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HEAnet's Major Network Evolution Andrew Mackarel David Wilson.

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1 HEAnet's Major Network Evolution Andrew Mackarel David Wilson

2 National Networking Projects HEAnet’s IP network New ROADM Network European Networking Research Projects AutoBAHN Manticore & Federica Questions & Answers Agenda

3 Current Network Map on the Website HEAnet’s IP network

4 Bandwidth Demand Today Effective limit of old equipment Effective limit of new equipment 5 years

5 New IP Network uses Cisco CRS-1s Scalability – 40 Gbit/s interfaces currently installed –Upgrade to 100Gbit/s interfaces in future => 1.5+ Terabits per second total Supports current and future services New operating system platform: IOS-XR designed for future Protocol and Services. Hardware

6 Top Class solution which allows for future growth –10Gbit/s connections available now –Scale to 100Gbit/s peer, multi-10Gbit/s per client when required in future Support for critical new features – High Availability online IOS-XR updates etc –IPv6 multicast –4 byte ASN – Secure Domain Routing (Virtual Routing) New Features

7 Best Current Practice: Model now being followed by many NRENs SURFNET, SUNET Concentrate, then duplicate –Concentrating => Less hardware, Less to go wrong, Easier to scale –Duplicating => Resilience Network Consistency –Two routers –One in Citywest, one in Kilcarbery Park Collapsed backbone

8 Late Nov - Acceptance tests End Nov- HEAnet services transferred Dec- First clients and peers Jan-Feb- Next 10 clients Feb-April - Next 20 Clients May-Aug- Remaining 25 clients –Technology conversions / connection upgrades Project Implementation

9 All Clients transitioned onto New Network Ethernet Connectivity –allows clients burst up to 10Gbit/s per interface –Provision for Future 10Gbit/s client connections BGP Peerings –client gets connectivity via NBE to both routers Primary/backup connections Resilience now a function of the underlying NBE BGP changes in previous years paid off – Thanks!! Current Client Status

10 Current Peering Status INEX1G GEANT2.5G GBLX2.5G JANET1G NIRAN1G Dec 0710G Mar 0810G May 0810G Aug 0810G Jun 081G Jun 081G Tiscali Telia 20072008

11 Overlaid on National Backbone Dark fibre network provides Ethernet point-to-point capability –Brings network to the client –Reduces cost –Increases flexibility –Adds resilience now expanded by NBE Project Multi-pop backbone

12 HEAnets ROADM Network Uses Adva FSP 3000 ROADMs Rev 7 CfT 2008 Fully Compatible with CWDM Network

13 Why are ROADMS needed ? More Capacity is needed in Fibre Core Network now – By 2009/2010, UCD, DCU and TCD will all require 10Gbit/s IP links – The aggregate bandwidth (considering p2p and IP links) inside the Dublin Metro Ring will be soon be larger then 10 Gbit/s. – Other Regions are following the same pattern Other Projects expected to aggravate this Bandwidth problem – e-INIS Project – HPC: ICHEC & other grid clusters or supercomputers Researchers may also require Point to Point Connections to CERN’s Large Hadron Collider and other projects. Normally 10Gbit/s links. Why ROADMS in HEAnets network?

14 What is a ROADM? Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop multiplexer Software configurable DWDM Multiplexer Flexibility to add/drop/continue wavelengths Ability to provide 10Gbit/s circuits “on demand” Uses Combination of new technologies. – Tunable lasers – GMPLS control plane Fast Evolving Technology Performance and cost reductions continuously => implement only in network where required

15 Network Layout planning is flexible and can be modified quickly. Allows Backbone capacity expansion without need for additional Fibres ROADM allows for remote configuration and reconfiguration. – ROADMs allow for automatic power balancing In a DWDM network, making changes is more complex requires more pre design, provision and power balancing. DWDM Networks => Static Designs ROADMs give more flexibility ROADM advantages

16 – Point to point circuit connectivity – Ethernet Frame format – Offers No contention Protection or No Protection – Dublin Metro Ring Dynamic connections Immediately availability with ROADMs – National/International Static Immediately with DWDM Dynamic connections 2010 availability with ROADMS Contact HEAnet NOC for further Details HEAnets wavelength service ?

