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Change History

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1 Change History

2 Git (software) - Characteristics 1 It is slightly more expensive to examine the change history of a single file than the whole project

3 Digital preservation - Trusted Digital Repository Model 1 In 2004 Henry M. Gladney proposed another approach to digital object preservation that called for the creation of “Trustworthy Digital Objects” (TDOs). TDOs are digital objects that can speak to their own authenticity since they incorporate a record maintaining their use and change history, which allows the future users to verify that the contents of the object are valid.

4 Poul Anderson - Tragic conflicts 1 Then he finds that he must cruelly betray his beloved Goths, since a ballad says that Odin did so; failure to fulfill his prescribed role might change history and bring the whole of the Twentieth Century as we know it crashing down

5 Time machine - Rules of time travel 1 The principle states that the timeline is totally fixed, and any actions taken by a time traveler were part of history all along, so it is impossible for the time traveler to change history in any way

6 DC Universe - Time Stream 1 However that was all changed after the Anti-Monitor tried to change history at the beginning of time during the Crisis on Infinite Earths

7 Grandfather paradox - Restricted action resolution 1 In effect, the traveler cannot change history

8 WebDNA - History 1 Also during this time, development of the language gained contemporary tools, such as [function] and [scope], that lend themselves to Modular programming and Structured programming.[ dna?numero=299 WebDNA Technical Change History]

9 Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision - Plot 1 Miller is imprisoned in the World Penitentiary for trying to change history, and Ryan Chan begins arresting Miller's close Society friends

10 Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision - Plot 1 Miller could then change history with impunity since there wasn't anyone to stop him

11 Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision - Plot 1 The older Miller taunts Ryan by accusing him of hypocritically being willing to change history to suit himself

12 Krupp - Friedrich Alfred's era 1 Fritz Krupp authorized many new products that would do much to change history

13 Fight Club (novel) - Motifs 1 Kennett further argues that Tyler wants to use this chaos to change history so that God's middle children will have some historical significance, whether or not this significance is damnation or redemption.Kennett, pp. 51–52. This will figuratively return their absent fathers, as judgment by future generations will replace judgment by their fathers.

14 Temporal paradox - Novikov self-consistency principle 1 The Novikov self-consistency principle says that anything a time traveler does in the past must have been part of history all along, so although the time traveler can have a causal influence on events in the past, it is impossible for anything the time traveler does to change history

15 Jessica Jones - Young Avengers 1 Jones, Iron Man, Cap and the Young Avengers are attacked by Kang the Conqueror who threatens Iron Lad by telling him that if he does not return to the future to become Kang, it will change history and Jessica finds that she is in her Jewel costume and is not pregnant

16 CDDB - History 1 CDDB was invented by Ti Kan around late 1993 as a local database that was delivered with his popular xmcd music player application. The application's change history first mentions the acronym CDDB in version 1.1 released on February 25, 1994. Users would submit new entries to the database via e-mail to Kan.

17 Naruto Shippuden The Movie: The Lost Tower - Plot 1 Minato decides it's best to have all of everyone's memories erased in order to not to change history

18 Kaled - Novels 1 Having discovered records of Skaro's destruction during their invasion of Earth, and after their attempts to change history failed, the Daleks created an elaborate deception to save Skaro by moving Davros to Antalin and faking the situation to maintain history

19 Kindred (novel) - Trauma and its connection to historical memory (or historical amnesia) 1 For Ashraf Rushdy, Dana’s missing arm is the price she must pay for her attempt to change history.Rushdy, Ashraf

20 Backtracking - Constraint satisfaction 1 In addition to retaining minimal recovery values used in backing up, backtracking implementations commonly keep a variable trail, to record value change history. An efficient implementation will avoid creating a variable trail entry between two successive changes when there is no choice point, as the backtracking will erase all of the changes as a single operation.

21 Age of Apocalypse - X-Men: Alpha 1 Some are to gather the forces needed to change history; while others will continue resisting Apocalypse

22 Kang the Conqueror - Fictional character biography 1 Later he came from the 25th century and after defeating and imprisoning Merlin he attempted to take over King Arthur's Court and change history by attacking the rest of the world

23 Damnatio memoriae - Modern 1 Mandel's portrait was restored when his convictions were overturned on appeal, and while Agnew was also convicted, his portrait was restored after complaints and arguments that no one had the right to change history.

