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Retail Customer Stories

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1 Retail Customer Stories
October 2014

This PowerPoint is intended to provide examples of Microsoft Dynamics Retail customers approved for external use and includes: Logos of selected Microsoft Dynamics Retail customers, with speaker notes. Profiles on selected Microsoft Dynamics Retail customers with details on successful implementations and the benefits experienced to date. Each customer profile is a summary of published customer evidence found on or NOTE: This is NOT a list of all Microsoft Dynamics Retail customers. This PowerPoint presentation will be updated on a quarterly basis capturing new published evidence at If you have questions about how to use the Microsoft Dynamics Retail customer story slides, please contact Nathan Warner


4 Supporting omni-channel vision
with a flexible, scalable retail solution Objectives The company wanted to enable multi-billion dollar growth, speed in-store checkout, expand buyer demographics all by finding a way to support continued change effectively. Tactics By implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX R3 Ashley Furniture will connect all aspects of its business providing a solution designed to take their business into the future. Results Expected benefits when live in early include speeding the in-store checkout process, appealing to a new younger demographic, enable ongoing growth as well as a solution built to support future change. View the digital media customer story page: “As we grow from a $4 billion a year company to a $10 billion a year company, Microsoft Dynamics for Retail will be there, helping us open stores at the rate we need while supporting our shift to omni-channel retail—something that no other furniture company is doing today and that will help us differentiate from the competition.“ — Bob White, Executive Vice President and CIO, Ashley Furniture Industries

5 BoConcept with Microsoft Dynamics:
Meeting the customers where the customers are Objectives BoConcept is a high-end Danish designer and manufacturer of sleek modern design furniture. The company’s goal is to “meet the customers where the customers are.” Tactics – AX With approximately 300 stores globally, the company uses Microsoft Dynamics AX for financials and supply chain to manage a lean and agile process from custom furniture order to production to delivery. Tactics – CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps BoConcept maintain customer information including design preferences and past purchases – all accessible by the customer on the Web. View the video customer story: “We actually want to rethink the whole structure of using IT in the stores... We believe that the Microsoft platform for retail will give a good basis for doing that.” – Joan Bjørnholdt Nielsen, Retail Operations Manager and BoConcept Supervisory Board Member

6 Specialty tea company uses retail solution to expand, optimize customer experience Objectives The retailer found success by putting the customer experience first, and has grown to 80+ locations in its second year. They needed a scalable solution to support continued growth. Tactics DAVIDsTEA implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail both for its ability quickly scale and to help optimize its customer experience both in the store and online. Results Benefits include ease of training and the ability to handle multinational considerations like multiple currencies, units of measurement and tax structures. The system was easy to set up for both barcode scanning and non- barcode items like beverages. View the video customer story: “We want to take the customer experience and get to know them a little bit more so we can expand it. Now that we have the IT infrastructure we want to do an even better job servicing the client.” – Howard Tafler, CEO, DAVIDsTEA

7 Streamlining in-flight sales and service
with mobile point-of-sale Objectives Delta Air Lines partnered with Microsoft to stand apart from the competition by developing technology solutions that transform the travel experience for customers. Tactics The new, in-flight experience was designed and developed on the Microsoft Dynamics for Retail mobile point-of- sale platform and runs on Nokia Lumia Windows 8 devices. Results Flight crews can now create a seamless, connected experience for travelers. 38-pound flight bags have been replaced with Surface devices, eliminating the need for paper charts, documents and other reference materials. View the digital media customer story page: “Our innovative use of technology and integration of Microsoft products into our fleet provides the personal service our customers expect.” – Joanne Smith, Senior Vice President In-Flight Service. Delta Air Lines

8 Retailer uses Microsoft to drive
transformational retail and business strategy Objectives Eason’s comprehensive new business strategy is to arrest declining sales, enhance efficiencies and position the company as a leading multi-channel retailer through a new digital strategy. Tactics To reach their goals, Eason needed to replace its outdated IT infrastructure and integrate their business functions and systems across the supply chain from their warehouse, to their stores and their customers, regardless of channel. Results Benefits include company-wide engagement which maximizes efficiencies and performance, a single, integrated solution, ease of use, information that improves decision-making, improved metrics, and enhanced customer experience. Read the customer story: “The driver for implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX was the need for greater system integration and flexibility across our business and the fact that departments within the business were operating on separate systems.” — Gerry Martyn, Head of IT and Customer, Eason

9 Fanatics: Taking growth in stride Objectives Tactics Results
A few years ago, Fanatics had two retail stores and a 130,000-sq.ft. operations facility. Today it has a 550,000-sq.ft facility, an internal call center, and a customization and shipping facility. Tactics Using a Microsoft-centric platform let the company avoid disruption to business operations while it added complexity. The integration and incorporation of new businesses was secondary to satisfying its existing customer base. Results Leveraging Microsoft’s integrated solutions enables Fanatics to connect people, processes, and systems across the company. The company can use the flexibility of the system to tailor it to meet business process needs. Read the customer story: “Leveraging Microsoft’s integrated solutions enables us to connect people, processes, and systems across all aspects of our company. The flexibility within Microsoft Dynamics AX is where we see the most benefit.” — Steve Weiskircher, CIO, Fanatics

