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LOGO The game for the training SIMULATION OF CRISIS.

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1 LOGO The game for the training SIMULATION OF CRISIS

2 Introduction: W here do my idea come from? E very year, many area in the wolrd give many crisis, from fire, earth quake, urban problem until flood, nature crisis. And I think all about crisis in the world give back bad result because the training for it is not enough or not popular. Almost all the training is local, not enoungh crisis case and realistic for each area. But if we make an realistic in training for each area with many case, we can see how it expensive. One year ago, i try to make an visual training program for crisis case with 3D image as an action game.

3 SIMULATION OF CRISIS Introduction: W ho can play this game? E verybody can play and train themselves on them computer and get knowledge about emergency case. It is an easy way for training without take a lot of time and money to make it. About knowledge, that program is very possible to give player the knowledge realistic from expert to everybody. It also easy to make many version for each of area in the world. And the special, it very cheap to make.

4 SIMULATION OF CRISIS Introduction: W hen do I start to make this game? O ne year ago, from first idea and through the prototype of simulation game for crisis, it same very posible. But over haft of year i give somebody trial game, althought player can get the way "how to do" if crisis suddenly appear, but they feedback the game is still the game. And i know what is my trouble. The game can give to player a realistic image whch simulation a real place. The game can train the player the skill to find the way to save themselves and do something to take crisis not give people bad result more.

5 SIMULATION OF CRISIS Introduction: W hat is my troublein this game? B ut the game can not train the player the power of mind. Somebody who was over crisis always tell me about the lesson of them is the needing on the power of mind under crisis case. The helpful of it to save almost of victims. It seem a big problem for me and my emergency idea. the game is imposible, i think so.

6 SIMULATION OF CRISIS Introduction W here do I restart my idea? N ext time, i talking with Nam Do, director of Emotiv, where make the mind helmet, i reveal the way to fix problem of my emergency game idea. That is use the Mind Helmet of Emotiv. Comapany play the game. The player must use them mind to run, walk and climb... or do somthing in the game by mind helmet with the help of keyboard.

7 SIMULATION OF CRISIS Introduction: W hich is the strong and the weak ? W hen I show trial game for someone, I get the good feedback. A nd this is my emergency game design: Design the game simulation Crisis to training.

8 SIMULATION OF CRISIS Introduction: S o what is it? W e making the game simulation true place where we want to training. Use both the Game control (gamepad, keyboard...) and Mind Helmet od Emotiv. company to design gameplay The gameplay must make the player use power of mind by the Mind Helmet as condiation for action in game pad enable. It help the player understand full of status of victim in crisis case.

9 SIMULATION OF CRISIS W hat is the game for the training?  V ision and Mission My vision is the better prepare for everbody My mission is the reallity training for everybody  S trengths Easy to play, clear to knowing.  W eaknesses This game only give you 90% of the reality crisis.

10 SIMULATION OF CRISIS How about the storytelling? T he storytelling of this game is making follow information I got from the crisis was happened. I try to make it look like the reality crisis for each of place. The place is where they need to training for better prepare. The storytelling is deffrenece for each of place. It will take someone from crisis case to safety place. This game have not level.

11 SIMULATION OF CRISIS How can I make it? I make it by many graphic software and a famous game engine. I get picture and information from the place I chose and draw it on the paper as storyboard. It is useful for making the map. I wacth TV and read the newpaper, report, search on the Internet about crisisies. This thing help me to make the obstacle and character like reality place and person available there. It help me to make game interaction case too.

12 SIMULATION OF CRISIS What do I need? I really need a chance to make this game in professional environment. It’s really serious, because this influence the life of people. And I need a training in Graphic design, it’s serious too, because it help me the game with an realistic image. Or I need a chance to go globle to publish this game. The last thing I need is the helping from organations to make a team for this idea, they take someone like me to me to make a team.

13 Why do I still want to make this idea? Every year, My home town (Hue city, Middle area of Viet Nam) lost a lot of thing and people because the weather storm and flood. The crisis couldn’t take a lot of thing from my hometown if we have popular training. The training for crisis prepare is too expensive. Since I am a child I wanted do something to change for my home town. I think many place over the world too? Company Logo

14 SIMULATION OF CRISIS What I have? I have experience in game design and graphic designer from Gameloft and Emotiv company for many year. I’m bechalor in Fine art of HCMC University of Fine art, this thing help me a lot of this plan. I have a internal flame for this plan. my website:






20 Simulation of Crisis Design by Phan Duc Minh for Creative Diary in Emergency Design Contes Thank you for looking! Any question please send email to:

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