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Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom for use in Scotland.

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1 Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom for use in Scotland


3 Crest Wreath MantlingHelmet Supporters Shield of the arms Compartment Motto

4 Crest Wreath Mantle Helmet Supporters Shield of the arms Compartment Motto design Motto Shield elements (or torse) a rope with 6 parts, using the 2 first colors (or mantling) Rarely is the type of helmet identified, such as a peer’s helm The shape changed through the centuries at the discretion of the heralds and artist The placement, banner, and typestyle are at the artist’s discretion What appears above the helmet Usually 2 animals, birds, or persons appearing on either side of the shield What appears on the shield, their placement, and their colors (only the words) the placement, banner, and typestyle at the artist’s discretion

5 Include the following information on your Coat of Arms 1.A symbol/picture to represent an important place. 2.A symbol/picture to represent a hobby/activity 3.An animal that represents you 4.Any other symbol or picture that represents you. 5.Include your personal Motto (words or a phrase that represents you) Your Coat of Arms should be based on your own personal hobbies, personality, character and family. Use the worksheet provide or research additional information to determine what colors, animals and symbols best represent you.

6 Animals Bear - Protectiveness Bee - Industriousness Camel - Perseverance Dog - Loyalty Dragon - Defender of Treasure Eagle - Leadership & Decisiveness Falcon or Hawk - Eagerness Fox - Cleverness Griffin (part eagle, part lion) - Bravery Horse - Readiness to Serve Lion - Courage Pelican - Generosity & Devotion Raven - Constancy Snake - Ambition Elk or Deer - Peace & Harmony Tiger - Fierceness & Valor Unicorn - Extreme courage Wolf - Constant Vigilance Symbols Axe - Dutiful Crescent - Enlightenment Crosses - Christian sentiments Crown - Authority Fire - Enthusiasm Flaming Heart - Passion Hand - Faith & Justice Heart - Sincerity Horns & Antlers - Fortitude Lightning - Decisiveness Moon - Serenity Oyster Shell - Traveler Ring - Fidelity Scepter - Justice Star - Nobility Sun - Glory Sword - Warlike Castle - Protectiveness Colors Yellow or Gold - Generosity White / Silver - Peace & Sincerity Black - Constancy & Grief Blue - Loyalty & Truthfulness Red - Military Fortitude Green - Hope, Joy & Loyalty Purple - Sovereignty & Justice

7 Complete the following questions about your Personal Coat of Arms 1.What are some of the important places you choose and why are they important 2.What are your favorite hobbies/activities? What symbols represent these activities? 3.What animal did you choose to represent yourself? Why? 4.What other things are important to you that you decided to represent in your Coat of Arms? 5.What colors best represented you? Why? 6.What were some other ideas you had for a personal motto?

8 I will pass out various Coat of Arms 3 times Write a paragraph about each Coat of Arms and what you can learn about that person from the colors, symbols and animals they used. Guess who? Lets see if you can determine as a class who created some of the Coat of Arms. (Hint: you can use your worksheet with symbol and color meanings to help decode who it might belong to.)

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