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1984 Discussion Questions.

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1 1984 Discussion Questions

2 Section 2, Chapter 6 In many respects, O’Brien is the most important character in the novel, although at this point Orwell has not characterized him with the same depth as either Winston or Julia. On what pretense does O’Brien approach Winston? What inferences suggest that O’Brien might be less than honest? What concrete evidence does Winston have that a Brotherhood does exist?

3 Section 2, Chapter 6 What is foreshadowed by the chilling sensation Winston feels as he talks with O’Brien? Besides fear, what other emotions might have provoked these sensations?

4 Section 2, Chapter 7 Orwell interweaves the themes of betrayal and hope in this critical chapter. Discuss how Winston has arrived at his conclusion that the hope for the future lies in the proles. What has Winston learned about universal human emotions from his dreams? What belief dominates Winston and Julia’s belief that they will not betray one another?

5 Section 2, Chapter 7 Discuss the additional insights into his mother’s feelings for her family that Winston gains from his latest dreams of her disappearance.

6 Section 2, Chapter 8 How Winston so easily accepts O’Brien as a political conspirator is a problem for readers who accept his intelligence and intuitiveness. Analyze the reasons for Winston’s willingness to believe in O’Brien. What details imply that O’Brien is not what he seems?

7 Section 2, Chapter 8 Discuss the implications of the recurring phrase “place where there is no darkness,” versus O’Brien’s statement that Winston will “always be in the dark.”

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