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Retail Strategies | 120 18 th Street South, Suite 201 | Birmingham, AL 35233 | 205.313.3676 | 205.303.3677 | Retail Strategies.

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1 Retail Strategies | 120 18 th Street South, Suite 201 | Birmingham, AL 35233 | 205.313.3676 | 205.303.3677 | Retail Strategies We Make Retail Happen.

2 retail trends | Retail Strategies “70% of Retailers will open a new store in 2015” *SCT

3 retail trends | Retail Strategies

4 retail trends | Retail Strategies

5 site selection process | Retail Strategies

6 our background | Retail Strategies Decision Data Resources seeks simple solutions to complex problems. As a result, we offer an extensive and unparalleled selection of geographic, demographic and socio-economic data products as part of our industry leading web-based software solutions. Retail Specialists has completed transactions with nearly every retail and restaurant concept operating in the Southeastern United States. A deep team of experienced and well connected retail real estate professionals.

7 our team: by the numbers | Retail Strategies 29 Team Members 125 Years of Retail Real Estate Experience 4 Average Clients Per Team Member 4 Offices: Birmingham, Fort Worth, New Orleans and New York City (coming late spring 2015)

8 2014 success | Retail Strategies 250 New Retail Projects in Our Client Communities $875 Million Dollars in New Retail Sales 5000 New Jobs in Our Client Communities

9 2014 recruitment | Retail Strategies 6000+ Marketing Communications 2000+ Face to Face Meetings $100 Million Dollars Negotiated in Retail Incentives Retail Strategies | 120 18 th Street South, Suite 201 | Birmingham, AL 35233 | 205.313.3676 | 205.303.3677 | l

10 our process. your advantage. | Retail Strategies Market Research & Analysis Strategic Planning Retail Recruitment Property Owners Developers Brokers Increased Tax Revenue Job Creation Industrial Recruitment Improved Quality of Life

11 | Retail Strategies our research

12 DEMOGRAPHIC REPORTS Detailed Demographics Age by Gender Age by Income Household Wealth Income and Disposable Income Consumer Behaviors Consumer Attitudes TAPESTRY SEGMENTATION ANALYSIS PEER ANALYSIS RETAIL SPENDING REPORTS Consumer Expenditures Consumer Attitudes RETAIL GAP ANALYSIS RETAIL VOID ANALYSIS our research | Retail Strategies

13 basecamp | Retail Strategies

14 tapestry segmentation Segmentation systems operate on the theory that people with similar tastes, lifestyles, and behaviors seek others with the same tastes—“like seeks like.” These behaviors can be measured, predicted, and targeted. Esri’s Tapestry Segmentation system combines the “who” of lifestyle demography with the “where” of local neighborhood geography to create a model of various lifestyle classifications or segments of actual neighborhoods with addresses—distinct behavioral market segments. Segmentation 101 Tapestry Segmentation represents the fourth generation of market segmentation systems that began more than 30 years ago. The 65-segment Tapestry Segmentation system classifies US neighborhoods based on their socioeconomic and demographic compositions. The power of Tapestry Segmentation allows you to profile consumers and constituents. What is Tapestry Segmentation? All companies, agencies, and organizations need to understand consumers/constituents in order to supply them with the right products and services and to reach them via their preferred media. These applications require a robust segmentation system that can accurately profile these diverse markets. The versatility and predictive power of Tapestry Segmentation allow users to integrate their own data or national consumer surveys into Tapestry Segmentation to identify their best market segments and reach them through the most effective channels. Who Should Use Tapestry Segmentation?

