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Powerpoint Presentation – Tech Tutorial for LIS 488-02 “Big Bads of the Buffyverse”

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2 Powerpoint Presentation – Tech Tutorial for LIS 488-02 “Big Bads of the Buffyverse”

3 Season One – “The Master”. The Master first appears in "Welcome to the Hellmouth", the first episode of Buffy, as Buffy’s first Big Bad. The Master is the ruler of the Order of Aurelius, a vampire cult which has included the likes of Darla, Luke and The Three, amongst many others.

4 Season Two – “Angelus” Angel, a vampire, is formerly known as Angelus, and was an infamously cruel killer until he was re-ensouled by a Roma Gypsy curse. After decades of guilt over his past atrocities, he allies himself with Buffy and they fall in love. The consumation of their relationship brings him a moment of true happiness, breaking the curse and releasing Angelus upon Sunnydale. Buffy is forced to send him to a hell dimension to save the world.

5 Season Three – “The Mayor”. The founder and mayor of Sunnydale, CA. Made a pact in the 1800s for it to be a place for “demons to feed on” on the promise of Ascension (and to avoid being killed) which he accomplished at the end of Season 3. However, he was immediately killed by Buffy and friends upon his transformation into pure demon form.

6 Season Four - “Adam”. Adam was a creation of Maggie Walsh of “The Initiative”. He was part human, part demon and part robot and was to be the perfect organism, with the adaptability and intelligence of humans and the strength and lack of emotions of demons.

7 Season Five – “Glorificus”. Glorificus (“Glory”) was a goddess from a hell dimension, over which she ruled, with two other goddesses. Glory came to Sunnydale looking for "the Key", a mystical item that would break down the walls between all dimensions, allowing her to return to reign in her own dimension.

8 Season Six – “The Trio / Dark Willow”. The Trio - a gang of nerds scheming to take over Sunnydale through technology and magic; while they began as equal partners in the scheme, Warren soon began to boss around his teammates Andrew Wells and Jonathan Levinson, finally driving Jonathan to betray him. When Willow’s girlfriend Tara was murdered by Trio member Warren Mears, a grief-stricken Willow unleashed dark magicks, and her vengeance reached a climax when she magically skinned Mears alive. Willow absorbed volumes of magic as she pursued the other members of the Trio, turning against her friends in the process. Her attempt to raise an apocolypse was ended by best friend Xander's words of friendship.

9 Season Seven – “The First”. The First Evil is the source and embodiment of all that is evil. Older than demons, even the Old Ones, who are themselves older than humans, it is older than the written word and transcends all realities and dimensions. It is said that the First lurked in the darkness long before the universe was even created and shall remain long after the universe ends. Few have heard of it and even fewer believe in its existence. Much to its dismay, the entity cannot affect the world on a physical level. Its power lies in its ability to deceive, torment and manipulate others. It can take the form of any dead or undead person. The First has been hinted to have telepathic powers and knows everyone's darkest secrets. It uses the knowledge to drive others to madness and such acts as murder and suicide. The First has appeared as an enormous demon with large horns and long, talon-shaped fingers. The First Evil for technical purposes is neither male, female, demon, nor god. It is a power.

10 Our Hero. Although Buffy has had lots of help from “The Scoobies” over the years (Willow, Giles, & Xander) as well as from others (Cordelia, Oz, Tara, Anya, Riley and Spike), the light of day would have never been seen again without Buffy at the helm as the Slayer, the Chosen One.

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