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National Multiple Sclerosis Society Lone Star Chapter's BP MS 150 Bike Tour April 18 - 19, 2015 Presented by: Amanda Banduch, Team BP Co-Captain Rachel.

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1 National Multiple Sclerosis Society Lone Star Chapter's BP MS 150 Bike Tour April 18 - 19, 2015 Presented by: Amanda Banduch, Team BP Co-Captain Rachel Partridge, Team BP Co-Captain The BP MS 150 Ride Weekend– What You Need To Know But Were Afraid to Ask

2 5/3/20152 MS is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system of nearly half a million Americans. Currently there’s no cure. The ride raises funds for research that allows us to better understand the disease and work towards a cure! Last year the tour raised over $20 million Remember Why We Ride – TO FUNDRAISE!!!!

3 BP Matching Program Sherry Strasner, Associate Director BP Foundation

4 5/3/20154 Team BP Awards List Top Fundraising Team ($1.2 million) 3rd Highest Average Fundraising Per Rider for a Team with More than 100 Riders Largest Team Title Sponsor Gold Safety Award winner

5 5/3/20155 Team BP Packet Pick-up Details Date: Thursday, March 26 th from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm Location: BP Westlake 1 Cafeteria What you need: −Fundraising minimum - $500 −Completed safety clinic in last 3 years −Registered with Team BP & MS Society −Completed the NMSS Safe Cycling Challenge (every year) −Signed MS wavier (if minor rider) Guest wristband $25, cash or check - National MS Society No jersey exchange (only at late PPU) Last years jersey for sale: $25.00

6 5/3/20156 Team BP Late Packet Pick-up Details Date: Friday, April 17 th from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Location: BP Westlake 1 Pondview Room What you need: −Fundraising minimum - $500 −Completed safety clinic in last 3 years −Registered with Team BP & MS Society −Completed the NMSS Safe Cycling Challenge −Signed MS wavier (if minor rider) Guest wristband $25, cash or check - National MS Society Jersey exchange – First come, first served. No size guarantee. Prior years jerseys for sale: $25.00 Current year jersey sale after 3PM: $50

7 5/3/20157 Guest Wristbands Friends and Family −Must wear BP wristband for access to LaGrange & Austin Team BP tents −Guest wristbands are $25 each: 3 max. per rider −BP guest wristband are available for purchase at packet pick-up ONLY, not LaGrange or Austin −Must provide names if purchasing guests wristbands −Children under 3 - FREE

8 5/3/20158 Rider Packet - READ Contents Rider number plate to attach to handlebars Adhesive rider number for front of helmet Large rider number to attach to back of jersey (Important: MUST fill in medical info on back of rider number) Safety pins to attach rider number to back of jersey NMSS wristband for Saturday and Sunday meals BP wristband for LaGrange and Austin Team tent access 2 adhesive luggage tags (to place around your luggage handles), luggage no more than 35lbs

9 5/3/20159 Team BP Luggage Drop Off Date: Friday, April 17 th −Time: 7:00am – 5:00pm (weather permitting) −Surface Lot between BP Helios and WestLake 4 Saturday, April 18 th −Time: 5:00am – 6:00am −Surface Lot between BP Helios and WestLake 4 2 Bag Limit ( 35 lbs limit/bag) TEAM BP RIDERS ONLY −All baggage MUST be labeled −using # tags in your packet DO NOT PUT ANYTHING YOU NEED FOR THE RIDE IN YOUR LUGGAGE (HELMET, SHOES, MEDICATION, ETC)

10 5/3/201510 What to Pack - Overnight Each rider is allowed 2 pieces of luggage No more than 35 lbs each Put a luggage tag on each piece (printed with your Rider Number – included in packet) Include personal tags with name & cell phone In Overnight Bag Tent (optional) Sleeping bag (ground protection) and pillow Towel for shower (La Grange & Austin) Toiletries: soap, shampoo, toothbrush, medications, sunscreen, any other personal items Change of clothes for Saturday evening Plastic cover for bike seat on Saturday night Riding clothes for Sunday Extra water bottle and nutrition items Change of clothes for bus trip home Sun Comfortable shoes

11 5/3/201511 What to Bring – Morning of Ride Helmet -- REQUIRED Padded bike shorts & jersey Cycling gloves & shoes Sunglasses, lip balm & sunscreen Tire patch kit, spare tubes & tire pump Identification (driver’s license, insurance card & medical ID) Emergency cash & credit card Water bottles (2 minimum) and/or hydration pack - filled Rider #’s attached & wristbands on 2015 BP MS 150 route map (laminate) Medications Rain poncho (if needed) Cold weather gear (if needed) DO NOT PUT THESE ITEMS IN YOUR LUGGAGE