15 peer analysis | Retail Strategies The Peer Analysis focuses on identifying cities across the Midwestern United States that are similar to the City of LaSalle from an economic and demographic perspective. CityState Population (2010) Population (2013) Population (2018) Households (2013) Average Household Income (2013) Total Retail Expenditures (2013) Fort Madison IA11,05110,90910,5624,381$53,723$86,368,699 Worth IL10,78910,88211,1174,338$57,488$89,459,104 Monroe WI10,82710,85610,9274,775$56,262$97,260,113 Troy MO10,54010,74211,2433,949$57,117$80,856,446 Lawrenceburg KY10,50510,72311,2654,281$55,760$86,234,281 Wood River IL10,65710,59210,4294,431$53,107$86,462,502 Fort Knox KY10,12410,50911,4692,468$53,764$48,433,735 River Grove IL10,22710,31510,5414,146$55,701$83,618,933 Union MO10,20410,29310,5143,898$56,660$79,697,222 Carroll IA10,10310,14610,2524,362$56,782$88,797,452 London OH9,9049,8879,8423,969$53,138$77,689,246 Bristol PA9,7269,7729,8823,972$56,639$81,051,361 Brentwood PA9,6439,6849,7874,398$53,586$86,633,211 Steger IL9,5709,6719,9243,881$52,276$75,147,958 Howell MI9,4899,5659,7494,060$52,401$78,826,686 LaSalle IL9,6099,5419,3704,007$54,811$79,781,293 St. Francis WI9,3659,4589,6914,539$55,016$91,049,934 Rochelle IL9,5749,4379,1013,728$55,341$74,893,581 North College Hill OH9,3979,3499,2303,828$52,440$74,268,483 Reedsburg WI9,2009,2939,5293,777$53,724$74,409,317 Tomah WI9,0939,2449,6233,944$52,059$76,256,648 Maysville KY9,0119,1779,5873,885$55,205$78,119,502 Sturgeon Bay WI9,1449,1679,2234,290$52,210$83,036,210 Sheffield Lake OH9,1379,1539,1913,730$56,673$76,122,735

16 gap analysis | Retail Strategies The Gap Analysis is a summary of the primary spending Gaps segmented by retail category. It measures actual consumer expenditures within the City’s trade area and compares it to the potential retail revenue generated by retailers in the same area. The difference between the two numbers reflects leakages, or the degree to which consumers travel outside the community for certain retail goods and services. The Gap analysis is a useful tool to gauge retail supply and demand within the community. The summary includes the Number of Retailers Targeted in Plan. These figures represent the number of retailers potentially required to fill the particular Gap in each category.

17 | Retail Strategies Strategic Retail Recruitment Plan

18 targeted retail properties | Retail Strategies

19 property catalog | Retail Strategies Market:LaSalle, Illinois # on AerialAddressProperty Name/ DescriptionComments 12713-2729 E 5th Rd, 61301Rotary Park- Exit needs devlopmentLong term development strategy 2701-799 8th Street, 61301Small Vacant SiteRecruit/ Build to suit 3800-898 Joliet Street, 61301Save a Lot 4100-298 Joliet Street, 61301Closed BakeryRecruit/ Improve Tenant Mix 5501-571 3rd Street, 61301New Dollar General 6320-398 3rd Street, 61301 Corner closed gas station and vacant buildingRecruit/ Build to suit 7400-498 3rd Street, 61301Office Building For SaleRecruit/ Improve Tenant Mix 8201-299 3rd Street, 61301Illinois Valley Food and Deli 9321-399 3rd Street, 61301Vacant site owned by CityRecruit/ Build to suit 10235-299 Creve Coeur Street, 61301New BuildingRecruit/ Lease Space 1135-99 3rd Street, 61301Vacant site next to new SubwayRecruit/ Build to suit 12100-132 3rd Street, 61301Former Mobile OneRecruit/ Build to suit 13701-899 16th Street, 61301Houses to RedevelopRedevelop/ Higher and better use 141100- 1198 Shooting Park Road, 61301House on good siteRecruit/ Build to suit 15Shooting Park Road and Hwy 251, 61354Vancant LandRecruit/ Build to suit 161578-1798 Wenzel Road, 61301Vacant KmartRedevelop/ Higher and better use 171151-1186 Wenzel Road, 6130160+ Acre SityRecruit/ Big Box Development 181085-1111 Wenzel Road, 61301Vacant SiteRecruit/ Build to suit 19833-995 Wenzel Road, 61301Cleer PropertyRecruit/ Big Box Development 2024th Street and St Vincents Ave, 61301Vacant city owned propertyRecruit/ Build to suit 212800-2860 St. Vincents Ave, 61301Propert For SaleRecruit/ Build to suit 222970-2998 Chartres Street, 61301Sports Complex 232400-2918 Chartres Street, 61301Doctor Monroe PropertyRecruit/ Build to suit 24St. Vincents and N 2979th Rd, 61301Vacant SiteRecruit/ Build to suit 25439-443 N 30th RoadChurch Property in Tiff DistrictRecruit/ Build to suit 26I-80 & Hwy 178Frontier Lodge PropertyRecruit/ Build to suit

