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Page 1 VA eWIC Retailer Workgroup December 6 and 8, 2011.

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1 Page 1 VA eWIC Retailer Workgroup December 6 and 8, 2011

2 Page 2 Jerry Owens Program Manager ACS, a Xerox Company Retailer Enablement

3 Page 3 Retail Integration High Level Overview – eWIC Integration Requirements ECR must have eWIC processing functionality (most platforms already have available or are under development) FNS must certify system as approved for eWIC transaction processing Certification Process Third party processors (TPP), ECR service providers, retailer IT departments make software modifications based on ACS-provided integrated retailer specifications ECR service providers and TPPs perform integration testing ECR service providers and TPPs use ACS test environment to perform pre- certifications FNS and the state oversee execution of approved certification test scripts and if executed successfully, approve system for integration In Store A final certification, generally completed by the retailer, is performed at the store level

4 Page 4 Stand-Beside POS Enablement High Level Overview – Stand-Beside POS Deployment Requirements Power must be available at lane location where POS device will be installed (1 outlet for scanner and 1 outlet for POS) Either broadband internet or analog dial-up connectivity must be available at the lane location where POS device will be installed Setup Process ACS sets up WIC authorized retailers in the National Retail Management Center (NRMC) database, sends/receives retailer agreement, and creates work order ACS NRMC builds profile and enters retailer banking information in EPPIC ACS Retail Manager manages installation contractor as retailers are scheduled for installation and training during pilot and statewide rollout Training Retailer training is performed at the retailer location after successful installation Retailer POS operations manual, quick reference guide and helpdesk information is also provided at this time.

5 Page 5 Retailer Enablement Summary ACS works with retailers to provide a solution that best meets their needs Coordinated efforts by ACS with retail service providers and third party processors provide most retailers with the option of integrating with their existing system For those retailers that do not have integration capabilities, stand- beside POS devices provide a safe and reliable method of eWIC transaction processing Experienced ACS retail enablement team coordinates deployment and integration efforts providing strong support for retailers The Vendor Portal provides instant access to transaction and settlement reports 24/7 retailer helpline is provided to answer questions and/or troubleshoot issues

6 Page 6 Retailer Assessment

7 Page 7 Retailer Assessment Overview Retailer Survey ECR Platform ECR Service Provider Third Party Processor (TPP) Retailer Enablement Category Stand Beside Integrated Integration Requirements Full Certification Unattended Certification Abbreviated Certification Deployment – No Certification Required

8 Page 8 Step 1: Gather Information Survey Retailer Survey provided to retailers to gather information that helps determine what type of enablement best suits retailer environment. Outreach Additional correspondence and phone calls to vendor utilized to gain additional information and fill in gaps from survey. This is the information used to assess a retailer’s environment and slot the retailer in the appropriate enablement category.

9 Page 9 Step 2: Categorize Retailers Stand-Beside Retailers that do not have an eWIC capable ECR configuration or do not want to integrate, will be slotted in this category. Integrated Retailers with an eWIC capable ECR configuration will be further slotted based on the requirements for certification of their particular ECR configuration. An eWIC capable ECR configuration consists of an ECR payment platform that has eWIC functionality and a connection path, Direct or TPP, for processing transactions

10 Page 10 eWIC Capable ECR Configurations Retailer/System Provider Third Party Processor POS Software Wal-MartFirstdataWal-Mart POS StoreNext5/3ScanMaster V2 StoreNextFirstdataISS45 V7 and V8 Meijer StoresDirect ConnectMeijer POS KrogerVantivIBM SurePOS ACE Save-a-LotFirst DataISS45 Base IBM PlatformFirst DataIBM SurePOS ACE Base IBM Platform5/3IBM SurePOS ACE RetalixFirst DataISS45 V7 and V8 Retalix5/3ISS45 V7 and V8

11 Page 11 Step 3: Assess Certification Requirements Full Certification FNS and Commonwealth attended testing in a lab setting. Certification test scripts are followed and results recorded. Requires 3-5 days onsite. Required for configurations where one or more parts of the configuration has not been certified. Unattended Certification Certification test scripts are followed and results recorded. Documentation of test results provided to FNS and Commonwealth. Testing performed offsite by ECR provider and/or retailer IT group. Required for configurations that have been previously certified, but not with the current eWIC processor

12 Page 12 Step 3: Assess Certification Requirements Continued Abbreviated Certification Testing of a new component or minor changes in ECR eWIC processing technology. Test scripts specific to change or enhancement are followed and results recorded. Testing performed offsite by ECR provider and/or retailer IT group. Required for previously certified configurations where changes have been made specific to eWIC. Deployment – No Certification Required Functionality is deployed to store and test purchase performed. Commonwealth and FNS notified of successful deployment. Appropriate for configurations that have been previously certified with eWIC processor.

13 Page 13 ECR Configurations and Certification Categories

14 Page 14 Certification Components Electronic Cash Register The cash register system that processes in lane transaction. Many currently have eWIC functionality available or under development. POS Software This is generally considered part of the ECR system and may be referred to as payment platform. This is where the eWIC functionality for the ECR resides. Third Party Processor This is the entity that processes payments for a particular retailer. Most have been certified, but not all. eWIC Processor Commonwealth partner that manages and processes eWIC transactions.

15 Page 15 Full Certification Configurations System ProviderThird Party Processor POS Software IBMFirst DataFood Lion POS Any systemRBS Lynk WorldpayAny POS Any systemChase/FiServAny POS Any systemDirect ConnectAny POS Any systemCiti Merchant ServicesAny POS IBMFirst Data NCR ACS V6.2 TECAny TPP RORSAny TPP IT RetailFirst Data Generally, a single certification is performed, with an ECR service provider, for a particular configuration and then simply deployed at the store level.

16 Page 16 Unattended Certification Configurations System ProviderThird Party Processor POS Software RORCFirst DataISS45 RORCFifth ThirdISS45 Unattended Certifications are expected to be required for previously certified ECR systems that have not been certified to ACS. As with all Certifications, approval for unattended certifications come from FNS and are subject to change. Please Note

17 Page 17 Abbreviated Certification Configurations System ProviderThird Party Processor POS Software Any SystemAny TPPAny POS Adding self-checkout capability for eWIC customers on a previously certified system Changing the loyalty engine so that the manner in which discounts are applied is modified Examples of Abbreviated Certifications Abbreviated Certifications are generally performed in a lab environment and only tests the areas of potential impact.

18 Page 18 Deployment Configurations System ProviderThird Party Processor POS Software IBMFirst DataWalmart Custom IBMFirst DataACE IBMFifth ThirdACE StoreNextFifth ThirdScanMaster V2 StoreNextFirst DataISS45 V7 and V8 IBMVantiv Kroger Custom ACE NEC, Fujitsu, otherFirst Data/Fifth ThirdISS45 V7 and V8 IBM ACE and ISS45 payment platforms have been certified in multiple configurations and is expected to be approved for deployment with any certified TPP.

19 Page 19 Joint Certification Efforts

20 Page 20 Collaboration Update Certification Workgroup ACS and the Commonwealth is participating in an FNS-led workgroup to streamline the process and leverage certification efforts for multiple agencies. Standardizing test scripts. Collaborative planning efforts. Leveraging Previous Certifications ACS is working with FNS and other eWIC processers to leverage previous certifications. Certifications performed for other states often can be used as verification that the system works properly and allow a system to be deployed rather than certified. Multi-agency Certifications Certification of multiple agencies and eWIC processers with a single effort.

21 Page 21 Questions?


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