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SHE Training Series, Atul Limited1 AN INTRODUCTION TO Zero Injury Program.

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2 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited1 AN INTRODUCTION TO Zero Injury Program

3 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited2 Safe Behavior Is safe behavior an occupational necessity? Can safe behavior be a philosophy of life? Is safety only at work place? Don’t I want my son to drive safely & reach home every day? Safe Behavior = Safety Assurance

4 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited3 Principles of BBS Behavior is the cause of accidents Consequence motivate behavior What gets measured, gets done Feedback is essential to improvement Quality is built early in the process Conversations change organizations

5 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited4 BBS vs. Zero Injury Zero Injury is the GOAL BBS is the path to reach the GOAL

6 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited5 Fundamental Belief of Zero Injury I believe that all injuries are avoidable and can be prevented If you do not believe, you cannot implement zero injury program

7 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited6 DuPont Research found that... 30,000 Hazards (Unsafe Acts & Conditions) 3,000 Near Miss / First Aid 300 Non LTAs 30 LTAs 1 Fatal Eliminate Avoid

8 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited7 Fundamental Belief... I believe that all injuries are avoidable and can be prevented Is it possible to avoid injuries totally? YES !

9 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited8 How to Implement BBS ? 7 Steps Process 1. Identify Unsafe Acts. Make a list of safe acts 2. Audit Unsafe Acts & Conditions. Report 3. Measure no. of safe / unsafe acts. 4. Set Improvement Goals. Identify actions to achieve the goals. Implement Actions

10 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited9 How to Implement BBS ? 7 Steps Process 5. Monitor actions implementation & trends of Unsafe Acts & conditions 6. Continually improve performance 7. Recognize safe performers

11 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited10 1. Audit & Identify Unsafe Acts & Conditions What do we do in Zero Injury... 2. Rectify & report the same 3. Monitor the elimination of the identified acts & conditions. 4. Monitor the number of unsafe acts & conditions. Is it decreasing or same?

12 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited11 1. Fix a time of the day when you are free from high pressure activity. After lunch? How to audit unsafe acts, conditions? 2. Go to one specific location of your plant where activity is going on. 3. Observe the activity and the location for 10 min. 4. Note down what unsafe acts were done? What unsafe conditions existed?

13 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited12 5. Write your observations in the prescribed format How to audit unsafe acts, conditions? 6. Stop Unsafe acts immediately. Prescribe safe way 7. Immediately correct the unsafe condition. Some corrections could be temporary. Make it permanent 8. Monitor reasons for recurrence of unsafe acts & conditions

14 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited13 Any knowledgeable person. At least team members of your Zero Injury team. Why? Who does the audit? Greater employee participation is critical for Zero Injury culture

15 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited14 Identify the unsafe acts & unsafe conditions in the card room An Exercise...

16 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited15 1. Non Use of helmet while driving 2 wheeler Examples of Unsafe Acts 2. Non use of PPEs 3. Not holding rails while climbing 4. Ladder not tied securely 5. Unauthorized use of equipment 6. Use of defective tools, wrong use

17 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited16 7. After RM charging, no arranging drums Examples of Unsafe Acts 8. Bypassing safety devices. Short cuts. 9. Riding hazardous equipment 10. Stand at wrong place 11. Unauthorized use of equipment 12. Failure to signal while driving

18 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited17 1. Absence of guards around moving eqpt. Examples of Unsafe Conditions 2. Fire & explosion hazards 3. Poor ventilation 4. High noise. Low lighting 5. Absence of sign boards 6. Slippery floor. Missing step in stairs.

19 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited18 1. Rigorous Self Audits in plants 4 Pillars of Atul’s Zero Injury 2. Use of PPEs 3. Hazard identification through Engineering Work Request 4. Training to all on accident prevention

20 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited19 Do you receive my monthly report? Your Feedback... Can you tell me what is the total LTA so far? What are critical areas for improvement I have mentioned?

21 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited20 How is Zero Injury progressing in your plant? Your Difficulties... What are the issues being faced by you?

22 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited21 When you go back to your plant, what will you do specifically for Zero Injury Program? Your Commitment...

23 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited22 We wish all of you attain Zero Injury both at plants and at home Wishing you all...

24 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited23 Let us recall what we learnt last 2 days SHE Training Summary

25 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited24 1.Atul’s Core Values on SHE SHE is a line function Profit, Production, Quality & SHE are equals SHE Training Summary 2. Atul’s SHE Policies 3. MSDS & its application

26 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited25 4. Legal obligations & your role SHE Training Summary 5. Emergency preparedness 6. Workplace hazard assessment & control

27 SHE Training Series, Atul Limited26 7. Behavior Based Safety “at risk” behavior = Accidents Safe behavior = Safety Assurance SHE Training Summary 9. Techniques for SHE Improvements 8. Zero Injury Program

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