Telekom, Synergon), serves and finances logistic transport companies: Gefco (owned by Russian Railways) and Ukrailtrans (4th place in the market of railway traffic, the company is founded and owned by Russian investors) SME: VBHU is one of the major banks lending to the SME sector in , Participation in the program of the National Bank in July and August provided a portfolio growth of SMEs in the amount of approx. USD 45 million implementation of joint projects with other banks of Sberbank Group: Sberbank is the leader of the consortium of financial advisors (with the Hungarian Development Bank and ING) on the construction project of the gas pipeline "South Stream Hungary”, while Hungarian Volksbank is the agent and the syndicate leader to finance the supply of gas deal along with Sberbank Europe, Unicredit and OTP.


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