10 Retail company drives significant productivity
across the business by choosing Microsoft Dynamics solution Objectives Icebreaker, the global leader in merino wool clothing, was looking for an easy, online solution that could be replicated across the business and made into a global enterprise solution. Tactics Icebreaker chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Results Expected benefits include increased efficiencies from having a single, real-time, up-to-date solution and streamlined subroutines and workflows. Icebreaker was able to leverage its investment in the Microsoft technology stack. View the video customer story: “The key reason that we chose Dynamics CRM Online was that it was online. It meant that we could have a global system, easy to monitor and maintain, that reaches everyone.” — Trevor Delaney, Manager, Global Information Systems, Icebreaker

11 Jack Wolfskin chooses Microsoft Dynamics Objectives Tactics Results
Jack Wolfskin is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe for functional outdoor apparel, footwear and equipment. Due to rapidly increasing international expansion, it was necessary to realign its IT systems. Tactics Jack Wolfskin evaluated several options and selected Microsoft Dynamics AX to support its international expansion. Results Benefits include the ability to uniform and consistent processes and a quality customer experience across all of their 6,000+ stores. Read the customer story: “Our commitment to quality is found not only in our products but in the quality of service at our 6,000+ stores.” — Severin Canisius, Senior Manager IT, Jack Wolfskin

12 Streamlining operations
and delivering a 21st century retail experience Objectives The company sought to reimagine their business and gain an ability to do clienteling on the sales floor with special focus on rewards cards, tailored coupons and points programs. Tactics By implementing Microsoft Dynamics for Retail, Jean Coutu will have a unified solution to support core administrative processes and strong point-of- sale functionality to over 400 stores, POS terminals and devices Results Expected benefits include an enhanced in-store customer experience including mPOS, support of omni-channel retailing bringing the physical and digital worlds together, and flexibility to adapt to changing business and consumer needs of the future. Read the customer story: “We wanted to make a radical shift to get into the 21st century. We see Microsoft Dynamics for Retail as a driver for that change.” — Alain Boudreault, VP and Chief Information Officer, Jean Coutu Group

13 Marston's Pubs get social with Microsoft Social Listening
Objectives Marston’s Pubs wanted to expand its appeal to a wider market. To do that they knew they needed a better understanding of who their customers are and what they want. Tactics With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Social Listening, Marston’s can analyze incredible volumes of social content, allowing them to understand their customers’ preferences and act positively in response. Results Marston’s is now able to listen to customers and adapt, to ensure they deliver the best experience— and beer—in their 1,800 pubs throughout the United Kingdom. Read the customer story: • “Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of our customers and deliver a fantastic experience again and again. With Microsoft, we can do this better than ever before.” — Paul Hume, Development Manager for Emerging Technologies, Marston’s Pubs

14 Supporting rapid growth
and real time inventory Objectives The company looked for a modern and robust retail solution to drive continued growth, provide detailed insight into their stores and warehouses while dramatically reducing training times. Tactics Microsoft Services used proven methodology and best practices in envisioning, architecting, delivering and supporting a solution that will enable Mattress Firm to realize its potential for success. Results The company reduced training time for its employees, increased productivity and efficiency and above all, improved customer service leading to more satisfied customers. View the digital media customer story page: “With our old system it would take anywhere from three weeks to a month to train a new associate, but it really took a year to two years to really master that system if you ever did at all. With this new system we can actually train a new hire in one day.” — Tanya Brandewie, Process Improvement Analyst, Mattress Firm

15 Microsoft Retail Stores
Unique perspective – investment – capability Objectives Microsoft Store sought to create closer connections with customers and let them experience new technology in an immersive experience. Tactics Microsoft Store deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail and integrated it with the corporate financial system, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and specialized applications. Results With advanced management capabilities and extensive resources for reporting and performance management, Microsoft Store can easily scale to support the growth of its retail operation and deliver a compelling customer experience with consistent service excellence. Read the story: “Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail enables us to follow our vision and be a dynamic, valuable retailer that provides customers with a unique and personal experience.” — Terri Jordan, Vice President, Technology for Retail Stores at Microsoft

16 Optic 2000 focuses on strategic vision and growth
with Microsoft Dynamics for Retail Objectives Optic 2000 is a network of opticians in France. It was looking for a centralized business management solution that could be adapted to the needs of independent businesses. Tactics Optic 2000 implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 as a unified solution for its 1,850 stores that can be adapted to individual needs of individual stores, and that is easy to manage and allows IT to optimize quality of services. Results Expected benefits include streamlined retail management, the ability to deliver real value to customers through the advice and support offered during and after the sales process, and ease-of-use for employees. Read the customer story and view the video: “The choice of Microsoft Dynamics for Retail is part of a comprehensive strategic vision for our company, which sees Microsoft as a key partner for stability, trust, and innovation.” — Didier Papaz, CEO, Optic 2000

