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Sponsored by Liberty’s Awesome ASB ASB Collection Dates: December 9 through December 20, 2013.

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1 Sponsored by Liberty’s Awesome ASB ASB Collection Dates: December 9 through December 20, 2013

2 Why Donate? All proceeds benefit the Issaquah Food Bank Many people are in need Many families need help After thanksgiving the food bank needs to be restocked

3 The Challenge Although we have all been talking about the challenge and who will win and who will lose, in the end, the “other person” and I agree, let’s donate as much as possible to help out as many people as possible!!

4 The Challenge On the other hand: Mr. Hall looks really great in a bunny suit!! So, if we win, then Mr. Hall will wear the bunny outfit Let’s add a bunny hat to his prized outfit this year!!

5 The Challenge Mr. Hall is honestly NOT a very nice guy. I purchase brand new clean clothes and what does he demand if I lose? I have to wear a USED football helmet and USED football shoulder pads…WHAT? NEVER!! A student of Kruzich would never put up with a loss… We are Number One!! “Keep in mind, if I have to wear this in class, then you have to smell it the entire time!!”

6 Follow the Rules!! 1. Stealing from other classrooms = Auto Disqualify!! 2. Extra Credit can only be offered by teachers and ASB cannot publicize it. 3. Items that are expired will not be counted. 4. Top three teachers with the most points win prizes. 5. The ultimate winner will receive “The Golden Can” (currently located in Mrs. Kruzich’s classroom).

7 The Incentive Plan Yes, you will get extra credit (EC) Every 2 cans gives you 1 point EC There is a 20 point max*, ** First 10 EC points go into your tests! Next, EC points will go into HW Finally, EC will go towards your final exam So bring in 40 cans…to start If you don’t need EC in HW, then your EC will be dispersed to tests and the final!! *max will be raised if needed to avoid Kruzich wearing smelly football gear…YUCK!! **There’s more EC for excellence!!

8 Excellence More Ways to Earn EC If we… …beat the Kruzich record of 3200 cans, then everyone gets another 5 point pass. …beat the school record, 8000, then another 5 point pass. BEAT Mr. Hall, another 10 points in passes!! There won’t be many EC opportunities during second semester, so you may save passes for Sem 2!

9 The High Need Items The food bank is currently in need of the following items… Canned Chicken Canned Tuna Canned Salmon Peanut Butter & Jelly Canned Corn Baby Formula Milk So cute!!

10 The ASB Counting Process 0.5 Point Each Top Ramen Small Cans Sauce Packages/Spices Popcorn Jell-O Bottled Water 2 Points Each Large Cereal Boxes Large Cans Pasta/Boxed Meals Individual Serving Items in Large Packages Granola Fruit Snacks Energy Bars, etc… 3 Points Super Large Cans

11 Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank Places like the food bank can also use help. If you are in need of earning community service hours, then consider donating your time. Or just donate your time for fun!! Visit their website for lots more information at

12 Let’s show everyone how we can do it all at Liberty!! Academics Sports Community Be part of the celebration and donate to the canned food drive! (Ends 1 st period on Dec 20 th. Cans donated after won’t be counted towards competition.)

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