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Chris McHugh Randy Fulcher

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1 Chris McHugh Randy Fulcher
ODU FSAE Car Ashley Wyatt Xavier Thompson Matt Galles Bobby Costen Chris McHugh Randy Fulcher

2 2013-2014 vs. 2014-2015 Car Performed well but: Cornering Suspension
Intake Manifold Oversized Resolutions: Suspension redesign Intake relocated Frame reductions Braking Stability

3 Frame 95th percentile 10” diameter impact Safety factor above helmet
Imaginary line from mid hoop to main hoop

4 Main Hoop Mid Hoop Front Hoop


6 Frame

7 Vent hood Fabricate Sheet Metal Plastic Ductwork 1 Phase Motor

8 2013-2014 vs. 2014-2015 Suspension Pull Rod Poor cornering
Limited adjustability Push rod Adjustability Improved Handling

9 Incorporates Caster and KPI
Front Suspension Lightweight Uprights Improved Roll Centers Incorporates Caster and KPI Improved Camber Gain

10 Camber Change Calculator


12 Camber Vs. Steering Input Calculator
Excel Calculator Developed to Output Camber Angle for Varying Caster, KPI, and Steering inputs

13 Redesigned Lightweight Uprights
Lengthened to Improve Roll Centers Overall Weight Reduced Constructed from 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

14 Coil Over Redesign Proper shocks can correct handling problems
Stiffer shocks heat up tires faster 1 to 1 rocker ratio


16 Rear Suspension Change from Pull-Rod to Push-Rod System
Suspension articulation will be increased Redesigned A-arms to eliminate bending moments

17 Rear Upright Design Weight Reduction Adjustability
Room for Brake Caliber Attachment Adjustable Toe- In /Out

18 Ackermann Steering Geometry

19 Ackermann Steering Geometry

20 Rack-and-Pinion Steering

21 Wheels Carbon Fiber Wheels Over budget Aluminum Magnesium

22 Braking Force per Individual Brake
60% in the Front, 40% in the Rear

23 Brake Selection Moved to 2+2 Braking System
Will utilize same calipers, master brake cylinders Different size Rotors for braking distribution Modifications to rear and front uprights in process Splined Rear Wheel Hub Splined Rotor Mount Brake Caliper Bracket

24 Selection Criteria Based on
Car & Driver mass of 310 kg (Last years car + 90kg driver) 3 second stop time from 50 mph ( m/s)

25 Braking Components 1-3/4” Splined Rotor Mount Wilwood GP2000 Single


27 Budgeted Hours

28 Budget $15,000 $ - $14,917 $ 82.72 Front Upright Material $14,787
Funds Cost Part $15,000 $ $14,917 $ Front Upright Material $14,787 $ Rear Upright Material $14,772 $ Rear A-Arm Ends Material $14,022 $ 1,500.00 Shocks $13,694 $ Rack and Pinion $13,622 $ Stiletto Boots with Wires $13,598 $ Stiletto Splined Coupler $13,499 $ Wilwood GP200 Caliper $13,439 $ Wilwood C-M Brake Pads

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