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This is the place!!. 1.Newcomers? 2.Looking for volunteers to help with - First City Kid’s TRYathlon (Sat 26 Apr) - Queen’s Romp (Sun 27 Apr) (x12; 0715-1000)

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Presentation on theme: "This is the place!!. 1.Newcomers? 2.Looking for volunteers to help with - First City Kid’s TRYathlon (Sat 26 Apr) - Queen’s Romp (Sun 27 Apr) (x12; 0715-1000)"— Presentation transcript:

1 This is the place!!

2 1.Newcomers? 2.Looking for volunteers to help with - First City Kid’s TRYathlon (Sat 26 Apr) - Queen’s Romp (Sun 27 Apr) (x12; ) - CGSC Triathlon (Sat 3 May) 3. Upcoming Triathlons: - CGSC TRI 3 May - TriZou (Columbia, MO) 4 May - Heritage Park Duathlon (Olathe) 10 May - Kansas City Triathlon 18 May (First open water swim race of the season) - Omaha Women’s TRI 1 Jun - IRONMAN KANSAS Jun - Munson Mayhem Duathlon 14 Jun - Topeka Tinman 21 June - Prairie Punisher 12 July - Shawnee Mission Triathlon 13 July - 5i50 Kansas 20 July

3 4. Next meeting(s) - 24 & 25 Apr - Harney Gym Parking Lot – 4-5:30 pm (Practice) Apr - Wetsuits, Speedsuits, & Open Water Swimming Class. (HNS) - 10 May – Practice Swim at Lonestar Lake. Details TBP May – IM KS 70.3 Practice Ride at Clinton Lake. Details TBP May – Decal Night and IM KS 70.3 Prebrief (Baan Thai) - 11 June – “Bring You Bling” Night at Mama Mia’s. (Details TBP) 5. Tonight’s Presentations: - Transitions



6 Sat 10 May 1pm 699 East 582 Rd Lawrence, KS

7 But first a quiz… 1. What is the average assimilation rate compared to the consumption rate? Answer: 1/3 2. What is the average assimilation rate for fluids per hour? Answer: 16-24oz 3. Per 15 min? Answer: 4-6oz 4. What is the average assimilation rate for calories per hour? Answer: cal 5. Average amount of calories in a single gel? Answer: 100 cal 6. In 8 oz of Gatorade? Answer: 50 cal 7. How do I determine my protein requirements for the day? Answer: Ideal body weight x.7 = # of g of protein needed per day. 8. What is the nutritional value in: 240 cal 10g protein 240 cal 15g protein RDA vitamins

8 Transitions Key Points: Organize! – Packing List and Redundancy – Load Plan to / from transition – Know the Course Transition Layout Rehearse: – At the Bike/At the Run – Navigating the Transition Area(s) Conditions--Speed vs. Comfort Sprint--1-2 Hour Event Olympic—2-4 Hour Event Half/Long Distance Hour Event Bottomline--Less Stress=Success

9 Transitions Guidelines Prep everything before you leave transition Don’t be a camper—Keep the smallest footprint as possible Dress systematically—Top to Bottom or Bottom to Top—The Helmet is Decisive when the Bike is Unracked Contingencies: Have a support crew a/o backup bag (extra goggles…) Stay calm: Leave Ready-- Not Stressed

10 Overview Equipment—SWIM—BIKE—RUN Pre-Race Set up Pre-Race Nutrition Pre-Race Course Recon Half and Full IRONMAN Transitions What to wear and the TRI Checklist Things that can go wrong Practice—Tomorrow and Friday 4:00 to 5:30PM at Harney Gym—Ft Leavenworth

11 Equipment--SWIM Body Marking / ID Band / Timing Chip Wetsuit / Speedsuit / TRI Suit / TRI Shorts / Swim Suit / SPEEDO Swim Cap Ear Plugs / Nose Plugs Goggles(clear/shaded) Lubes—Reduce Friction from Suits

12 Bike Rack Stool / Bucket Towel / Foot Wash Fuels—Liquids & Solids Socks / Shoes Jersey Glasses Helmet Race Belt Lubes—Same as in SWIM Bike Labels Sun Block Tire Pump Tire Repair Kit Special Needs Equipment--BIKE

13 Equipment--RUN RACE NUMBER Shoes / Socks Jersey Fuels—Liquid and Solids Hat Lubes—Same as in SWIM & BIKE Belts—Fuels and Number Sun Block Special Needs

14 Pre-Race Set up Registration – Photo ID – USAT Card / One Day Insurance – Registration Confirmation Number Swim Equipment—What to Wear! T1 Stuff—Transition to the BIKE Bike Equipment—What to Wear! T2 Stuff---Transition to the RUN Run Equipment—What to Wear!