17 Pandora and Microsoft Dynamics:
Delivering gifts of love and lasting meaning Objectives Pandora is a jewelry manufacturer and retailer with the goal of making luxury jewelry accessible to all women of all income levels. Tactics Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Pandora’s “internal one-stop shop” for information about its accounts. Dynamics CRM is integrated into both Pandora’s ERP system and its Microsoft Azure Retailer portal. Results Pandora’s Consumer Affairs, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales and Visual Merchandizing teams all have access to the system and they can all share information. And franchisees can access the system via the portal. View the digital media customer story page: “Memento really isn’t a big enough word to describe a piece of jewelry that will let someone know that she’s loved forever. Ensuring that future is what we do at Pandora, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps us do it right. It helps us know what our customers want and need.” – Laurie McDonald, Vice President of Sales, Pandora

18 Outdoor apparel leader gains scalability and visibility,
cuts costs with ERP solution Objectives Patagonia, a global provider of outdoor apparel and gear, realized its technology and processes were unable to support the company with the scalability and visibility to realize its market and revenue potential. Strategy Working with Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Sunrise Technologies, the company implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 together with the Sunrise Apparel and Footwear Template. Results Patagonia optimized key business processes, achieved its desired scalability and cut costs associated with growth by two-thirds. Read the customer story: “We can now perform long-term, strategic business planning. At all levels of the organization, people are aware of the operational context and can take action that benefits the company as a whole.” – Rose Marcario, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer, Patagonia

19 Sally Beauty Global gets Microsoft Dynamics makeover Objectives
Sally Beauty Holdings, a specialty retailer of beauty supply products with 12,000 employees in the U.S and Mexico, faced a tangled mess in dealing with international product and service management. Tactics Microsoft Dynamics AX is a key part of Sally Beauty’s international growth strategy. From the merchants that do the ordering to the warehouses that receive and ship products to the store employees – all use Microsoft Dynamics AX. Results Expected benefits include the ability to capitalize on scale and operate a multinational, multicurrency environment with the fewest people. Remote monitoring will enable them to spot system issues before customers are impacted. Read the customer story: “Our CEO was clear: ‘We sell shampoo, so let’s not overcomplicate this.’ Microsoft has delivered the ease of use in Microsoft Dynamics AX for us to follow his advice.” — Chad Ehmke, CIO, Sally Beauty Holdings

20 Simon Pearce delivers exceptional service
with Microsoft Dynamics for Retail Objectives With multiple sales channels including retail stores, a catalog, an online store and a wholesale business with 500 partner resellers, Simon Pierce sought a solution to support future growth. Tactics Simon Pearce implemented Microsoft Dynamics for Retail and Microsoft Dynamics for Retail POS, along with some additional functionality. The solution went live in October 2011, with the complete implementation taking just 6.5 months. Results Benefits include flexibility and ease-of-use, cross-channel order entry and gift card management, visibility into real-time customer order data and across the enterprise and sales channels, the ability to create accurate reports across multiple departments. Read the customer story: “We wanted to have something we could really build upon. We think that is what Microsoft Dynamics for Retail will allow us to do. The solution allows us to move with a fast-paced marketplace.” — Bill Heston, Director of Information, Simon Pearce

21 New ERP solution optimizes retail operations
and saves costs, time and resources Objectives Management realized that it was time to upgrade to Next Gen ERP solution that could consolidate all sales and marketing channels and transactions in an economically viable and efficient way. Tactics SSIPL deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to integrate business functions and manage all sales channels, including stores, e-commerce and m- commerce from the ERP solution. Results The new solution enables quick strategic decision-making at all levels of the company. It saves costs and valuable resources and facilitates efficient management of stores, saving 10 person-days per month. Read the customer story and view the video: “Dynamics AX 2012 integrates and controls all aspects of our business. This helps us identify patterns, and take business decisions to improve sales and profitability.” — Atul Madan, Chief Operating Officer, SSIPL Retail Ltd.

22 Ted Baker underpins rapid international store expansion
with Microsoft Dynamics AX Objectives Founded in 1987 with one store, Ted Baker now one of the fastest-growing leading lifestyle brands distributing across five continents through brick-and-mortar stores, localised e-commerce sites, wholesale and licensing. A key challenge was to find the right technology to underpin the future business. Tactics The company deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX with high level support services to bolster its rapid global store expansion plans and increase competitive advantage in the UK and abroad. Results The new technology will enable them to significantly improve the efficiency of its people and processes by automating and better streamlining operations from stock and warehouse management, to financial and resourcing systems, right through to production. Read the five published articles: Retail Times: The Manufacturer: Retail Technology: Computing: Retail Week: “We have a very clear vision and ambition for our business, and it was important we worked with a vendor that had the right cultural fit as well as powerful technology. Microsoft’s brand aligns very closely with our core principles, and Dynamics AX is a highly robust, reliable ERP system.” — Craig Smith, Brand Communication Director, Ted Baker

23 Microsoft Dynamics 4/14/2017 © 2014 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION. © 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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