12 5/3/201512 Starting Points Tully Stadium – start at Helios Plaza and bike over S. Dairy Ashford Between I-10 and Memorial ~100 miles to LaGrange 7:00 am start, depart Westlake at 6:10 am (Team BP leads out riders) Rhodes Stadium 1733 Katy Fort Bend County Rd ~83 miles to LaGrange 7:00 am start (Team BP leads out riders) Waller Stadium 20950 Fields Store Road ~76 miles to LaGrange 8:00 am to 10:00 rolling start

13 5/3/201513 Team BP Start - Tully Stadium

14 5/3/201514 Is Your Bike Road Ready? Have an Official BP MS150 Bike Store inspect your bike (free until April 11 th ) Receive the safety sticker Sticker entitles you to FREE mechanical labor during the Tour, you still pay for parts Inspect the morning of tour & during the tour – ABC Quick Check Have all the right gear on board −Spare tube(s), tire levers, light weight air pump or CO2 cartridge, patch kit, tire boot, multi-tool (optional) −Phone (turned off / airplane mode), identification, insurance card, money, credit card

15 5/3/201515 Are You Ready to Ride? Ride 3-5 times per week ( indoors and out) Increase miles & ride hills—training series & recommended rides Learn to keep a cadence of ~ 75-95 Strength / Resistance train to build muscles Ride in the heat to get acclimated Learn to be safe riding in a group Stretch to prevent injuries

16 5/3/201516 What to Expect on the Ride 13,000 cyclists riding at the same time; 500+ Team BP riders First 50 miles, riders will be all around you Road will be congested with riders −Faster riders will try to pass −Slower riders may block the road ahead of you Pace Lines (20 riders long) riding fast Breakpoint entrances & exits will be very crowded & high accident risks

17 5/3/201517 1 – Dehydration 2 – Collisions with other cyclists 3 – Hitting Obstacles in the road 4 – Sunburn 5 – Equipment Failures An ounce of prevention (or water) is worth a pound of cure Top Medical Issues

18 5/3/201518 Hydration Priorities Acclimatization to the heat outdoors −Spend 1-2 hours a day in heat 2 weeks prior to tour −Spin classes alone will not do the trick Improve fitness by riding outdoors −The more fit you are, the less likely you will experience hydration issues −Recommended Rides or Training Series to learn how to safely ride in groups −Best bet….hours on the seat in the heat Learn what hydration fluids and electrolytes works best for you −Choose a hydration fluid you like −Experiment with electrolyte-containing fluids before the tour

19 5/3/201519 Having a Good BP MS150 Experience Sunscreen −Apply 1 hour before all over (before dressing) −Use “sport” sun screen (lasts longer) Pre-hydration −Start several days before the tour −Drink 8 – 12 glasses of water per day −DO NOT try new drinks just before the ride or during breakpoints −Take in salty foods at breakpoints

20 5/3/201520 Having a Good BP MS150 Experience Hydration during the tour −Carry 2 large bottles on your bike −Don’t wait till you are thirsty −Drink at least 1 bottle/hour −Use camel-back if you plan on skipping breakpoints Rule of Thumb: Eat before you are hungry, Drink before you are thirsty Wear medical ID tags if appropriate (always carry identification & insurance card) Put cell phones in airplane mode during the tour DO NOT use headphones during the ride Riding with someone under 18: Stay with them (meaning you can see them)

21 5/3/201521 BP MS 150 Tips – Vocal Warnings “Slowing”- − Could be a light, a slower pack of bikes, a car up ahead − Be prepared to slow down −Tap your brakes and repeat the yell "Slowing“ “Stopping” −VERY important not to slam on your brakes “Hold your line” −stay in a straight line as best you can −the person is attempting to pass

22 5/3/201522 BP MS 150 Tips – Vocal Warnings “On your Left “ −means bikes passing on your left −if you are passing, safe passing is your responsibility −never pass on the right “Car Up” −means that there is a car up front −repeat the call so that others know “Car Back” −means that there is a car approaching from the rear

23 5/3/201523 GENERAL BP MS 150 INFO BPMS150.NET Donate

24 5/3/201524 Training and Safety BPMS150.NET

25 5/3/201525 2014 Tour Route Map (2015 route will have changes)

