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آشنايي با وسايل اطفاي حريق انواع Adapters & valves Angle Valves Ball Intake Relief Valve2.5" Hydrant Gate Valve SS Piston Intake Relief Valve.

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Presentation on theme: "آشنايي با وسايل اطفاي حريق انواع Adapters & valves Angle Valves Ball Intake Relief Valve2.5" Hydrant Gate Valve SS Piston Intake Relief Valve."— Presentation transcript:


2 آشنايي با وسايل اطفاي حريق

3 انواع Adapters & valves Angle Valves Ball Intake Relief Valve2.5" Hydrant Gate Valve SS Piston Intake Relief Valve

4 3-Way Siamese Lightweight Leader Line WyesSiamese 2-Way Clappered Gate Valve 2-Way Wyes Automatic Suction Valve Tanker Dump Valve Swing Out Valve

5 Butterfly Valves Lightweight Gated Valve Multi-Use Hazmat Adapter Gated Ball Valve Gated ValveHydrant ValveGate ValveHydrant Wyes

6 انواع شيلنگهاي آتش نشاني ( fire hose) Darley-Cord 800 Fire Hose DarQuest Lightweight Fire Hose Spec 187 Forestry Fire Hose Hi Rise Fire Hose

7 Large Diameter Fire Hose Darley Booster Hose Econoflo Multipurpose Fire Hose SUPPLYLINE™ Hose Soft Suction Hose Clear PVC Suction Hose Flexible Hard Suction HoseIndustrial PVC Suction Hose

8 انواع نازلهاي آتش نشاني ( firefighting nozzle) Blue Devil Nozzle Excel 1000™ Nozzle Brass Industrial Fog Nozzle Constant Gallonage Nozzle

9 Viper Black Knight Nozzle Select-O-Mastic1” Forestry Nozzle Straight Bore Nozzles Thunder Fog Adjustable Flow Nozzles TFT Master Stream Nozzle SaberJet™ Nozzles 1½” Handle w/2 Roll Pins

10 Pistol GripPyrolite ShutoffsSaber™ Shutoffs Aussie Bush Nozzle Phantom NozzlesStacked Tips Chief Constant Flow Nozzles Select-0-Matic® Automatic Nozzles

11 Mini Shaper Saber Master™ 1250 Nozzle The Assault™ Nozzle Blitz Tips Viper Select Constant Gallonage Nozzle Darley Break apart Nozzle Darley Ball Shutoff ValvesConstant Flow Nozzle

12 Flame fighter Piercing Nozzles900 Series 90° Piercing Nozzles Piercing Applicator Nozzle Chimney Nozzle Double Stack Tip Stream Straightened 4 1/2" Smooth Bore TipTriple Handling Stack Tip

13 1 ½” Combination Fog Nozzle 1 1/2” Electrical Fog NozzleCombination Fog Nozzle 1 1/2” Straight Stream Nozzle 2 1/2” Combination Fog Nozzle Lexan Forestry Nozzle Augustus Fire Tool®Turbo Master Nozzle

14 وسايل ورودي ( entry tools) Lightweight Aluminum Hooligan Tool Hazmat Hooligan Tool Hooligan Entry Tool Fire Axes

15 Crash Axes MAX Multi Purpose Fire Tool Pry Fire AxePersonal Fire Axe Biel Fire Axe ToolYes Tool Emergency Fire Tool SetMulti-Purpose Fire Tool

16 Truckman® Battle Axe Paratech FireAxe Pro-Saw/Cut Off SawBarracuda Rescue Saw Hack Saw Heavy Duty Rescue Saw Dead Blow Hammer Shoring Hammer

17 Sledge Hammer 2 lb. Connection MalletHeavy Duty Rescue Bar Battering Ram

18 وسايل باغباني ( forestry tools ) Salvage KitAdze HoeDrip TorchFirefighting Shovels

19 Forestry "McLeod" Fire Tool Double Edge Bush Axe Steel Fire Rake Professional Fire Broom Wild land SuspendersFire ShelterBack Pack SystemIndian Fire Pump

20 وسايل كمكي ( pikpole tools ) Trash Hook Multi-Purpose Fire Tool Dry Wall Hook Pike Pole Fiberglass I-Beam Pike Pole

21 اهرمها ( spanner & wrenched ) Fire Coupler Lug/Gas WrenchMechanics 170 Piece Tool Set Spanner Wrenches Storz Spanner Wrenches & Holders

22 Hydrant Wrench Hand Tool Ratchet Hydrant Wrench Handy Cap Wrench Span-Hammer Hydrant Strap KitRes-Q-RenchHydrant Wrenches Ratch-It™ Hydrant Wrench

23 اطفا كننده ها ( Extinguisher ) Halon I Clean Agent Extinguisher ABC Fire Extinguishers Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher Water/Foam Extinguisher Regular B:C Extinguisher Purple K Extinguisher Class D Fire ExtinguisherExtinguisher Chemical Refill

24 Chimney Snuffer Kit Pump Type Water Extinguisher FirePower™ Cartridge-Operated Fire Extinguisher Can Harness Dry Chemical Wheeled Extinguisher Dry Chemical Nitrogen Cylinder Pressurized Wheeled Extinguisher