24 Marvel Zombies (series) - Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution 1 The team is successful. History is changed so that the Apes never found Speedball back in the Speedball special, so the zombies never discover either universe. However, Gorilla Girl had to sacrifice herself to change history, so she ceases to exist.

25 Konpeki no Kantai - Point of Divergence 1 His plan for success begins with a coup d'état against the hardline government of Imperial Japanese Army|Army Hideki Tōjō|General Hideki Tōjō in late 1941, on the eve of the Pearl Harbor attack, and installing an ally, Lieutenant General|Lt Gen Yasaburo Otaka as prime minister. Otaka, who has also been transported back in time, agrees to work with Yamamoto to change history and ensure that the Empire of Japan|Japanese Empire emerges victorious against the United States in the Second World War.

26 Solomon Grundy (comics) - Earth-Two version's history 1 At this point, he is pulled back to 1941 by the time-traveling criminal Per Degaton, who has enlisted the aid of several supervillains to capture the Justice Society of America on December 7, 1941 (the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor), hoping to change history enabling him to take over the World though he does not want the heroes involved, and tells Grundy he will be able to destroy Green Lantern

27 Kid Eternity - Notable villains 1 Marko attempts to change history twice but is foiled

28 Vandal Savage - Television 1 After discovering Superman - who had actually been sent to the future rather than killed - in his present, he worked with the Man of Steel to repair a time machine he'd developed, allowing him to send Superman back and change history (Savage himself was unable to use it because the machine couldn't send him back to a point where he already existed, though J'onn and Diana did not have this problem in Savage Time)

29 L. Neil Smith - Writing career 1 *In The Gallatin Divergence (1985), a time-traveling Federalist woman wants to change history but is opposed by the protagonists of The Probability Broach. As these two forces clash, history is once again altered and yet another timeline is created.

30 LiquidPlanner - Features 1 * 'Project Management:' LiquidPlanner’s online project workspaces provide a flexible structure for project/portfolio grouping, drag-and-drop reorganization, custom project and task fields, filtering, project access controls and change history, and unlimited clients, projects, tasks, and events in each workspace.

31 Marvel 2099 - Video games 1 Thee Alchemax CEO is an insane future version of Peter Parker attempting to control the quantum power of the portal to change history

32 Per Degaton - Chronal duplicate 1 These memories stay with the chronal duplicate for the duration of each new attempt to change history he makes, though it is unclear if the older Degaton retains these memories also.

33 Star Trek: First Contact - Plot 1 Picard realizes that the Borg have used time travel to change history, and orders the Enterprise to follow

34 All-Star Squadron - Fictional history 1 Degaton himself used some stolen Japanese planes with hypnotized troopers to launch such an attack on San Francisco, hoping to change history by making the USA fight to a stalemate against Japan, enabling him to take over the world, so the new Squadron's first major mission was to stop the attack and rescue the captured heroes, who also became part of the new group

35 Karachi Stock Exchange - 2008 and 2009 Karachi Stock Exchange Crisis 1 * 'April 20' : Karachi Stock Exchange achieved a major milestone when KSE- 100 Index crossed the psychological level of 15,000 for the first time in its stock exchange history and peaked 15,737.32 on 20 April 2008

36 Ganthet - Ganthet's Tale 1 Jordan is asked to help Ganthet battle a renegade Guardian, Dawlakispokpok (or Dawly, for short) who is trying to use a Time travel|time machine to change history

37 Superwoman - Pre-Crisis version 1 They helped him change history and conquer Earth-2 by stealing nuclear missiles from the Cuban Missile crisis of Earth-Prime, and when the Syndicate betray him they are sent to 1982 of Earth- 1, as he had made sure this would happen when they touched him

38 Johnny Quick - Crime Syndicate of America 1 Once they were released by time-travelling villain Per Degaton to help him change history and take over Earth-2, though they tried to overthrow him

39 Professor Zoom - Flashpoint 1 He pulled the entire Speed Force into him to stop Zoom, transforming history, but his amateur attempt to change history shattered it, destroying and twisting the lives of his allies

