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A New Era: The Reign of the Titans After defeating his father, Cronus was imbued with his power and became the new Supreme Ruler of the Universe. Rhea,

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2 A New Era: The Reign of the Titans After defeating his father, Cronus was imbued with his power and became the new Supreme Ruler of the Universe. Rhea, his sister-wife, became Queen of the Titans and Goddess of the Earth… A new age was born…

3 History Repeats Upon Uranus’ defeat, Gaea was elated but her happiness was very brief. Cronus did not free his brothers from bondage as promised. No different from his father, he kept them cold and helpless—still imprisoned in the bowels of Mother Earth.

4 A Mother’s Plea Ignored For it is said that power is the right hand of corruption. And if power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely! Great Mother Earth, deeply hurt and dismayed, waited and conspired.

5 So Much Like My Father? Cronus had indeed defeated his father, but something his father said still haunted him. Before the Cronus struck his father down with the adamant scythe, Uranus uttered a prophecy. “Oh, vain and deceitful child… just as you have betrayed me so to will your vile seed betray you!”

6 Festering Thoughts Cronus did not know if his father’s curse was truth, but it festered in his mind. Unimaginable power seeped through his godly body and seemed to take control of his very thoughts. He would take no chances and would let nothing threaten his dominion.

7 Cronus & rhea Cronus (Saturn) King of the Titans Father of the Olympian Gods Titles & Epithets Rhea (Cybele) Queen of the Titans Mother of the Olympian Gods Ruler of Heaven, Earth, Time, & the Harvest Governances & Offices Goddess of the Earth, Harvest, & Fertility Scythe, Wings, Hourglass, Serpent Drawn Chariot Sacred Symbols Polos (Turret Crown) Tambourine, Lion Chariot Crow & Winged Serpents Sheaves of Wheat Sacred Animals & Plants + Lions & Bull Oak & Oak Trees, Acorn Violets & Evergreen Fir


9 A Mother’s Gift Rhea was not the happiest of wives, but she respected her supreme consort and was ready to give birth to her first child. Oh, how she yearned to hold such an innocent and needy thing within her divine hands. She dreamed of the day she would finally have the gift of child. And so the miracle happened.

10 A Grievous Crime As she held her sweet, subtle baby girl, felt the warmth of her youngling’s fragile body—Cronus yanked the child away. He gazed into the babe’s delicate eyes and, in one fell, emotionless gulp, swallowed her whole!

11 Innocence Bereft A shrieking cry of immeasurable agony burst across space and time. Wounded. Violated. Grieving. Rhea dared not lash out against her consort. Hopeless and helpless, she dared not act. And as the years sauntered by Cronus had deviously swallowed five of his innocent children. Rhea could bear it no longer.

12 Plotting During her sixth pregnancy Rhea was determined to save her last child and turned to her old mother for help. Gaea would cunningly instruct her daughter. Cronus had since grown lazy in his pursuit to swallow his offspring. He would no longer immediately snatch Rhea’s children from her immediately at delivery. Not quite sure whether this was pity or sloth, Rhea knew it hurt more once she had spent a little time with her child even if it was just for minutes. These precious minutes, Gaea realized, were her beloved daughter’s only chance to save her last child.

13 The Trick She instructed her daughter to wrap a boulder that was equal to the size of her child in a thick blanket. The hope was Cronus, in all his divine foolhardiness, would not be able to tell the difference between child and rock. The clever ploy worked. The babe was spared.

14 Saved by the Nymphs Alas the greater challenge was still ahead. Rhea realized she could not deceive Cronus forever. She had to send her only child away so he could live. Gaea found a perfect place for her grandson. They sent the golden child to live with nymphs on the Isle of Crete.

15 The Curetes Cronus was both omnipotent and omniscient but his pride surpassed his divinity. He could not fathom such a conspiracy against him. And took no notice of the child. The divine babe had a godly voice and when he cried mountains tremored. The Curetes, a group of Rhea’s nine armored attendants, were implored to incessantly clang their swords against their shields to match and drown out the infants cries.

16 Raised by the Nymphs Two lovely Ash-nymphs, lesser divine beings, comforted the godly child. They raised him in a cozy cave. They fed him ambrosia, a sweet substance that was the sustenance of gods. He drank the sweet milky nectar from the horn of the sacred goat Amalthea. Countless years passed and the children of the Titans grew numerous. Nymphs populated the known world. The human race began to spread out. Cronus still ruled supreme.


18 The Mighty Zeus Cronus and Rhea’s sixth child was raised out of view but grew to be an enrapturing sight. He was young and golden—kissed by the sun. He was tall and muscular with a penchant for playful banter. The nymphs and Oceanids were drawn to him. Zeus was strong and virile with amazing abilities. He could change his shape and transform into any animal he could think of. He used his inhuman skills to explore the earthly terrain of the unknown world.

19 Metis: His Titaness Cousin Metis was the daughter of Cronus’ brother and sister—Oceanus and Tethys. And was therefore Zeus’ first cousin. She often visited Zeus and they would spend hours exploring the world around them. Metis became Zeus’ confidante and he revealed to her his deepest dreams. All these years Mother Earth whispered into his sleeping eyes and filled his head with fantastic stories.

20 Gaea’s Revelation Over the years as Zeus slept in his cave in the mountains of Crete, Mother Earth whispered into his ears and told him the unbelievable story of his birth and the tragic fate of his siblings. He had two brothers and three sisters. Gaea, from within her dark recesses, had been growing a potent plant. This herb was the only thing that could weaken Cronus. If he swallowed it he would throw up his forsaken children who, because they were gods, were still alive within Cronus’ very being.

21 A Son’s Legacy Both Gaea and Rhea informed Zeus it was time to fulfill his destiny. Like Cronus rose up against his father, Uranus, before him, Zeus would have to confront his sire too. Gaea provided the potent herb, Rhea created the emetic potion; and Metis helped him mix it with Cronus’ honeyed drink.

22 Born Again Zeus pretended at being Cronus’ new cup-bearer and served him the deceptive concoction. Seconds after consuming the brew Cronus realized the ploy, but it was too late. He vomited the Omphalos stone and one by one his long forgotten children. They spurt out of his mouth with the speed of a horse- drawn chariot. The wide-eyed Hera, the earthly Demeter, the moody Poseidon, the shadowy Hades, and the veiled Hestia. Five of his siblings in total—all fully grown and capable. With his newly born children ready for Vengeance, Cronus, in his weakened state, withdrew into the darkness of abode. The six siblings would make a pact to overthrow their father and take on his dominion over the Heavens and Earth! But that is another story…

23 The First of the Olympians The Children of Cronus & Rhea Zeus (Jupiter)Hera (Juno) Poseidon (Neptune)Demeter (Ceres) Hades (Pluto)Hestia (Vesta)

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