20 development zones & focus areas | Retail Strategies Big Box Recruitment and Development Long term Redevelopment Zone

21 retail prospects | Retail Strategies Clothing GAP: $22,021,762 TJ Maxx Ross Dress For Less Cato Fashions Goody’s Roses Building Materials GAP: $19,191,281 Lowes Menards (relo) Specialty Foods GAP: $14,872,069 Walmart Neighborhood Market Sprouts Fresh Thyme Electronics GAP: $13,450,872 Best Buy HH Gregg

22 retail prospect list | Retail Strategies GAP CategoryGAP Clothing and Accessories $ 21,300,000.00 Prospect Typical SizeLast ContactComments/ Next Steps Citi Trends, Inc.10000-15000 The Buckle, Inc.4800-0 Roots Canada Ltd.1000-5000 Tom James Co.1000-3000 Shelmar, Inc.3000-0 Hot Topic, Inc.1500-2500 Perry Ellis International, Inc.2500-3000 Urban Outfitters, Inc.2500-15000 Georgiou Retail Stores1500-3000 Forever 21 Retail, Inc.6000-35000 Chico's FAS, Inc.1500-4000 Tween Brands, Inc.3500-5000 Abercrombie & Fitch Co.4000-10000 Gabriel Brothers, Inc.12000-55000 Gap Inc.2750-35000

23 marketing guide | Retail Strategies

24 execution

25 daily execution | Retail Strategies Retail Recruitment Executing the Strategic Retail Recruitment Plan Outbound Calls and Follow Up Trade Show Meetings Trade Show Follow Up Contact Land Owners Development Opportunities Redevelopment Opportunities Repositioning Opportunities Identify Developers Introduce Developers On Demand Reporting Market Maximization Incentives Consulting

26 L AS V EGAS 2015 N EW Y ORK C ITY 2015 D ALLAS 2015 A TLANTA 2015 C HICAGO 2015 O RLANDO 2015 O KLAHOMA C ITY 2015 N EW O RLEANS 2015 C HARLOTTE 2015 Retail Strategies | 120 18 th Street South, Suite 201 | Birmingham, AL 35233 | 205.313.3676 | 205.303.3677 | l ICSC D EAL M AKING C ONFERENCES 2015 retail conference representation | Retail Strategies

27 success stories

28 | Retail Strategies success stories THE HOME DEPOT – SYLACAUGA, AL Market analysis showed the need for a home improvement store in the Sylacauga market. Hired by the city, our team approached all major building supply chains, including Home Depot, with very flexible deal terms on municipally owned property. With creative persistence and continuous follow up, Home Depot decided to locate their first rural store in Sylacauga. PIGGLY WIGGLY – ARAB, AL Piggly Wiggly is expected to create 60-85 jobs, represents an investment of $2 million to $3 million and is expected to generate $8 million in annual gross sales. The new grocery operator is moving into a former Food World location that has been vacant for approximately 10 years. It was critical that the City of Arab find a tenant to eliminate the largest available space in the market in order to successfully recruit new retail in the future. PETSENSE – LAGRANGE, GEORGIA Page Estes with the LaGrange/Troup County Chamber was approached by a Texas commercial real estate broker representing a local LaGrange shopping center. The broker was targeting a national pet store chain and needed the Chamber's help in providing research specific to the property. Ms. Estes contacted the city's retail consultant, Retail Strategies, regarding the request and within a couple of hours was able to provide a pet store specific research report. Within 30 days, PetSense agreed to open a 7,000 square foot store in a Publix anchored shopping center.