26 5/3/201526 2014 Tour Route Map – Day 1

27 5/3/201527 2014 Tour Map – Day 2

28 5/3/201528 Break Points Provide riders with: −Food (varies) −Hydration (water & cytomax) −Port-o-lets −medical support (sunscreen, first aid) −bike mechanical service (replace tubes or CO2, fill up tires) Located approximately every 8 -12 miles along the route Day 1 recommend stop at Break Point #1 and Not # 2 BP volunteers are running Break Points #1 and #5 on Day 1, and #2 on Day 2 You can stop at any rest stop

29 5/3/201529 Break Points Approaching Break Points −Gear down −Signal or call out “Slowing, then Stopping” as you enter breakpoint −Clip out before stopping (several yards) −Pull your bike completely off the road – not right in front of breakpoint Replenish −Food/drink −Sunscreen −Stretch Bio-break Be careful of traffic when returning to road Allow a few minutes to return to your pace

30 2014 Lunch Stop -Saturday 5/3/201530

31 2014 Lunch Stop -Sunday 5/3/201531

32 5/3/201532 Ride Marshals – “Safety Ambassadors” BP has 20+ Ride Marshals on the Tour 200+ total marshals will be on the tour Look for red jersey w/Ride Marshal written on them RM’s help everyone have a safe and fun ride RM’s assist in the event of accident or mechanical problems, but are not mechanics Be respectful, listen & follow instructions

33 5/3/201533 SAG Support Requesting SAG support −Pull your bike safely and completely off the road −Get off your bike −Remove your helmet and wave it to flag down the SAG driver Be aware SAG support may not take you to rest area immediately

34 5/3/201534 Team BP Activities – La Grange Rider check-in Short-term bicycle storage at NMSS Corral or Small area in Team BP area (at your own risk) BP bikes stored on racks immediately if not personally stored in the corral Massage check-in −Cost is $20 for 15 minute massage (which includes a tip) Entrance to the BP Tent with BP Wristband Only (not sold on site) No pets or smoking allowed Food provided (may not be taken out of tent area) Music (DJ), complimentary beer (limit of 3 per person) Luggage pick-up First aid and medical REMEMBER – EVERYONE THERE TO HELP YOU IS A VOLUNTEER – THANK THEM

35 5/3/201535 2014 La Grange Fairgrounds Layout

36 5/3/201536 La Grange Showers −On site −High school Transportation (NMMS provided) −Shower buses −Hotel buses If You Need Help ask a Team BP volunteer

37 5/3/201537 2014 La Grange

38 5/3/201538 La Grange - Night Time Sleeping Arrangements −BP tent (bring sleeping bag, cot and plastic sheet for wet ground) −Camping at BP site – need to register for tent space on the Team BP website −MS Society options (offsite) −Lights out @ 9 pm

39 5/3/201539 La Grange –- Sunday Morning Lights on – early (approx 4am) Food and drinks provided Gear roll up and collection (luggage trucks for Team BP riders only) Bike retrieval – (remember your bike rack number) Sunscreen Air up tires - Bike pumps available Line up for start

40 5/3/201540 2014 La Grange Sunday Start

41 5/3/201541 Austin – Finish Line Rider Check-in Sign-up for Team BP buses Meeting Friends and Family – Must Wear BP Wristbands No pets or smoking Food, beer and margaritas (3 drink limit in effect) Luggage Pick-up Transportation back to Houston For Team BP Riders and Bikes Only Shower facilities

42 5/3/201542 Austin – Finish Line

43 5/3/201543 Austin Finish Line Layout BP Tent BP Trucks/Luggage Shower Trucks

44 5/3/201544 Austin Finish Line Layout Busses / Luggage

45 5/3/201545 Fundraising $500 minimum – aim for $1000 BP Matching Funds Use matching efforts for donations made from non-BP employees Fundraising resources BP_MS_150_-_Fundraising_- Fundraising_Guide.pdf?docID=72988 BP_MS_150_-_Fundraising_- Fundraising_Guide.pdf?docID=72988 Checks/Cash −Payable to ‘National MS Society’, with your name in the memo line, don’t forget the pledge form. MS Champions bandanas To date, the Lone Star Chapter's MS 150 Bike Tours have raised more than $100 million.

46 5/3/201546 Ultimate goal is ZERO accidents Each of us plays a role in achieving this goal “Think Safe, Ride Safe” Remember….you are representing BP Stay Safe and Have Fun Remember – “The BP MS150 Is Not A Race” Safety is a Frame of Mind

47 5/3/201547 Team BP Wishes You A Happy And Safe Tour!

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