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1 Wednesday

2 Homework turn in …and pick up a sheet by the door (47-48 analyzing data). Do this individually for bellwork

3 CONGRATS! Top 15 Science Fair Spots
Bethleah Schaffer Reillie Smith Kayra Foley Sam Winters Jada Schumann Alex Cyr Alexis Gendron Jacob Kendall Emily Garrett Josh Sutton Saylor Ford Neida Del Real Silas Kelley Emma Steverson Ethan Krafft

4 Objective Students will be able to determine the difference between speed and velocity as evidenced by accurate portrayal in Venn diagram

5 Questions about test tomorrow?

6 B. She could have a second rider try Helmet A.
10. Tina is conducting an investigation on bicycle helmet aerodynamics. She is trying to find out what kind of helmet causes the least amount of air resistance. She tested three different helmets, using the same rider each time, and recorded the time it took for the rider to complete one circuit on a track. How could Tina get more reliable data for this experiment? A. She could have the rider wear only one helmet rather than three different helmets. B. She could have a second rider try Helmet A. C. She could include more trips with each helmet and average the results. D. She could have the rider use a different bicycle for each circuit C. Repeating an experimental trial multiple times generally helps to make data more reliable. In this experiment, for example, an outside factor such as wind could have skewed one or more of the results. By repeating the trials multiple times (i.e., including more trips with each helmet and averaging the results), the effect of such errors can be kept to a minimum.

7 1.2 Question 6

8 Notes Position can change at different rates
Speed is a measurement of how fast something moves through a particular distance over a given amount of time Formula: Speed = distance/time, or S = d/t

9 Notes continued Average speed is the average of several instantaneous speeds whose measurements are taken over a specific period of time. A distance-time graph shows how both distance and speed change with time.

10 Distance Time Graphs You can use these graphs to determine the speed of an object by calculating the slope of the line A positive slope means the object is moving away from its starting point A negative slope means an object is moving back toward its starting point

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