15 Pre-Race Nutrition See the March 2014 Class (Nutrition / Hydration) Sprints are Short—Need Strong Protein Base and High Sugar / CARB Build. – Protein in training – Carb Load Hrs out – Pre-Race—High Carb 6-8 Hrs out – Hi Sugar / Caffeine 1 Hour out Post Race—Fluids, Protein, Chocolate Milk and Beer

16 Pre-Race Course Recon Recon the transition sites (T1 and T2) – Set up (3 feet wide x 6 feet long) approx. – Surface – Spacing on Racks Recon the course out and in of transition – Setup to your Strength – Distance from Swim to Bike – Distance from Bike to Run Recon the Bike and Run Course Weather—TEMP/Wind/Humidity/Sun rise

17 Half and Full IRONMAN Day Prior Set-up Split Transition Special Needs Bags Race Support USAT Officials--Penalties Nutrition and Hydration Weather—TEMP/Wind/Humidity

18 T1 photo Gatorade bag Bike racked by seat Rack # Helmet sticker Racked by the seat Bike frame sticker T1 bag Pump must be INSIDE bag Bracelet

19 T2 photo Small cooler Bike racked by handlebars Bike racked by handlebars Rack #s Alternate by side Small cooler to keep bottles cold Bracelet

20 Foot out of shoe for ‘flying dismount’ Lead rider at a ‘full stop.’ Off to the side, out of the way. ‘Dismount’ Line

21 What Do I Wear For Each Event? Swim Gear – Swimsuit – TRIsuit-1/2 piece – Wet/Speed Suit – Googles (Dark & Light)/Ear/Nose Plugs – Swim Cap Bike Gear – Helmet – Race Belt/Number – Bike Shorts/Bike Top – TRIsuit-1/2 piece – Shoes/Bike/Tri – Socks – Glasses – Bike Equipment as required Run Gear – Race Belt/Number – Running Shorts/Top – TRIsuit-1/2 piece – Socks – Shoes – Hat – Glasses – Run Equipment as required

22 Swim Gear  Goggles  Cap  Wetsuit / Speedsuit / Swimsuit  TRisuit—1/2 piece  Lubes & Sunblock  Chow / Drinks Bike Gear  Helmet  Glasses  Lubes & Sunblock  Belt / Number  TRIsuit/Bike short / Top  Shoes / Socks  Chow / Drinks  Bottles  Repair Kit  Bike Running Gear  Race Number  TRIsuit /Run shorts / Top  Hat  Shoes / Socks  Lubes & Sunblock  Chow / Drinks Set-Up  Space  Routes  Support Equipment  Support Personnel  Pre/Post-Race Fuels  Post-Race Clothing  Pre-Race Conditioning  Pre-Race Attitude T1 and T2 Equipment Checklist

23 Things that can go wrong! Training—When is the Race? AM or PM! When do you train? Weather Course changes on race day Forget equipment—Packing List Arrive late at start – Racking space – Missed briefings – Chip pick-up – Porta-Potty Wait Swim Issues – Water Temperature--Wetsuit – Goggles Fogging – Start Conditions—Stand—Run---Treading Bike Issues – Flats – Mechanical Violate USAT Rules – Drafting – Helmet not strapped---Mounting / Dismounting

24 Things that can go wrong! Something new on or just before Race – Equipment – Training – Diet Swim too Fast – Rest / Relax in T1 – Nutrition Ride too Fast – Rest in T2 – Loosen Legs Prior to T2 – Nutrition Run too Fast—Not Possible if your Swim and Ride are Controlled

25 Practice Practice both Transitions Work in one direction at transitions Speed in Transition = Reduced Transition Time – Organization – Techniques – Multi-Task

26 Questions? Membership/T-Shirts--Bob Accelerade® products--George See you tomorrow a/o Friday at Harney Gym 4:00-5:30pm. Door Prizes!!

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