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Rosenbauer Helmet Storage

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1 Rosenbauer Helmet Storage

2 NFPA NFPA requires that equipment be restrained to protect fire fighters in event of an accident

3 Helmets are Never to be Worn While Engine is in Motion

4 Captain’s Helmet Storage
Captain’s helmet is to be stored in Captain’s PPE compartment located directly behind Captain’s cab door. Captain shall not store helmet in the cab.

5 Engineer’s Helmet Storage
Engineer helmet will be stored in Compartment 4 with Engineer’s PPE. Engineer shall not store helmet in the cab.

6 Firefighter and FF/Paramedic
Firefighter and FF/PM have Talon helmet brackets mounted on rear wall of crew cab

7 Extra Rider Helmet Storage
When needed, extra rider will store helmet in ceiling mounted compartment in crew cab on driver side directly above the rider’s seat. (compartment also contains narcotics safe).

8 On-Scene Talon Helmet Bracket
Toe Clamps Sliding Toe Clamp

9 On-Scene Solutions Talon Helmet Bracket
Provides 9G retention for fire helmet per NFPA 1901 v. 2009 TALON DOES HAVE PINCH POINTS!! Deploy and remove helmet with both hands per video on following slide

10 View Helmet Dock video on
Deploy and Stow View Helmet Dock video on

11 Do not do this or… The Talon helmet bracket has pinch points. When the helmet is deployed or stowed with one hand, it is easy for firefighters hand to be caught under toe clamps.

12 See Paramedic For Band-Aid

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