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Presented by: Team NightStriker Course: EDSGN Section: 006.

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1 Presented by: Team NightStriker Course: EDSGN Section: 006

2 Mission Statement To Design a driver assist system specified for improving safety conditions of a military convoy under extreme conditions BAE Project Objectives Develop a method to detect and avoid obstacles while maintaining formation Define technique to be utilized, I.e. radar, ladar, thermal imaging, spectroscopy, etc. Design system to detect presence of vehicle, determine range, velocity, position and maintain formation during convoy operations Display warning and suggested collision avoidance method to driver Detect on-coming traffic and factor into decision process

3 Sensors Long Range Laser Terrain Multi-colored Thermal Imaging Infra-Red Imaging Short Range Laser Terrain Mapping GPS Convoy Integrity Integrated Network of Co-driver warning and terrain systems for maintaining convoy formation

4 Warning System Helmet mounted heads up display system Audible alert for collisions Traffic Detection Driver has improved visual capabilities allowing for maximum reaction time

5 Mountable Armor Plated Sensor Rack Center Laser Range Finder Sensor Arrays Black Box Redundant System Relays Visual Enhancement Platform/Helmet Co-Driver Computer

6 Ease of Installation Armor Plated Rugged Design Protection of Sensors Vibration Reduction Water Proof

7 Max Range: 450 meters Real Time Terrain Mapping Capable of 150˚ Frontal Viewing Successful Field Use

8 Compact (3 Sensors in one) Capable of 150˚ Frontal Viewing and 90˚ Side Views Max Range (Thermal/IR): 450 meters Max Range (Short Range Terrain Finder): 10 meters

9 Armor Plated Main Information Processing and Storage Center Versatile Component Placement Redundant System Ensures System Integrity Temperature Control in Extreme Conditions

10 Multiple Plug-ins Allow for Simultaneous Access to Network Versatile Component Placement Easy to Replace Damaged/Unserviceable Component

11 Easily Adaptable to Existing Helmet Models Easy of Driver Accessibility Wire/Wireless Capabilities Sensor Tracking of Drivers Line of Sight in Real Time

12 Durability in the Field Ease of Use Wire/Wireless Capabilities Independent Operations

13 Black Hot Thermal Imaging Yellow Thermal Laser Terrain Mapping Integrated View

14 Visual Enhancement View Enables the Driver to See with Clarity Comparable to that of Day Time Driving Conditions Driver will be Able to Identify Terrain Hazards at an Estimated 50 meters Laser Range Finding is Hindered During Extreme Weather However the Thermal/IR Imaging Maintains Clarity Human Reaction Time to Obstacles while Driving is Approximately 2-3 seconds Project Nightstriker Provides Real Time Visual Enhancement Minimizing Negative Effects on Driver Reaction Time Distance = Rate * Time Assisted Reaction Time Maximum rangeMinimum range (ie crater) D=RTrxn 450m=(50km/H)(Trxn)50m=(50km/H)(Trxn) Trxn=32.4secTrxn=3.6sec Unassisted Reaction Time D=RTrxn 5m=(50km/H)(Trxn) Trxn=0.36sec

15 Secure Communication Network Direct Contact Among Convoy Manuel Warning Indication Provides Convoy with Adaptable Navigation Checkpoints

16 NightStriker Comm. Link System Maintains Communications within the Convoy by Transmitting a Signal to the adjacent vehicles and Relaying that Signal to the rest of the Convoy Communications Maintained without Prohibiting Convoy Size Minimal Range of Transmission Required; Improving Overall Security of Network

17 Driver’s Screen Utilizes a State-of-the-Art Customizable User Interface Optional Redundancy Box in Case of Main Box Failure Components are Extremely Durable Made of 1” Thick Armor Plating Easily Mounted on any HMMWV Software Allows for any Vehicle to be the Leader of the Convoy All Sensors are Integrated to Display Optimal Viewing Range Easy to Use and Reliable Communication System among Vehicles within Convoy

18 MILITARY APPLICATION CIVILIAN APPLICATION Scouting Vehicles Surveying Vehicles Mobile Long Range Reconnaissance Police Forces Convoys Terrain Surveying



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