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Neighbors from “Welcome to the Monkey House” by Kurt Vonnegut Kate P. Alison K. Michelle F. Arun A.

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1 Neighbors from “Welcome to the Monkey House” by Kurt Vonnegut Kate P. Alison K. Michelle F. Arun A.

2 Theme The deleterious effects of desiring the unattainable

3 Plot Overview A couple’s neighbors go out of town, so the couple watches over the apartment. They develop a strange attachment to the apartment, which includes going through their belongings and even trying on their clothes. In the end, they become locked out of the apartment and realize the life they were dreaming of was not their own.

4 Characterization Husband: confused, vulnerable Has a difficult time finding his own identity. He is easily influenced by others and by what he finds in the apartment. He is curious about different identities-even women’s, as he tries on women’s clothes. His confusion and ability to be manipulated and coerced so easily leaves him especially vulnerable to change.

5 Characterization Wife: more reserved, discreet Doesn’t want other people to know about her dissatisfaction, didn’t even recognize it in herself until she saw her neighbor’s way of life. Both her and her husband are seeking more fulfillment in their lives and enjoyment in their marriage.

6 Symbolism Kitty The cat is the reason they are allowed into the apartment in the first place. The cat is desperate for attention, but often overlooked by the couple. Their one responsibility was to care for the cat and they forgot to feed it, showing their lack of reliability, or even frivolousness. Called “kitty” and not “cat” to show a personal attachment. Photos Emphasize how couple is trying to place themselves in neighbor’s shoes, but will never actually be able to.

7 Symbolism (cont’d) Doorknob Becomes a barrier to bar them from taking on a different life. Locks them out from ever attaining what they want. Also brings the couple closer together as they realize that being locked out means being “stuck” with one another, they begin to appreciate each other and the value of their marriage.

8 Allusion Biblical Allusion to the Ten Commandments “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife” One should not want what is not his, will only lead to his demise. Should not be jealous of another life, because then one is not seeing the good in their own life.

9 Quotes “He considered her shoes, but understood they would not fit” (pg 91). Shows how the life he desired is unattainable and only holds significance to him because it isn’t his. “It would not turn. Her lips were parted, and her breathing was hard, expectant” (pg 93). Shows desperation, they realize they can never have this life and must appreciate what they have.

10 A Long Walk to Forever from “Where I’m Calling From” by Raymond Carver

11 Theme The importance of pursuing true love regardless of perils and obstacles

12 Plot Overview A returning soldier visits his high school sweetheart in an attempt to woo her, despite the fact she is engaged to be married. He convinces her to take a walk with him and eventually convinces her to “choose” him.

13 Characterization Newt He is very reflective of the author, choosing to pursue his true love. He tries to guilt Catherine by saying he is AWOL, and almost forces her onto the walk with him. He is well disciplined, as shown through his manner of speech and his actions towards Catherine by telling her to consider her options, and not forcing her to make a decision and choose him.

14 Characterization (cont’d) Catherine She is a follower, literally in terms of the walk. She is very unsure about her future and what she wants, nonetheless with whom she wants to be with. She is insecure with herself because she choose to settle with a man that she knew was not the person for her.

15 Symbolism War: Newt left an actual war to figuratively fight the “battle of war” for Catherine. Parallels the wars fought. Walking: Establishing a new life, whisking Catherine away from her own life and creating a new path with Newt

16 Symbolism (cont’d) House: The life that Catherine had built with her previous fiance, she left that life for Newt. Napping: Trust and confidence in one another. When Catherine wakes up from her nap, she has a firmer grasp on herself as an individual and has a revelation to choose Newt.

17 Importance of Title Originally supposed to be “Hell to Get Along With”, which is a more playful title, possibly reflecting their playful relationship, although this characteristic was not evident in the story. Symbolic of the couple starting their new life together “forever”

18 Quotes “If he called to her, she would run to him. She would have no choice” (pg 58). Catherine knew she would follow her heart and choose loving him despite how illogical it seemed. “...she realized that what she said was true, that a woman couldn’t hide love” (pg 55). Her words could no longer betray her emotion. She is hopelessly in love with Newt and is finally able to accept it.

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