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MTDC Fire, Aviation, and Residues Programs

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1 MTDC Fire, Aviation, and Residues Programs

2 Aerial Ignition Projects
Project Leader: Wes Throop

3 Helitorch Prototype Fabricated
Flight Characteristics Testing Completed Modifying Tip to Improve Shutoff and Flow Hope to Field Test During Spring Burning Season Est. Completion: Early FY06

4 Northern Helitorch Suspension Mods
Modified Suspension to Enhance Safety and Improve Flight Characteristics Successfully Flight Tested Installed on All Three USFS Northern Helitorches Currently in Use By R-9

5 Evaluate Northern Helitorch
Attended Operational Demonstration Waiting for Burning Opportunity to Complete Evaluation

6 Evaluate Raindance R2 Aerial Incendiary Machine
Australian Design Uses “Cups” Molded Together in a Belt Instead of Spheres Waiting for Example to Test

7 Evaluate SEI Blue Dragon
Flight Testing Revealed Problems With Machine & Sphere Manufacturing Process SEI Modified Machine and Sphere Manufacturing Process Waiting for Burning Opportunities to Retest

8 Evaluate SEI Red Dragon
Bench Tested at MTDC Problems Encountered: Frequent Jamming Water Leakage Must Disassemble Machine to Un-jam Cannot Visually Confirm Spheres Are Feeding Properly SEI Redesigning Machine to Correct Problems

9 Evaluate PSD Emergency Procedures
Had Different Makes & Models of Operators Try Current Emergency Procedure – Some Could Not Jettison Machine Fabricated Adapter Plate with Jettison Capability Next Steps: Field Test Adapter Plate Evaluate Harness Attachment Hardpoints

10 Aerial Ignition Website
Available to Forest Service & BLM Employees Working On: Adding Additional Content Making Pages Accessible to Visually Impaired Allowing Access to Other Agencies

11 Batch Mixer Field Tested With Good Results by Lassen NF
Operator’s Manual and Drawings Available From MTDC

12 Ground Ignition Projects

13 ATV Helmet for Fire Application
Project Leader: Mary Ann Davies Investigating Helmet vs Hardhat Requirements for ATV Burning Operations Researched Testing Standards for Hardhats & ATV Helmets Procured Pit Crew Helmets for Field Testing Working With WO and OSHA

14 Terra Torch Project Leader: Wes Throop
Designed to Use Two 55 Gallon Drums as Fuel Tanks No CDL Required for Use Currently Working on Design Est. Completion: FY07

15 Adapt Plastic Sphere Dispenser to ATV
Project Leader: Gary Kees Project Goal: Adapt Plastic Sphere Dispenser for Use on ATV or UTV Waiting for Development of ATV/UTV Policy Will Evaluate New Generation PSD Machines as They Become Available

16 Ground Ignition Hand Launcher
Project Leader: Wes Throop / Gary Kees Tested 2 Prototype Vendor Systems – Mixed Results Researching Different Methods of Propelling Sphere Developing Sphere Injector for Use With Sling Shot Completion: End of FY06

17 ATV Torch Project Leader: Wes Throop Prototype Fabricated
Working on Electrical System Improvements Est. Completion: Early FY06

18 Evaluate ForesTech Flares
Project Leader: Wes Throop New Flare Designed to be Used in Existing Fire Quick Launcher Undergoing Field Testing – Results Favorable So Far

19 Alternative Drip Torch Fuel
Project Leader: Wes Throop Project Goal - Evaluate Biodiesel, Vegetable Oil, and Other Alternative Fuels for Drip Torches Field Tested Vegetable Oil and Pre-Mixed Fuels – Results Mixed Will Evaluate Biodiesel and Other Fuels Completion Date: End of FY 06

20 Fuel Transport Projects
Project Leader: Wes Throop

21 Safety Can Improvement
Worked With Vendor to Improve Existing Safety Can Improved Can Now Available From Safe T Way as the Safety Transport LM Can