17 HEAnet National Fibre Core Today’s Network ROADMs DWDM Commissioned Oct 2008

18 Development of an API/Web service for access to the GMPLS interface for E-INIS, AutoBAHN projects and others Implement as a GMPLS Network This will allow – Wavelength based network discovery – Wavelength based end-to-end circuit/path provisioning – Optical Restoration Future Network Integration

19 AutoBAHN Bandwidth on Demand

20 a Research activity for engineering, automating and streamlining the inter- domain setup of guaranteed capacity (Gbps) end-to-end paths – Bandwidth on Demand … a Joint Research Activity of the GN2 project – GN2 is an European Commission-funded project, with all the European Research and Education networks (NRENs) as partners AutoBAHN

21 SC 08 Demo 4 Sites simulating Radio Telescopes, 3 in Europe and 1 in the US Data transferred on 4 by 1 Gb BoD links to Software Correlator in Amsterdam

22 Multiple administrative domains Multiple data plane technologies Security Point to Point path issues

23 AutoBAHN’s approach NREN Distributed control and provisioning Business-layer related interactions include AA, policies, advance reservations etc. Privacy and control of intra-domain resources must be safeguarded => Definition of a Full Architecture Inter-Domain Manager (IDM) Provisioning Domain Manager (DM) Technology Specific Interfaces Local Provisioning

24 Current Status Working Prototype based on GEANT Testbed 8 participating NRENS locations – HEAnet, PSNC, GRNET, CESNET, – CARNET,DANTE,GARR,FCCN 2 Working Technology Proxies for full automated Provisioning – HEAnet MPLS/ Ethernet, DANTE SDH 7 Demos in 2008 – 4 Connectivity based – 3 Application based High Definition Video, SCARI/e GN3 Implementation across NRENS 2009 – 2013 Working on standardisation efforts

25 AutoBAHN is Internet2 compatible Links to US NREN Networks => Transatlantic Point to Point Research Links

26 Manticore and Federica 26

27 27 The MANTICORE Project Vision MANTICORE Implementation –The IaaS Framework (UCLP Evolution)‏ –User Roles –Software Architecture How does it work: GUI preview FEDERICA Future work: MANTICORE II 2

28 28 27

29 The MANTICORE vision 29 Physical Router Logical Router Physical Link User Site Each user’s IP network is represented by a different color 3 Other user’s IP Network or the Internet Logical Link

30 30 4 End users NOC MANTICORE project

31 31 5 Routing integrity

32 32 5 aut-num:AS1213 as-name:HEANET descr:HEAnet national network import:from AS1299 # Telia [transit provider] action pref=100; accept ANY import: from AS3257 # Tiscali [transit provider] action pref=100; accept ANY import: from AS20965 # GEANT [private peer] action pref=50; accept ANY export: to AS20965 # GEANT announce AS-HEANET export: to AS3257 # Tiscali announce AS-HEANET export: to AS1299 # Telia announce AS-HEANET RPSL

33 33 Define the edge ports of the IP network Define the external Routing Service(policy) In case there are preferences on internal transport services, QoS: the internal Routing Service metric Your IP address pool (guided by your ISP) 6 Logical IP Network Service

34 34 On-demand network Share virtual routers, not buying your own No self-assembly required 6 Benefits

35 35 Agenda The MANTICORE Project Vision MANTICORE Implementation –The IaaS Framework (UCLP Evolution)‏ –User Roles –Software Architecture How does it work: GUI preview FEDERICA Future work: MANTICORE II 7

36 36 Virtualization Infrastructure as a Service 8 Infrastructure as a Service IaaS and Virtualization

