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Jeff Chiang Hayley Dirscherl Philip Kemp Sara McArdle Leah Petersen Presents…

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1 Jeff Chiang Hayley Dirscherl Philip Kemp Sara McArdle Leah Petersen Presents…

2 DS1 - Design Problem & Design Brief Problem Heat exhaustion: common and dangerous for people performing in high temperature, high humidity environments. Advances quickly and signs can be subtle Over motivated, “team player” mentality: lessens an individual’s concern for his/her physical condition and welfare Completely preventable, yet incidences/deaths still occur Brief ThermaTracker core body temperature and heart rate monitor Wireless, non-invasive physiological device worn during activity Tracks the conditions of multiple people at risk. Alerts a team trainer or leader

3 DS5 – Chosen Idea Data Receiver Forehead Pad with Infrared LEDs and Photosensor Earpiece w/ Thermopile Arduino Microcontroller Board w/ Bluetooth Temperature Sensor

4 Executive Summary Problem Heat stroke is a preventable cause of injury or death that may occur in hot, humid environments when thermoregulatory mechanisms fail. Design Brief ThermaTracker will: Measure core body temperature AND heart rate Wirelessly transmit data from multiple users to a monitoring station Alert trainers/users when at onset of heat illness Target Market Protective helmet users: Football players: 1.5million is USA Soldiers: 1.1 million in USA and territories Firefighters: 1.1million in USA Development: Prototype May 2009 FDA approval mid 2010 2nd generation products 2012 $$$ Break even 2013 $30 manufacturing cost $50 sale price

5 Company Overview PPG sensor at forehead measures heart rate and In-ear thermopile measures core body temperature Reflectance mode PPG In-ear thermopile Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter Wireless Reciever & Monitoring Station ThermaTracker Technology ALARM!!! Bluetooth wireless transmitter sends physiological data to a monitoring station. If temperature and heart rate rise to unsafe levels, indicative of heat illness…

6 Company Overview Components of reflectance PPG and in-ear thermometers are widely used and available. A wealth of information exists on how to construct PPG and thermopile devices and circuitry. We therefore plan to develop a working prototype by May 2009. Infrared LEDs Thermopiles Photodetectors

7 Company Overview Other companies (Nike, Garmin, Reebok, Timex, Polar, Ironman) sell heart rate monitors to athletes…. The Heat Elite Advantage The ThermaTracker will have the added features of: Temperature AND heart rate monitoring for user safety Wireless data telemetry Rugged, tough design to handle bumps, falls, tackles Adaptable for several types of helmets No currently available products for monitoring heat exhaustion

8 The Market UsersCustomers Football Athletes ~1.5 million, college and below Athletic Departments, Coaches, Team Trainers Military Personnel ~1.1 million, U.S. and territories DoD, Military divisions Firefighters ~1,140,900 in U.S. Firefighter Departments Competition Future Market Future Competition Polar, Garmin, Nike - Heart Rate Monitors - Do not measure core body temperature - Do not target heat exhaustion prevention CorTemp™ Monitor & Thermometer Pill Does not measure Heart Rate Personal Users

9 Business Model Product Heart rate/temperature monitor built into padding compatible with football, military, and firefighter helmets Future sale of accessories, e.g. long range monitoring system Marketing Catalogues Websites Coach Workshops Startup Funding Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant from the Department of Defense Additional investors or loans for commercialization

10 Financial Projection Revenue Capture ~1% market share of 1.58 mil HS and collegiate football players in 4 years through equipment catalogue and online ads (~15,800 units sold) Capture ~1% market share of 1.1 mil firefighters and 1.1 mil military personnel from 2012-2014 (~22,000 units sold) MSRP of $50 per unit sold Approximately $1.89 million gross revenue in first five years of product release

11 Financial Projection Costs Manufacturing costs of roughly $30 per unit R&D costs for continuous improvement of current products and development of related product lines Marketing costs to place advertisements and send sales representatives Salary of sales staff and exec board Cost of leasing a workspace and utilities

12 Financial Projection 200920102011201220132014 Units Sold02000350070001200015500 Price$50 Total Revenue$0$100,000$175,000$350,000$600,000$775,000 COGS$0$60,000$105,000$210,000$360,000$465,000 R&D Costs$500$1,000$2,000$3,000$4,000$5,000 Marketing Costs$0$2,000$4,000$6,000$8,000$10,000 Salary Costs$0$120,000 $140,000 Other Costs$0$75,000 Total Costs$500$258,000$306,000$434,000$587,000$695,000 Net Income($500)($158,000)($131,000)($84,000)$13,000$80,000

13 Financial Projections

14 Short Term Development Plan Heart Rate Monitor Temperature Sensor Matlab Code First Prototype Second Prototype Test and Refine Ideas FinalProduct January February March April May Wireless

15 Long Term Development Plan 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Develop ThermaTracker FDA Approval Advertise Hire Salesman Sales First Profit Develop New Technologies FDA Approval Second Product Introduced SBIR Grant from DOD Develop Updated Products

16 DS6 - Prototype Plan In Ear Infrared Thermometer $$$$$$$ Fisher Scientific Watch Battery $3 Fisher Scientific 880 nm LED Columbia University Silicon NPN Phototransistor $0.36 Digikey (2) Operational Amplifiers Columbia University Arduino Processor Columbia University

17 The Heat Elite Executive Board As athletes as well as biomedical engineers, the officers of The Heat Elite are familiar with both the conditions that lead to heat exhaustion and current technologies for monitoring its physiological symptoms.

18 Acknowledgements Dr. Lance Kam Dr. Elizabeth Hillman Keith Yeager

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