22 Fuel Transport Guide Provides Guidance to Field
Allowable Tanks & Containers Marking, Labeling, Placarding Shipping Papers & Emergency Response Info Licensing & Training Estimated Completion: 1st Quarter FY 06

23 New Projects Fuel Transport Training Fuel Transport Web Site
Est Completion: FY 06

24 Project Leader: Pat Wilson
Smokejumper Projects Project Leader: Pat Wilson

25 FS-14 Upgrades Project Goals Increase Forward Speed Lower Descent Rate
Increase Stability Project Status: Ongoing

26 Smokejumper Emergency Procedure Training
Based on Video of Various Malfunctions Rigged Into Parachutes During Dummy Drops Est. Completion: End of FY06

27 Smokejumper Helmet & Face Mask
Light Weight With Integrated Mask Will Meet Snell Ski and Snowboard Standard. Undergoing Field Evaluation Est. Completion: End of FY06

28 Wireless Spotter Helmet
Allows Spotter Unrestricted Movement Inside of Aircraft Est. Completion: End of FY06

29 New Projects Updated Smokejumper Spotter Training
Estimated completion End of FY07 Improved Padding for Smokejumper Protective Suit (Tech Services)

30 Project Leader: Tony Petrilli
Fire Shelters Project Leader: Tony Petrilli

31 Large Size Fire Shelter
For People Over 6’1” Large Shelter Now Available Large Practice Shelter Available Soon See Tech Tip MTDC For More Information

32 Continual Improvement Process Design Upgrades
Single Floor Piece 3/4 Inch Pipe in Handles Binding Tape Removed New Line of Stitching Recycle Symbol Added to Plastic Liner PVC Bag Pull Strap Attachment Reinforced (See Tech Tip MTDC for More Information)

33 Other Ongoing Improvements
Improving Material Strength Refining Toxicity Protocols Refining Material Strength Standards Researching Ways to Make Shelter More Self-Supporting Continuing Field Testing

34 Interagency Fire Shelter Advisory Board
Board Purpose: Provide Project Direction Involve Stakeholder Groups in Management Decisions Ensure MTDC Specialists Receive Leadership Support & Guidance First Meeting - 02/06 in Boise

35 Alternate Folding & Packaging
New Project (Tech Services) Improved Ways to Fold and Protect Shelter

36 Firefighter Protective Clothing and Accessories
Project Leader: Tony Petrilli

37 Fireline Pants/Gloves Questionnaire
Male Female 1963 Responses 1619 316 Average Height 5’-11” 5’-6” Average Weight 186 lbs. 144 lbs.

38 Questionnaire Participants
All Agencies 45 states

39 Pants Overall Fit Male = 2.85 Avg. Female = 2.79 Avg.

40 Gloves Overall Fit Male = 2.60 Avg. Female = 2.50 Avg.

41 Fireline Pants Improvements in Response to Questionnaire
Relaxed Fit Increased Seam Strength Improved Waist & Cuff Adjusters Added Additional Inseam: 30” - Short 33” – Regular (Was 34”) 36” – Long (New Size)

42 Redesign Firefighter Gloves
New Project (Tech Services) Worldwide Search for Gloves That Are (or Could Be) NFPA 1977 Compliant

43 Prototype Fireline Pants Trials
5 Different Fabrics 200 Pairs Sent Out for Field Evaluation In Year 1 of a 2 Year Study Low Rate of 1st Year Evaluation Returns

44 Fireline Pack Improved Fire Shelter Sleeve to Reduce Entry of Dirt
Added ID Tag Window

45 Effects of DEET on Nomex Clothing
Application of DEET to Nomex Clothing Led to Failure of Flame Resistance Test See Tech Tip MTDC for More Information

46 Chainsaw Chap Care Tech Tip (0451-2324-MTDC) Available
New User Instruction Sheet to Accompany New Chaps. Chaps Now Covered by NFPA 1977 Additional Testing Reinforced the Initial Finding That Greasy Grimy Chaps Offer Less Protection Than Clean Chaps

