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The Purple Helmet Society Respite and Recreation for Moms.

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1 The Purple Helmet Society Respite and Recreation for Moms

2 What is it? Once a month gathering of moms of riding students $10/mom Some sort of equestrian activity Some sort of food activity A devotion/prayer time NO KIDS ALLOWED

3 How did it start? After hours of being on the rail, moms began to inquire if they could ride too Set a one time meeting and had so much fun that a society was born Moms took ownership of the program

4 Program Activities Trail ride and pot luck Lessons and Mexican food Obstacle course challenge (and more Mexican food) Trivia and snacks Horse show and BBQ Etc, etc, etc

5 THE RULES… Seriously….there’s no seriousness in the PHS NO KIDS ALLOWED (but we will let in the occasional honorary Dad) You will be challenged, you will be pushed Laugh together What is said at the PHS stays at the PHS

6 Benefits to the Moms Comradry and shared stories Increased confidence- “I never thought I’d trot” A sense of belonging A bond with their child/shared experiences A chance to get out- “I don’t go out to eat. I don’t have time, I don’t have friends.”

7 Benefit to the Calvin Center Ownership leads to service projects More knowledge=volunteers instead of bench warmers (everything from feeders to leaders to instructors) Recruitment and increased rider numbers Fundraisers An adult riding program

8 Out of the PHS came… Mother’s Day weekend camping trip Family activity for moms and their families Instead of kids riding and moms watching, kids did ALL the work, moms got to ride Families took turns with meals Moms enjoyed trail rides, lessons, naps and fellowship Dads took care of any “non riding” siblings

9 Out of the PHS came…. ACTHA volunteers extraordinaire ACTHA ride was suggested and moms took the lead Sponsorships Volunteer positions filled Trails marked and cleaned Over 100 new people exposed to Calvin Center Equestrian Director NOT tied up

10 Out of the PHS came… The Daniel Plan study group Moms realized that riding is a physical activity Out of a desire to ride better and be able to ride more horses came the desire to lose weight and be more physically fit (Goal became mounting from block, not ramp) Monthly Bible Study, wellness plan and tracking and book club

11 Out of the PHS came… The Rusty stirrups show moms Kids having so much fun showing that moms wanted to join the party Local show offers walk trot classes for adults of varying ages Moms have made it a goal to go to a show, just like the kids do

12 Out of the PHS came… Weekly Mom lessons (beginner and advanced) Thursdays at 11 have become designated adult lessons times Offered at a reduced rate but still a paid lesson Group lessons at walk/trot and canter Kids sit on the sidelines or stay at home. These are “mom lessons”

13 Out of the PHS came Family connections Moms talking to other moms, learning about resources Moms making friends-PHS no longer only social outlet Moms finding ways to rely on each other outside the barn (kid pick-up, sleep overs, etc.) Kids, Moms AND Dads finding a place to belong

14 Out of the PHS came Brainstorms and solutions Plans for electrical Barn dances for special olympics New rope halters A “We can do it” attitude

15 OK, so does it make $$$? $10/mom for monthly activity=$50-150 depending on number and instructors donate their time Lessons at $10/mom, 4 moms/lesson=$40/weekly lesson Barn dances=$300-500

16 Downfalls??? Too much ownership Can take advantage of program Additional work for program horses and additional time for instructors Requires “mom sized” horses

17 ???’s 404-583-4591 or 770-946-4276 OR TALK TO A MOM!!!

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