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Ancient Greece. Map Consumer Goods Coins Alphabet.

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1 Ancient Greece

2 Map

3 Consumer Goods

4 Coins

5 Alphabet

6 Human Figure

7 Egyptian Art

8 Corinth

9 Athens

10 Battle with Persians

11 Philip II

12 Alexander “The Great”

13 Battle between Titans and Sky gods

14 Mt. Olympus

15 Zeus Thunder and lightening bolt Sacred – eagle and oak tree

16 Hera consort of Zeus mature woman cow and peacock

17 Poseidon holds a three-pronged spear horse

18 Hestia sacred flame burns as the communal hearth

19 Demeter Mother of Persephone Reason for seasons

20 Hades His helmet makes the wearer invisible

21 Apollo brother of Artemis. Son of Zeus and Leto carries bow & arrows or sometimes a lyre dolphin and laurel

22 Ares vulture and dog

23 Aphrodite myrtle, dove, sparrow and swan

24 Hephaestus Lame, married to Aphrodite. Carries hammer, wears a blacksmith’s apron

25 Artemis carries bow and arrows accompanied by hunting dogs deer and cypress

26 Athena Wears helmet, and carries shield owl and olive trees

27 Hermes Wears winged sandals and hat Carried a caduceus

28 Persephone Goddess of the underworld fertility

29 Dionysus Shown surrounded by grapevines and grape clusters Carries a wine cup His female followers are called maenads

30 Eros carries bow and arrows

31 Eos Goddess of the dawn

32 Pan half man/half goat Carries pan pipes

33 Nike Goddess of Victory

34 Geometric Period (900-700BCE)

35 Orientalizing Period (700-600BCE)

36 Archaic Period (600-480BCE)

37 Early/Transitional Period (480- 450BCE)

38 5th Century (450-to end of 5th century BCE)

39 4th century Period (400-320BCE)

40 Hellenistic Period (320-31BCE)

41 Architectural Orders

42 Doric

43 Ionic

44 Corinthian

45 Basic Parts of a Column

46 Geometric Period

47 Geometric Period (900-700BCE)

48 Proto-Geometric Example

49 Diplyon Vase, 750BCE, Geometric

50 Detail

51 Orientalizing Period

52 Orientalizing Period (700-600BCE)

53 Olpe Example

54 Archaic Period

55 Archaic Period (600-480BCE)

56 Vase Types

57 Archaic Sculpture Features “Archaic smile” Fully frontal Arms at side or engaged For men – one leg in front Heavy features Eyes open wide Ovid shaped head

58 Ergotimos (potter) and Kleitias (painter), Francois Vase, c.570, Archaic Period

59 Exekias, The Suicide of Ajax

60 NY Kourous, c.580, Archaic

61 Anavysos Kouros

62 Peplos Kore, c.530BCE, Archaic

63 Classical Period

64 Characteristics of Greek Classical Art Humanism – “Man is the Measure of all things.” Rationalism – “Know thyself” Idealism – “Nothing in excess”

65 Early/Transitional Period (480- 450BCE)

66 Kritian Boy (Kritios Boy), c.480BCe, Classical

67 Contrapposto

68 Comparison

69 Riace Warrior, c.460-450BCE, Classical

70 Conservation

71 Myron, Discobolos (The Discus Thrower), c. 450BCE, Classical

72 5th Century (450-400 BCE)

73 Pericles

74 Athenian Agora Agora interactive site

75 The Acropolis

76 Reconstruction

77 Reconstruction detail

78 Temple of Athena Nike

79 Nike Adjusting her Sandal

80 The Erechtheion

81 Porch of the Maidens

82 Kallikrates and Iktinos, Parthenon, 447-438BCE, Classical

83 Sculptural Decoration Triumph of Greek democracy Preeminence of Athens Enlightened Greeks

84 West Pediment

85 Sculptural decoration

86 East Pediment complete

87 detail


89 East Pediment

90 Cult statue of Athena

91 Lapith Fighting a Centaur

92 Frieze Reconstruction

93 Horsemen

94 Marshals and Young Women

95 Reconstruction

96 Polykleitos, Doryphorous (Spear Bearer ), c. 450-440BCE, Classical, Roman Copy

97 Comparison

98 4th century Period (400-320BCE)

99 Hermes and infant Dionysos

100 Praxiteles, Aphrodite of Knidos, c.350, Classical, Roman copy

101 Lysippos, The Scraper

102 Abduction of Persephone

103 Alexander the Great Confronts Darius III at the Battle of Issos, c.310BCE, Classical

104 Detail

105 Hellenistic Period 320-31BCE Emotion & Movement Individual and specific Personal feeling associated with the art Two Trends Classical Anti-Classical

106 Alexander’s Empire

107 Chieftan and his wife, Mother and Child, and Dying Gaul Trumpeter

108 Dying Gallic Trumpeter, c.220BCE, Hellenistic (Roman Copy)

109 Hagesandros, Polydoros, Athanadoros of Rhodes, Laocoön and His Sons, 1st century BCE Hellenistic

110 Laocoön and His Sons

111 Nike of Samothrace, c.190BCE, Hellenistic

112 Aphrodite of Melos (Venus de Milo ), c150BCE, Hellenistic

113 Comparison

114 Aphrodite of Melos

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