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By Emily Morris, Sarah Leonard, Lauren Hesemeyer, Lauren Araya, Nicolette Vere.

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1 By Emily Morris, Sarah Leonard, Lauren Hesemeyer, Lauren Araya, Nicolette Vere

2 A. Seperation

3 Call to Adventure King Polydectes tricked Perceus into promising to kill Medusa by King Polydectes. “All right then Perseus, I command you to bring me the severed head if the Gorgon Medusa… if you can”(pg 200)

4 Acceptance of the Call When Perseus was asked about his loyalty to the king, he said to him, “I would even kill the horrible Gorgon Medusa in order to prove my loyalty and my courage (pg. 200).” He wasn’t afraid of killing Medusa, if it meant being loyal to King Polydectes.

5 Supernatural Aid Perseus received help from the gods Athena and Hermes by the command of Zeus. He was also aided by receiving a leather bag, winged shoes, and the helmet of invisibility from the nymphs.

6 Crossing the Threshold/ Gatekeepers Test Perseus arrives on the unfamiliar island He has to find the 3 sister Gorgons before he can kill Medusa “Perseus had no idea where they were”(202)

7 Belly Of the Whale Perseus finds the Gorgons and kills Medusa

8 B. Initiation

9 Test/Ordeals Perseus tricks the 3 sister Gorgons into telling him where the nymphs were located “Perseus said that he would not return their eye until they told him the way to the nymphs”(203) Perseus had to sneak up on Medusa and behead her, then hide from the other Gorgons with the helmet of invisibility

10 Journey Home Perseus turns Atlas to stone because he does not show him hospitality He flies to Ethiopia where he saves a princess named Adromeda by killing a sea monster His marriage with her gets Phineus (King’s brother) mad= Perseus turns them to stone When he returned to Seriphus, he noticed Poludectes took over and led Dictys and his mother to seek refuge, he turns him to stone and appoints the kingdom to Dictys.

11 Atonement with Father Perseus turns King Polydecets into stone with the head of Medusa

12 Perseus very much wanted to meet his grandfather with good intentions. Unfortunately right before he killed his grandfather with a discus before he got the chance to meet him for the first time.

13 Ultimate Boon/ Elixir In the new, unknown world Perseus gets offered a kingdom. He does not take it because he was ashamed to claim the kingdom of a relative he had killed.

14 C. Return

15 Magical Flight Hermes gives Perseus sandals with wings Perseus flew home to Argos

16 Crossing The Return Threshold Perseus arrived home to Argos

17 Master of Two Worlds/Freedom to Live Killed the King of Argos Conquered the Kingdom

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