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By Clemente ACHILLES The Mightiest of the Acheans.

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2 By Clemente ACHILLES The Mightiest of the Acheans


4 Achilles’ Infancy Parents- Mortal mother Thetis and the Nereid father Peleus Achilles is dipped into the river Styx A seer warned Thetis that Achilles would die in Troy Here Thetis dips Achilles into the river Styx. Her servants seem to be anxious and one servant is even holding Thetis for safety. As you can see, Thetis holds Achilles by the ankle, which is why that was the only part of Achilles that was not immortal.

5 Thetis sends Achilles to Lycomedes Odysseus arrives to get Achilles Odysseus tricks Achilles Achilles being discovered by Odysseus is depicted in this painting. On the right side the many maidens admire the fine jewelry. Slightly off to the left side of the women is Achilles. He is trying on a helmet, and it seems he is holding something, probably a dagger or sword of some sort. It looks like he is turning around to answer the person to the left. Even though you can not see the addresser’s front it is probably Odysseus. The expression on the face of the person all the way to the left looks like he is trying to stop Odysseus.

6 Trojan War Achilles was a stand out warrior. However, guided by Apollo, Paris killed Achilles by shooting him in the ankle. In this picture, Paris shoots an arrow into Achilles’ right ankle. Judging by the fact that Paris’ hand is just behind the bow, he has shot Achilles just a moment before. The people around Achilles seem surprised and scared. Even Achilles seems shocked that he has been slain. Even though we know Apollo was the one that helped Paris, in this painting, Aphrodite is shown guiding the arrow with her finger

7 Hades And so Achilles died a honorable death After the war, during Odysseus’ long trek home, Odysseus stops off in Hades to get advice from the deceased seer, Tiresias. There, he also talks with Achilles. First, Achilles compliments Odysseus for his bravery, and Odysseus mentions how great it must be to be lord over all dead, and Achilles responds:

8 Hades “Don’t try to sell me out on death, Odysseus. I’d rather be a hired hand back up on earth, slaving away for some poor dirt farmer, than lord over all of these withered dead.” Odyssey, translated by Stanley Lombardo, book 11, page 172, lines 510-514 Apparently, Achilles regretted dying an honorable death.

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