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(all available through MathInfo page)MathInfo CLASSROOM PROCEDURES & BOARD PRESENTATIONS

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1 (all available through MathInfo page)MathInfo CLASSROOM PROCEDURES & BOARD PRESENTATIONS http://usma-portal/dean/Pages/DPOMs.aspx Department SOP #7: References: Dean's Policies and Operating Memoranda (DPOMS) # 02-03:

2 Topics to Discuss Reporting and Absences Classroom Behavior Visitors Additional Instruction Homework/Class Prepartion Grading Board Presentations

3 Before We Begin… What are 5 things in this classroom that are wrong or “not the standard?”

4 All classes begin with a report by the section marcher (Official Thayer time displayed on television) Absences, late arrivals, and early departures are reported daily (via AMS) –Cadets must receive permission for trip sections –Coming from DPE Classes cannot be released late under any circumstances – Can use section marcher to remind you Releasing a class more than 5 minutes early requires PD approval Reporting and Absences (theirs)

5 Sickness / Emergency Adverse weather (938-7000) –NONE of us are important enough to take risks Alert roster We have a backup / plan to cover each others’ classes Absences (ours)



8 No food or drinks (includes gum) No outer garments stored in the classroom including hats but Outer garments may be worn in the classroom Wearing jackets in class Excess material should be left in the hall Inappropriate speech and gestures Use of Laptop Computers during class (Email, Facebook) Sleeping Preparation for class “Cease Work” Classroom Behavior (theirs) Set the correct tone from Day 1



11 Staggering desks Discussion of test between Cadets Excessive assistance (Projects and Homework) Possible Authorized references (be clear) – No references –Technology - Laptop –(MA103 – Mathematica/ Excel only) –Calculator and handbook –Textbook –Open notes Classroom Behavior – Honor (theirs)

12 Addressing Cadets (Cadet, Mr/Ms, or 1 st name) Cadets Addressing Faculty (Sir, Ma’am, Dr., Professor) Walking around the room Classroom ownership –Personalization, but keep in mind that we’re sharing rooms –Board washing and refilling the bucket with fresh water Classroom Behavior (ours)

13 Spotlight on the students (this is harder to do) –Discussion –Activities –Discovery –Motivating questions –Not just instructor lecturing Not just instructor lecturing (this is easier to do) Counseling Cadets (make on the spot corrections if applicable) – formal v. informal Share your experiences (Professional Development) Classroom Behavior (ours)

14 Maintain a visitors desk in the corner by the door Do not stop lesson or call Cadets to attention VIP visitor can address class at the end or natural pause Spouses, family, and educators always welcome Children can make short visits All other visitors should be approved by PD Visitors

15 “Anytime mutually agreeable” up until beginning of Evening Study Period – ESP: 1930-2330 Can be given by any instructor, not just the Cadet’s own instructor Cadets should be prepared with specific questions - Not a spoon-feeding session Can cover previously covered material - No pre-teaching No AI after 1600 of last duty day before WPR or on the last day of regular classes for the semester (TEE) No Mass AI (MTF) Additional Instruction

16 USMA guidance: 2 hrs study time for each hour of class (more realistic: 1 hr) – MA103 example Preparation for class is of paramount importance Daily homework (“Do” problems) Graded Assessments: – Announced or Unannounced Quizzes, take home assignments Non-Graded Assessments: –Other forms of assessment? Solutions can be located in a couple of places – Math Clinic, Course website, Blackboard, Office Bullpens, individual instructor website Homework/Class Preparation

17 General Graded event security - WPRs & TEEs are not to be taken home Grade privacy; cannot share with parents Timeliness Course Specific Course-wide Grading: WPRs and TEEs Graded homework – Fellow Instructor sanity check Late assignments – Course or Instructor policies, usually 10% per day, or 1 letter grade per day, etc. Instructor call at all times – use discretion, like over weekends etc. Continued late or not turning in assignments: more formal actions (check w/ course leadership), TAC team involvement? Grading

18 Cadet Testimonials: ‘I really liked that much of the learning we did in class was gained hands- on. While our instructor lectured for a brief time at the beginning of the class, we were given ample time nearly every day to try the new material on our own, which definitely made me feel more confident about the material.” “Board problems, because they make sure cadets are prepared for class every day. Also if someone doesn’t not understand a problem it makes it much easier for him or her to get help from another student, and it also brings it to the cadets attention that they might understand a problem as well as they think they do, which will help them realize what type of problems they should spend more time.” P6 Guidance: OK to use Mathematica and PowerPoint, but… get Cadets to boards as much as possible “Take Boards”

19 Board Set Up (ours) Plan Your Boards (But Be Flexible)

20 Board Setup (theirs) - Incorrect Beat Navy Sir, I jus’ don’t get it!

21 13 2 Bacon f(x) = 5x 2 + x +6 f ’ (x) = 10x + 1 y = x -2/5 y ‘ = -2/5 x -7/5 h(x) = (x 2 + 4)(x 3 +5) h’(x) = (x 2 + 4)3x 2 + (x 3 +5)2x = 3x 4 +12x 2 + 2x 4 +10x = 5x 4 +12x 2 + 10x ANS Suggested Board Setup Have cadets share results with the entire class using correct briefing methods!

22 Different hours have unique personalities Visit fellow instructors’ classes Treat Cadets like adults Teaching is an emotional experience; keep grading impersonal and objective Be yourself & have FUN! Submit CORs (Cadet Observation Reports) regularly The Staff & Faculty in the Math Department are an EXTREMELY helpful and diverse group of team players, never hesitate to ask for help on anything. Miscellaneous Thoughts

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