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Safe-Cyclist Project (Night-Rider)

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1 Safe-Cyclist Project (Night-Rider)
Anthony Rowe Assistant Research Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Carnegie Mellon University

2 Is cycling safe? Yes and No 677 Killed in 2011 (32,367 by car)
2.17 per million riders (1.10 by car) 72% Urban 33% at Intersections 53% during evening commute (4pm-12am) Average age for deaths 43 Est. 48,000 Injured in 2011 Average age for injury 32 Many not reported

3 Lots of activity in this space…
Hovding Airbag “Gadgets to Boost Bike Safety” - NYT Helios Bars SMART sensor helmet BLAZE Headlight

4 How can technology help?
Crowd-Source Safe Routes Hazardous Zone Detection Pot hole, stressful roads, user labels Collision Avoidance Smart Lighting Adaptive and reactive Auto 911 for accidents Traffic Law Notification Video Accident Logging

5 Electronics Pkg IMU Speakers Smartphone Hub -IMU, GPS Battery Front Video Electronics -DSRC, CPU Radar, FLIR optical flow, Rear Video Tail Lights Rumble Bar Laser Projection Speed Motor Power / Cadence Body Worn - Heart Rate Monitor Wind Sensor

6 Target Solutions Smartphone PnP Architecture
Vehicle Proximity Detection Reactive Lighting Connected Helmet Rumble Bars

7 Existing Bike Peripherals
Bluetooth Strain Gauge power meter + cadence Heart Rate Monitor Tire Pressure Monitor Smartphone Mounts

8 Smartphone PnP Architecture
Rumbler Bars Camera Dictionary Headlight Accelerometer Plugin Plugin PubSub Tail light DSRC Plugin Plugin Helmet Audio Plugin Plugin GPS LED Mirror Smartphone Sensors Logging Actuators

9 Vehicle Proximity Detection
Previous attempts include: Ultrasound, RADAR, LIDAR, cameras, … DSRC + Differential GPS Arada LocoMate ME Bluetooth, DSRC, GPS RTKLib + Radio PMUs

10 Reactive Lighting Connected Head / Tail light
Change color / brightness / tempo Acceleration Proximity Environmental Conditions

11 Connected Helmet IMU tracks head motion Binaural alerts from speakers
Is the rider paying attention? Have they looked back recently? Binaural alerts from speakers Electronics Pkg IMU Speakers

12 Rumble Bar Virtual rumble strip inserts

13 Rideshare Commuter Bike
What about the bike? Faraday Electric Bike Rideshare Commuter Bike

14 Questions / comments? Team Connor Brem, Computer Science (Junior)
Spencer Barton, ECE (Junior) Chris Palmer, ECE (Research Programmer) Oliver Shih, ECE (Ph.D.) Ali Momeni, Art Department (Assistant Prof.) Bruno Sinopoli, ECE Department (Associate Prof.)

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