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Year 10 Retail Business Unit 3 – Lesson 1.

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1 Year 10 Retail Business Unit 3 – Lesson 1

2 Unit 3 The purpose of this unit is for learners to apply their knowledge and understanding of Retail Operations to propose responses to change! Store and department managers will have responsibilities for organising their retail operations. They have to adapt those operations for different seasons and special events and for change in the law. Regardless of the size of the retail business, its retail channels and its locations, a retail business is organised to deal with the routine and non- routine.

3 Unit 3 – Outline There are 4 main topics that are going to be covered for this unit: Know how retail operations are organised Understand interaction between customers and retail activities Understand how retail businesses prepare for changes in the retail environment Be able to propose changes to retail store operations

4 Unit 3 – Controlled Assessment
You have 10 hours to complete the different activities You know the activities in advance You will be completing it on a PC You have the use of the internet You have the use of your class notes Model Assessment (Add hyperlink)

5 Unit 3 – Controlled Assessment
Key Points Task 1 – Analyse the information provided and identify key issues faced by ElAr Sports (5hours) Task 2 – Propose how ElAr Sports should respond to change (5hours)

6 Lesson one: An introduction to retail
Will be able to propose different retail operations Synthesis~ GCSE Grade A Will be able to analyse what retail is Analysis ~ GCSE Grade B Will be able to demonstrate understanding by using examples/cases Application ~ GCSE Grade C Will be able to explain the different types of retail outlets Comprehension ~ GCSE Grade D Will be able to recall the different types of retail outlets Knowledge ~ GCSE Grade E

7 What is Retail?

8 What is Retail? Retail is the sale of goods and services from individuals or businesses to the end-user. Retailing now takes place in many different locations, it can be in a shopping centre, on a high street at a residential locations or online.

9 Retail Operations Retail Operations
This the operating and overseeing all the functions of the store from setting up, deciding what to sell etc. Functions that are included in Retail Operations are: Selling Planning Looking after Money Employing people etc.

10 Homework Due in this lesson next week
You are required to find a company that has a particular type of store: Supermarket Department Store Specialist Stores Warehouse Stores, Outlets Multiple Independent Variety Stores Discount Stores Convenience Stores Confectioner, Tobacconist, Newsagents Franchises Due in this lesson next week

11 How to retail a product List where you think this product will already be retailed Stretch and challenge: Why do these retailers sell this product Where else could this product be sold (must be somewhere new). Give reasons for why you believe the product would see well there.

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