40 Thomas Wayne - Flashpoint 1 Willing to change history and ready to sacrifice his life to restore his son's, Thomas helps Barry build a device to recreate the accident that gave Barry his speed.Flashpoint #2 (June 2011)

41 The Time Tunnel - 2002 remake 1 Doug knows this, but cannot tell him and save his life because it would change history

42 Optimus Prime - Animated series 1 The beast Megatron, following the original Megatron's instructions in a desperate gambit, attempted to change history by killing Optimus Prime, who was still lying in the Ark in stasis lock

43 Mario's Time Machine - Gameplay 1 Because these actions will eventually Temporal paradox|change history permanently, the player character Mario takes control of the Timulator to return the artifacts to their proper areas in time

44 Minor characters from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Lallafa 1 For example, when Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect landed on primitive Earth, they decided that nothing they could do would change history

45 Queen of Hearts (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) - Once Upon a Time 1 Cora tells the Red Queen that she uses magic to get what she wants and tells her about the restrictions of magic like not being able to bring back the dead, being unable to make someone love you, or go back in time to change history

46 Storm in other media - Film 1 In Days of Future Past, set many years later, Wolverine's mind is sent into the past in order to change history and stop the war between human and mutants before it begins

47 London Stock Exchange Group - History 1 The London Stock Exchange was founded in Sweeting's Alley in London in 1801.[ m/about-the-exchange/company- overview/our-history/our-history.htm London Stock Exchange History] It moved to Capel Court the following year.

48 Cultural depictions of Elvis Presley - Legacy 1 * In Robert Rankin's Armageddon trilogy, a race of aliens who watch Earth history as a television program attempt to change history to avert a nuclear war by preventing Elvis from joining the army, the reasoning being that, without Elvis joining the army, an entire generation will not enlist, and thus wars such as Vietnam will be averted

49 Titanium Ranger - Prince Olympius 1 Despite his decreased power, Olympius still managed to cause trouble for the Rangers. In one battle, he actually destroyed the Rangers by using a device that allowed him to use the Rescue Bird against them. Unfortunately for him, Carter's experimental Mobile Armor Vehicle malfunctioned, sending the Red Ranger back in time. Realizing what had happened, Carter was able to change history and prevent Olympius from pulling the trigger on the other Lightspeed Rangers.

50 Vok - Characters from the original series in the 80s 1 Optimus would be seen in the Agenda pt 3 and Optimal Situation as the sole reason that the Predacon Megatron had come to Earth, as part of a plan by the original Megatron to change history

51 Vok - Characters from the original series in the 80s 1 Before the conflict started, a Predacon named Megatron (taking his name from the Covenant of Primus as well as the original character) discovered a message from his namesake on the Golden Disk, detailing how to use transwarp technology to go back in time and change history

52 Ravage (Transformers) - Binaltech 1 Easily overcoming the failsafes that the staffers had placed on his weapons systems, Ravage killed his benefactors, and, realizing that his involvement in the Beast Wars had failed to change history, set out to alter the timestream a different way.

53 Megatron (Transformers) - Fun Publications 1 With a little help from Laserbeak and Buzzsaw (secretly sent by Divebomb to ensure Megatron's plan to change history succeeded) they destroyed one of their pursuers, and the newly christened Dark Side (Transformers)|Darkside fled into Transwarp space, with the Axalon in pursuit - thus beginning the Beast Wars

54 Inchon (film) - Promotion 1 It is common for Generals and those with the opportunity to change history to receive guidance through revelation

55 Scorponok - Fun Publications 1 With a little help from Laserbeak and Buzzsaw (secretly sent by Divebomb to ensure Megatron's plan to change history succeeded) they destroyed one of their pursuers, and the newly christened Darksyde fled into transwarp space, with the Axalon in pursuit - thus beginning the Beast Wars.

56 Go Fish (film) - The issues 1 It's by keeping that in mind and understanding the power of history that we (presumably meaning lesbians) will want to start to change history.

