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R.Sairam Pattnaik Police High School Koraput. My DAYS AMONG THE DEAD ARE PAST.

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1 R.Sairam Pattnaik Police High School Koraput


3 poem My days among the Dead are past; Around me I behold Where're these casual eyes are cast, The mighty minds of old; My never failings friends are they; With whom I converse day by day. With them I take delight in weal And seek relief in woe, And while I understand and feel How much to them I owe. My cheeks have often bedew’d With tears of thoughtful gratitude My thoughts are with the Dead: with them I live in long –past years, Their virtues love, their faults condemn, Partake their hopes and fears; And from, their ;lessons seek and find Instruction with an humble mind. My hopes are with the dead; anon My place with them will be, And I with them shall travel on through all futurity; Yet leaving here a name, I trust That will not perish in the dust. (ROBERT SOUTHEY)


5 My days----------------day by day  In the view of the poet the books are Trustworthy. They are our trusted companions and never failing friend sometime our best friend's turn faithless but books never, they never betray any body when we are in deep darkness of grief, they gibe solace of light and comfort to our body & mind. The writing of great thinker have stood the test of time because of their merit. Those poet philosophers have lift for us the.wealth of their deep through’s the books always stand by our side in weal and woe. When a man is in grief. He runs to has best companion – the book.

6 With them--------------humble mind. It soothes has ailing heart. The poet out of curiosity sing ‘.i converse with my never failing friends day by day. The poet berr ies delight and relief in sorrow. The poet some times speak himself how much owes to the books and at time. His face blushes with shame & heart is filled with gratitude. It is because the joy The judgment the happiness and delight that he gets from books are not repayable. So owes for ever to the books.

7 My hopes are------- in the dust.  Books have come to us from the past the old books have permanent value of wisdom's a scholar most weighty and consider men's progress is possible only when he can benefit from the experiences of the past. So he most put his faith and hope in the teaching of the books. The poet hopes & live with the books in his feature life. He went to share the hopes and the and the poet says. Dust takes away everything but not a good name.


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