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Companies Presenting BitRage Florida-based world leader of wireless point to point data radios using proprietary DSP.

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2 Companies Presenting BitRage Florida-based world leader of wireless point to point data radios using proprietary DSP technology. S&E Advanced Systems California-based developer and manufacturer of superior night vision video equipment for use by the military, police, first responders and surveillance partnered with and now acquired by BitRage.

3 Typical Military Deployment of NOVIS WIRELESS video sharing from squad to mobile and Fixed C3 Immediate range : 100 m – 1 Km Weapon, head gear or hand held. Field control : 300 m – 3Km away from the frontline. Users can record all video streams locally. Mobile or fixed Headquarters C3: 67 Km away from the field control. Video streams plus data is transmitted on a 100 Mbps radio. Airborne Over watch platform: 100 m – 1 Km receives live data from Team and feeds over watch data to Team leader. EC130 (E or V) ABC3, ACH53 Pave Low, M2C2, equipped with radios, communication computers and satellite links and allows Special Forces link live data and video communications while on the move

4 A Complete Solution Used in all lighting conditions. Can be viewed locally or transmitted up to 67 KM away. Suitable for special operations, SWAT teams, fireman, and mobile and fixed surveillance. Can also be transmitted with data and voice links back to headquarters or a remote location. Can be used in conjunction with fixed surveillance systems.

5 NOVIS Overview Cameras can be used in all lighting, including darkness, and are used in groups of 4-all wireless connected using the 2.4 Ghz. Frequency. Light weight-can be mounted on weapons, helmets, hand held, or stationary. Ruggedized for special operations and resistant to adverse environmental conditions. Immediate range is 100 Meters-1 KM, depending on transmitter power used. 4 channels of video can be streamed in real time up to 67 Km with BitRage data radio.


7 Unique Camera Technology Cameras can be used with ambient moon light in passive mode to a distance of 500-1000 meters or in active mode with infrared lighting, infrared flares or laser illuminators in darkness providing high resolution video close-up or up to 1 KM, depending on lens and lighting power used. Vastly superior to grainy green night vision technology; unaffected by external light sources such as street lights and vehicle lighting. Transmitters are small and light-weight and can transmit to a central point and to other team members simultaneously. Camera system uses 2 standard 9V disposable batteries with a life of 1-4 hours, depending on type used. Integrated with the MEI 40 mm Hunter high- altitude round that transmits video from 200 meters over a battlefield direct to the BitRage helmet receivers.

8 SE 2000 Weapon Mounts Can be configured with a variety of lenses. Can be used with or without infrared light source or a laser illuminator. Camera can be configured as a targeting scope.

9 SE 2000 Camera Mounts Current Tactical, Kevlar Helmet or caps can carry camera and wireless system. Head mounted receivers can be mounted and used to view video from any team members. Black and White image clarity sufficient for use with facial recognition software Get rid of cumbersome, hazy green, NVGs in current use Cleaner / Detailed Images Difficult to make our detail

10 SE 2000 Camera Mounts Hand carry with or without infrared light. Can be used by mobile surveillance or security personnel.

11 SE 2000 Camera Mounts Cameras can be stationary around secured premises, urban settings or used for border patrol/surveillance.

12 Unique Data Radios BitRage’s radios can transmit SE 2000 Video streams 67 KM when connected to option control system. Better throughput and quality of signal than the competition. Control system can also transport data and voice via tactical radio or cell phones simultaneously with multiple video streams (requires tactical radio voice card). Integrated unit records and archives video, voice and still shots.

13 100 Mbps, 5.8 GHz Point-to-Point Wireless Broadband KR-100 RagePort Wireless Ethernet Bridge 100 Mbps full-duplex, single band Fast Ethernet Unlicensed Twice the distance with one-half the antenna dish size – up to 40 miles with a 2 foot dish Rapid ROI Multiple Data Interfaces Rapid provisioning of voice, video, data, and advanced IP application services BitRage’s new KR-100 RagePort radio provides reliable and rapidly deployable Broadband, multi-service connectivity and availability to a wide spectrum of service markets. Delivering Fast Ethernet application services from business and campus, building, and metro POPs, the KR-100 RagePort radio enables service providers to offer customers alternative communication options. The KR-100 RagePort allows integration of a wide range of technologies via increased bandwidth availability, and scalability. It also offers a performance and feature upgrade path with rapid provisioning capability. The KR-100 RagePort delivers bandwidth and activates switchable Ethernet service between the subscribers’ point of presence and the network trunk. Indoor Unit features 2 IEEE Fast Ethernet ports for bridging Ethernet LANs.

14 NOVIS-A Flexible Solution Can be used in configurations of 1- 4 cameras and can be monitored in all light conditions at distances of up to 1 KM and then transmitted to 67 KM. Can be mounted in various means and used by military and civilian users for surveillance and special operations. Designed, using today’s communications protocols,the system can combine data and voice links using tactical radios, mobile phones and laptops.

15 Summary BitRage will be introducing NOVIS, the most innovative night vision and surveillance system to a select customer base. System is easy to deploy, ruggetized, environmentally proven and affordable. Demonstrations are available. Fire Rescue Police SWAT Border Patrol Local Agencies Federal Agencies International Agencies

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