25 فوم و تجهيزات آن ( Foam & equipment ) Fire Coupler Lug/Gas WrenchMechanics 170 Piece Tool Set Spanner WrenchesSilv-ex Foam

26 Hydro-Foam Nozzle Madd Dog Foam Nozzle Mid-X Medium Expansion Foam Tube Guardian Foam Nozzle Spot & Mop Foam NozzleCAFS Hand line Nozzle Foam NozzlesBubble Cup Nozzle

27 Foam Aspirating Attachment 36 Gallon Mobile Foam CartBy-Pass Foam Eductor Round The Pump Foam Inductor Foam Tube Nozzle Blizzard Wizard Nozzles Ultra Light Foam Eductor Pyrolite® In-Line Eductors

28 پله ( Fire ladder ) Little Giant Ladder Mount Set Little Giant Ladder System Carrier Clamps QUIKSTEP™ Foldable Ladder

29 فن و تهويه ( Fan & Ventilation ) Direct Drive Gas Stackable Smoke Ejector Flexible Duct and Adapters Positive/Negative Pressure Ventilator Smoke Ejector Holder

30 Smoke CanisterSmoke EjectorElectric Blowers Positive Pressure Ventilators High Expansion Foam Generators Cloud 9 Smoker Machine 110 VAC VSX Electric Power Blower Misting Ring

31 نمايشگر اطفاي حريق ( Firefighting monitor ) Sidewinder™ Monitor Ozzie™ Oscillating MonitorApollo™ 2 Inlet Monitor Stinger® 2.0 Lightweight Monitors

32 Vulcan RF™ Monitor Bliltzfire Monitor Saber Master™ 1250 Nozzle Stinger RF Monitor FireFox™ Multi-Purpose Remote Controlled Monitor Tornado Bumper Monitor Remote Controlled Bumper Monitor Oscillating Monitor

33 چراغ هاي اضطراردستي ( handle light ) Light hawk LED MityLite™ 2430Stream light Vulcan Stream light Survivor® Flashlight

34 Little Ed FlashlightBatteriesHID LiteBox UK Unilite Right Angle Light Stream light LiteBox® Nite Tracker® Spotlight Pelican Stealthlite Flashlight Mag-Lite Flashlight

35 چراغ هاي آتش نشاني ( Firefighting light ) Roof Mount Halogen Spotlight Oscilaser Portable Hand Light ‘Shadow’ Scene Light

36 Condor™ LED Windshield Light Hose Bed/Deck LightRemote SpotlightPortable Floodlight Focus Telescoping Floodlight Night masters Telescoping Scenelight Darley Telescoping Floodlight Portable Halogen Floodlight

37 لباس هاي آتش نشاني ( Firefighting suits ) PBO Bronze Turnout Gear 35M Turnout Suits Nomex® Elite Gear™ Turnout Gear ‘Darley Nomex lllA® Express

38 دستكشهاي هاي آتش نشاني ( Firefighting gloves ) Rope Rescue GloveBlaze Fighter GlovesExtrication Gloves Fire Mate™ Leather Gloves

39 Pigskin Fire Gloves Cow Palm/Elk Back Gloves Darley Fire Fighter Gloves Fireman VIII Leather Gloves Fire Fighter Elk Skin Gloves Eclipse Elkskin Gloves Crosstech® Direct Grip Gloves Wildfire Wildland Firefighting Gloves

40 كلاه ايمني وآتش نشاني ( Firefighting helmet ) Ben Franklin 2 Plus Fire Helmet Cairns 1010 Fire Helmet American Classic Fire Helmet Bullard PX/FX Helmets

41 Lite Force Plus Fire Helmet Wildfire Protective Headgear Bullard UST Traditional Helmet Chieftain 911 Fire Helmet Bullard LT™ Fire Helmets Traditional 1910 Freedom Fire Fighting Helmet American Heritage Leather Fire Helmet w/Aluminized Cover

42 عينك هاي آتش نشاني ( Firefighting goggles ) Flex GogglesA-Tac® GogglesFire GogglesGalaxis Goggle

43 پوتين هاي آتش نشاني ( Firefighting boot ) Hellfire Ulti-met™ Structural Bunker Boot Waterproof Side Zip Composite Safety Toe Boots Hornet Structural Oblique Toe Boots HazMat/Structural Boot

44 Firefighter Boots Stormking Firefighter Boots Leather Bunker Boots Wildland Fire Kevlar Boot Black Diamond X-Boot Hellfire™ Structural Boots Thorogood 10” Leather Fire Boot Thorogood 14” Leather Pull Up Fire Boot

45 The Golden Hour Pack Ultimate Gear Bag (Wheels) SAR Utility Vinyl Bucket Code 7 Pack Rapid Air Transport Bag The Tool BagEquipment Bag High Rise Hose Strap كيف هاي آتش نشاني ( Firefighting bag )

Download ppt "آشنايي با وسايل اطفاي حريق انواع Adapters & valves Angle Valves Ball Intake Relief Valve2.5" Hydrant Gate Valve SS Piston Intake Relief Valve."

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