29 | Retail Strategies success stories WAL-MART NEIGHBORHOOD MARKET LAGRANGE, GA Market research indicated a demand for grocery in LaGrange, GA. Through our process we identified Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market as a potential retailer to fill the grocery GAP. Through representation at several retail conventions and outbound phone call with follow up, Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market announced a location in LaGrange in June of 2014. ZAXBY’S WASHINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA Due to Retail Strategies’ research, a need for quick service restaurants was identified in Washington, North Carolina. Retail Strategies contacted Zaxby’s and made introductions to the property owner. Zaxby’s has plans to be operational by year-end 2013. SHOPPES AT LEGACY PARK TUSCALOOSA, AL Retail Strategies played an integral part in negotiating a $16.57 million incentive policy for a $62 million 250,000 square foot shopping center in Tuscaloosa, AL. The new retail shopping center will cover 16.2 acres and bring $37.2 million in sales tax revenue annually, provide 500+ jobs to city, raise $430,000 annually, for city schools, and will bring more than a dozen new to market national retailers to Tuscaloosa.

30 success stories | Retail Strategies EZELL’S FISH CAMP – JASPER, ALABAMA Longtime Brangus Steak House owner Lonnie Baxter announced to his staff last December that he was retiring and would close his restaurant by the end of the summer after 18 years. He turned to Linda Lewis, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce of Walker County, after reading in February that the local chamber had hired Birmingham-based Retail Strategies to market Jasper and Walker County. “Within three weeks of contacting Linda, I had a Letter of Intent in my hands. As part of the grand opening, the chamber’s Lewis acknowledge Charles Branch and Todd Becker of Retail Strategies, which played a key role in brokering the restaurant deal WINN DIXIE – COVINGTON, LOUISIANA Working with our strategic alliance partners, Retail Specialists, we recruited a ground-up, remodeled Winn Dixie to Covington, Louisiana. Construction was completed in February 2010. Also in working with our strategic alliances, we were able to recruit a remodeled Winn Dixie to Inverness Corners in Birmingham, Alabama. It is the first new store opening for Winn Dixie in Alabama in 10 years. T.J MAXX, PETCO, HOBBY LOBBY, & SHOE SHOW, JASPER, ALABAMA Retail Strategies created success in Jasper by executing Jasper’s Strategic Recruiting Plan by working with a developer, property owner, City officials, and the Chamber to put a deal together to redevelop the Jasper Square Shopping Center and bring T.J. Maxx, Petco, Hobby Lobby, & Shoe Carnival to the market. The redevelopment will create approximately 100 jobs and bring in more than $500,000 a year in sales tax for the city.

31 your team | Retail Strategies Retail Strategies | 120 18 th Street South, Suite 201 | Birmingham, AL 35233 | 205.313.3676 | 205.303.3677 | l Executives Client Management & Recruitment Marketing & Research

32 engagement & timeline | Retail Strategies Engagement Research Market Analysis On-Demand Reporting Market and Trade Area Consulting Property Catalog & Retail Recruitment Representation at Retailer Conventions Timeline Day 1: Partnership Begins Day 30-60: In-Market Analysis Performed Day 90: Strategic Plan Complete & Presented Execution & Conference Representation December of Each Year – Research Updated

33 $45 Million $1-$3 Million Local - $1,800,000 Local - $400,000 Local - $120,000 $6-10 Million $3-$6 Million Local - $240,000 A VERAGE ANNUAL LOCAL SALES TAX COLLECTIONS AT 4%

34 Retail Strategies | 120 18 th Street South, Suite 201 | Birmingham, AL 35233 | 205.313.3676 | 205.303.3677 | Questions? Thank you.

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