57 Roquebrune-Cap-Martin 1 'Roquebrune-Cap-Martin' (Ròcabruna Caup Martin in Occitan language|Occitan, Roccabruna-Capo Martino in Italian) is a Communes of France|commune in the Alpes- Maritimes Departments of France|department in southeastern France between Monaco and Menton. The name was changed from Roquebrune to differentiate the town from Roquebrune-sur-Argens in the neighboring Var Department.See name change history in article on the town in the French-language Wikipedia

58 Odyssey 5 - Plot 1 The last member, pessimistic scientist Kurt Mendel, doubts they can change history at all and wants to live his life as much as he can before the end

59 Mahmoud Darwish - Quotations 1 I thought poetry could change everything, could change history and could humanize, and I think that the illusion is very necessary to push poets to be involved and to believe, but now I think that poetry changes only the poet.[ 5 Nathalie Handal, Mahmoud Darwish: Palestine's Poet of Exile]

60 George Rudé - Influence 1 Rudé did this by showing the common people in the revolutions and protests as key players who actively sought to change history

61 The City on the Edge of Forever - Controversy 1 In the original screenplay, Kirk and Spock do not know how Keeler's survival will change history.

62 Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus - Plot summary 1 They use their machinery to send Diko, Hunahpu, and a Turkish researcher named Kemal, back in time in order to change history

63 Mortal Kombat (2011) - Story 1 In an attempt to change history, Raiden accidentally kills Liu Kang

64 Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo - Production 1 Then whatever she did would affect the future, in this case give Doofenshmirtz the upper hand and effectively change history

65 Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - Writing 1 The genesis of the novel was in two Doctor Who serials written by Adams, City of Death, (in which an alien tries to change history at the cost of erasing humanity from existence), and in particular the cancelled serial Shada, which first introduces a Cambridge professor called Chronotis who is hundreds of years old

66 Battle of Tarutino - The battle 1 The battle of Tarutino is depicted in Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace. Tolstoy, who frequently argued throughout the novel that an individual cannot change history or manage historical processes, described the battle as nothing but a chain of accidents and coincidences.

67 Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils - Plot summary 1 Though Colonel Fawcett himself still remains missing, his rediscovered work tells a story that could drastically change history and challenge several firmly held scientific beliefs

68 H'El on Earth - Krypton Returns 1 After the events of H'El on Earth, H'El has been sent to the time period of Krypton's destruction and plans to change history, so Superman and his allies travel to the past in order to stop him. Krypton Returns will also link into Lobdell's run in Teen Titans (comics)|Teen Titans and Superman #23.3, which featured H'El in the Forever Evil event.

69 List of Flashpoint (comics) characters - Other characters 1 Atrocitus tells the Flashpoint prophecy is a moment when the entire history will be changed, and Flash will then change history by using his power to reset the universe to what he believes it should be

70 List of Flashpoint (comics) characters - Other characters 1 Having learned that the Flashpoint is a moment when all of history will be changed, Sinestro travels to Earth to confront Abin Sur, determined to find the Flash who will change history and use his power to reset the universe to what he believes it should be

71 Zipang (manga) - Plot 1 However, they agree that their top priority is to return home, and to ensure that they have a home to which to return they decide to do nothing that will change history.

72 Zipang (manga) - Characters 1 When Mirai was confirmed to be mysteriously brought into the past, Umezu proposes the crew not to get involved with events during the 2nd World War so as not to change history

73 Merlin (Marvel Comics) - Fictional character biography 1 When Kang the Conqueror|Kang traveled back to the days of Camelot, Merlin was defeated and imprisoned by Kang, who planned to change history. Merlin defeated Kang, however, with the aid of time travelers the Human Torch and the Thing (comics)|Thing who the Watcher had transported back in time.Strange Tales Vol. 1 #134

74 List of books about Jesus - Controversial books on Jesus Christ 1 *Simcha Jacobovici|Jacobovici, Simcha and Charles R. Pellegrino|Pellegrino, Charles (Foreword by James Cameron). The Jesus Family Tomb: The Discovery, the Investigation, and the Evidence That Could Change History (HarperOne; 2007).

75 Latrine behavior - Use in research 1 They provide various information: plant habitats, historical information about prehistoric life and climate, etc.[ old-animal-toilet-offers-clues-climate- change-history-1091384 50,000 Year Old Animal Toilet Offers Clues To Climate Change History], International Business Times, February 19, 2013

76 For More Information, Visit: e-change-history-toolkit.html e-change-history-toolkit.html The Art of Service

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