37 37 –Argia -> Product for Optical Networks –Ether -> R&D for Ethernet and MPLS Networks –MANTICORE -> R&D for physical/logical IP Networks –GRIM -> R&D for Instruments and Sensors RMCMANTICOREETHER GRIMCHRONOS 9 UCLP, Argia and IaaS Framework

38 38 Infrastructure Resource Trading (I): Direct Export 10 User A Provider 1 User B Provider 2 User C Resource List

39 39 11 Infrastructure Resource Trading (II): Broker Sites

40 40 12 IP Network WS GUI client(s)‏ User Workspace WS Virtual Resource Services Ethernet Resource WS TDM Resource WS... Router-WS Netconf Juniper device Protocol X Other vendor device Protocol Y Software router MANTICORE Software Architecture

41 41 Based on Juniper routers using the Netconf JunOS XML API RPSL (will explain later) won’t be used as a means of describing abstract routing configurations (instead, a proprietary simple and limited representation will be used). The implementation is not a complete solution: working prototypes of the services will be implemented, but some features and performance optimization will be left for future work 13 First implementation limitations

42 42 The MANTICORE Project Vision MANTICORE Implementation –The IaaS Framework (UCLP Evolution)‏ –User Roles –Software Architecture How does it work: GUI preview FEDERICA Future work: MANTICORE II 14

43 43 Two organizations: –NREN A: Physical Network Administrator. In this very simple example it operates a network with one physical router. –i2CAT: Virtual Network Administrator. In this very simple example it will request two logical routers to NREN A. MANTICORE Software deployment 15 NREN A Server: - User Workspace WS - Ethernet Resource WS - IP Network WS - Router WS i2cat Server: (optional)‏ - User Workspace WS - Ethernet Resource WS - IP Network WS Example deployment

44 44 When NREN A first launches the GUI client, it must create a new physical network and add all the routers they want to manage to it. 16

45 45

46 46 18 Create logical interfaces Create logical routers Assign i/fs to routers Create tunnel between the logical routers

47 47

48 48 Physical network admin creates “resource list” 20

49 49 NREN A PN Admin exports the resource list to i2cat (permissions are set on the resources so that i2cat’s users can access and modify the resources on the resource list). i2cat APN Admin, launches its GUI Client, logs into the server and downloads the resource list. 21 NREN A Server: i2cat Server: (optional)‏ Resource List

50 50 i2cat logical admin creates a new IP Network and adds the resources of the resource list to it. 22 Now he can configure the IP parameters of the interfaces, configure IGPs, configure the peering,... OSPF configuration BGP configuration

51 51 The MANTICORE Project Vision MANTICORE Implementation –The IaaS Framework (UCLP Evolution)‏ –User Roles –Software Architecture How does it work: GUI preview FEDERICA Future work: MANTICORE and RPSL 23

52 52 24 Not just links... not just routers... Virtual hosts as well! FP7 project using existing NREN and GÉANT infrastructure Fully virtualise networks - all facilities available in a “slice” User gets control of own “slice” Begun mid-2008, infrastructure now being built out FEDERICA

53 53 The MANTICORE Project Vision MANTICORE Implementation –The IaaS Framework (UCLP Evolution)‏ –User Roles –Software Architecture How does it work: GUI preview FEDERICA Future work: MANTICORE II 25

54 54 Detect manual configuration overrides (or automatic ones) Performance improvements Support for other manufacturers (i.e. Cisco)‏ Integration of the enhancements made as part of FP7 FEDERICA project’s activities 26 MANTICORE II new features (I)‏

55 55 Add more features to the IP Network WS –Ability to set up VPNs –Ability to set up bandwidth guaranteed paths in the IP Network RPSL Implementation –Abstract out the routing policy Integration with other IaaS Framework based solutions –With Argia (optical networks: TDM, WDM, Fibre)‏ –With Ether (Ethernet and MPLS Networks, under development)‏ Other? To Be Defined 27 MANTICORE II new features (II)‏

56 56 Old way... way! Same functionality Same control Far less hardware

57 Thank you! Questions?

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