47 Hardhat Temperature Testing
Project Leader: John Smith Request from Field to Determine Color Effect on Temperature Inside Hardhat Testing Showed Temperature Difference of Up to 20 Degrees Between Black and White For More Information See Tech Tip MTDC

48 Helicopter Rappel Equipment and Procedures
Project Leader: Tim Lynch

49 Rappel Website Current Information Information to be Added
Rappel & Cargo Let Down Equipment Rappel Anchors Information to be Added Model Specific Powerpoint Presentations Safety Bulletins Safecoms

50 New Equipment Designs Bell 407 Snub Strap Extendable Spotter Tether
Raptor Knife Sheath Personal Gear Bag 300’ Cargo Letdown Line & Accordion Pack

51 Manufacture of New Equipment
Manufacture of New Equipment Transferred From MTDC to John Day Rappel Base MTDC Will Continue to Provide Technical Support

52 Evaluate New Equipment
Miller Revolution Harness for Rappel Spotter Use RQ-3 Cargo Letdown Friction Device Cargo Letdown Friction Device Extender Strap

53 Rope Assisted Deployment System (RADS)
Designed & Constructed Spotter Harnesses, Restraints & Other Equipment for Trial Program Assisted With Training & Evaluating Spotters Produced Initial Report & Video of First Live RADS Deployment Will Continue to be Involved as Program Progresses

54 Helicopter Rappelling Accessories
Project Leader: Keith Windell

55 Bell 210 Rappel Kit Installation
Investigate Installation of Existing Bell Medium Rappel Anchor in New Bell 210 Status: Ongoing

56 Rappel Simulator New Project
Design a Rappel Training Tower & Simulator That Conforms to OSHA and Other Requirements

57 Other Projects

58 Entrapment Avoidance Project Leader: Leslie Anderson
Develop Training Materials for Crew Leaders About Work Practices Used to Establish and Maintain Crew Cohesion Established Data Collection Procedures and Conducted 26 Interviews Estimated Completion: End of FY 07

59 Situational Awareness Firefighting Equipment (SAFE)
Project Leader: Bob Roth Project Goal: Identify & Deploy New Technologies That Will Increase Safety and Reduce Costs By: Allowing 24 Hr Operations Providing Real Time Command & Control Improving Situational Awareness Enhancing Ability to Order Resources & Prioritize Requests Improving Accuracy of Resource Deliveries Improving Operational Effectiveness

60 Helicopter Support Equipment and Procedures for BAER
Project Leader: Tim Lynch Evaluating Equipment and Procedures for Safe Distribution of Hay/Shredded Wood Developing Prototype Grapple to Replace Net System Estimated Completion: FY 07

61 Accurate Fuel Stick Scale
Project Leader: Mary Ann Davies Evaluated Seven Different Scales for Accuracy See Tech Tip MTDC

62 Wildland Firefighter Safety and Health
Project Leader: Brian Sharkey WLFF Health and Safety Report #10 in Editing New Project: Firefighter Nutrition Training Materials

63 Wildland Fire and Aviation Specifications
Project Leader: Dennis Davis Maintains Currency of 56 Specifications

64 Modified Range Drill Project Leader: Dick Karsky
Working With BLM to Improve Seed Depth Control and Seed to Soil Contact Est. Completion: End of FY06

65 Slash Conveyer, Slash Concentrator, and Slash Mat Remover
Project Leader: Scott Groenier Evaluating 3 Systems for Fuels Reduction Projects: Slash conveyor, Slash concentrator, Slash mat remover, Est. Completion: End of FY06

66 Incident Sign Installation Guide
Project Leader: Andy Trent/Donna Sheehy (R-1) Describes Proper Use of Signs at Incidents Available From MTDC Pubs Working on Ordering Guide: Estimated Completion FY 06

67 Generator Use in Small Camps
Project Leader: Dennis Davis Project Goal: Provide Guidance for Use of Generators in Spike Camps Tech Tip MTDC Available Soon

68 Product Feedback Form Provides a Place for Users to Make Comments & Suggestions on T&D Products Located on MTDC Website

69 Questions?

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