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Graduation Reflections Dorothy Reed Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Organizational Leadership TO GOD BE THE GLORY! I have been working toward my degree.

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1 Graduation Reflections Dorothy Reed Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Organizational Leadership TO GOD BE THE GLORY! I have been working toward my degree for the past 30 years. The Day has finally come and I thank my loving family and friends for their support and encouragement. I’m living proof that all things are possible if you believe. Somerset Christian College was the right school at the right time for me. It was enlightening to learn academic and Biblical studies together in such a Godly atmosphere. I gleaned from each professor and was amazed at how they taught and combined the world views and the foundation laid by Jesus Christ. As I start the next chapter of my life, I will always remember a quote I learned in class, “Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use words.” St. Francis Assisi

2 Graduation Reflections Lorianne Lozinski Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Christian Counseling Somerset Christian College has been one of the greatest experiences of my life! Every step of the way, grounded in God’s Word, He has opened doors and provided the means by which to achieve my Bachelors Degree when I had basically written it off as an unfulfilled dream. Thanks be to God; to my husband, Michael, and my children, Ian and Lucie, who had a mostly absent wife and mom for the past 20 months; and to some of the amazing staff and professors who imparted not only knowledge, but support and love: Kobie Morgan, Lani Moore, Dr. Norm Walter, Marsha Griffin, Maria Sartori, Deniece Reed, and the ever patient Contemporary Math Professor, Tony Cirelli!

3 Graduation Reflections Keyla Guzman Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Organizational Leadership Many have seen the changes I have gone through at SCC, but the biggest impact SCC has made only God, and I know! These 4 years here have turned my life around and I will always be grateful! I would do it all over again without any doubt! I want to thank my pastors Jose and Esther Diaz for allowing me to dedicate this time to school with such understanding, and for the support of my church C.A.C.C.U. Dedico esta carrera a mis padres quienes me ensenaron a amar a Dios! And to God be all glory!

4 Graduation Reflections "I have always wanted to finish up my Bachelor’s degree which I had begun several years ago, and so when the Lord opened up this door for me at SCC in 2009, I was eager to join. I couldn’t have done it without the help of some incredible staff members at SCC who prodded me until I signed up and began attending classes. I want to thank my family and friends who have encouraged me, prayed for me and lent me their support. I am grateful to the professors for giving me a learning experience that will never be forgotten." Lilian Samuel Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Christian Counseling

5 Graduation Reflections A friend of mine brought me to the college at a time when my life was at a distinct crossroads. I took a leap of faith and entered the LEAD course in hopes of earning my BA in Christian Counseling and to continue on to my future goal of entering seminary. I was a broken person that was nurtured by the teachers, friends and school work. God really had his hand on me showing that with God anything is possible. I have been accepted to Princeton Theological Seminary and will start in the fall to work my way to earning a Masters of Divinity so I may serve as a Minister of the Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA). Somerset Christian College will hold a special place in my heart as a foothold to a new beginning. Where I thought there was no way, God made a way by placing me in the care of SCC and I am thankful! Stephanie Farley Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Christian Counseling

6 Graduation Reflections Since the very beginning, my journey and experience at SCC has been nothing short of challenging, stimulating, and productive. The curriculum was intense, the workload was heavy, and the books were not always easy to read, but the teachers were encouraging and inspirational regarding the path that we were on toward Christian Counseling. There were many who dropped out the race and one of them were almost me, but even with the challenge of having a new baby before completing the program, I remembered that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and I finished! Tammy Griffin Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Christian Counseling

7 Graduation Reflections I thank God for the strength and courage to finish this journey. Through it all I had my cheering team, Brandon and Blake my sons, for they gave up the most, their “MOTHER”. My boys understood whether Mom had homework, or up late nights working on that final paper!! I’ve made good friends, had wonderful professors and most of all completed the assignment that God gave me. I would like to thank the staff and administration of Somerset Christian College for their support and prayers. My hope is that the Class of 2011 takes their visions and turns them into realities. God Bless!!! Regenia Booker Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Organizational Leadership

8 Graduation Reflections These are times I will never forget! Everyone in these pictures have given me so much more then just friendship. They are a part of my family now. Casey Sobel Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Organizational Leadership

9 Graduation Reflections “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” ~ Philippians 4:13 As I think back to the fall of October 2009, when I started in the LEAD Program, I prayed to God that He would sustain me during this journey because I knew that I could not do it alone. He gave me the strength and wisdom to remain steadfast to complete the rigorous work. I thank God, my family, the SCC administration, and my fellow Cohort 12 members for the encouraging words that helped me reach my graduation goal. Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2011. Good Luck in your future endeavors. Amelita McDowell Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Organizational Leadership

10 Graduation Reflections “A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others.” This quote by an unknown author embodies every aspect of what my teachers at SCC demonstrated. For this I say Thank You! In the Aaron’s 499 race at the Talladega Superspeedway at Talladega, Alabama, Carl Edwards was in the last lap of the race when his car went airborne crashing into the sidewall. Carl gathered himself... saw that his car could no longer get him across the finish line, and with determination he got out of the car and ran across the finish line on foot. It took me longer than expected, I had a few crashes of my own but I thank God for his grace. I thank my wife for her love, encourage- ment and support. To my mother I say it is done. I have finished this part of my race with joy (Acts 20:24). Carlos Carballo Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Organizational Leadership

11 Graduation Reflections I learned more about the Bible that the more I read and learn, the more I realize there IS to learn. Our studies in the LEAD Organizational Leadership program were intense, seemed to fly by, and yet at times, when the going got really tough, laborious but in a way that only proved excellence for my learning experiences. What is most endearing to me from attending SCC is that the students are all so friendly and full of wonderful Christian faith and fellowship. I just do not find that in secular schools, and have learned that the only place this kind of genuine caring will be found is IN a Christian setting. The instructors were excellent, the classes were vibrant and interesting, as well as duly challenging. Continued on next slide Marguerite Tiger Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Organizational Leadership

12 Graduation Reflections I aspire to be the best I can at whatever I achieve to do, and was given that opportunity to have a little light shine above me during these last two years so I know I am worthy because God made me that way. It is His plans, not mine, for what my future holds. I trust He will continue to guide me, each of us, through all our trials and triumphs of the years to come. I regret my illnesses prevented me from the missions trip to India to play keyboards for the band w/Dr. Ao. That would have culminated my memories of SCC on a ‘high note’. Regardless, I thank God I was led to this school, and have accumulated new education and experiences that will carry me for the rest of my life and guide me accordingly. In His Name and Glory, thank you, Marguerite Tiger, An American Songwriter. God's Grace be upon you daily, Marguerite Tiger Marguerite Tiger Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Organizational Leadership

13 Graduation Reflections This has been a journey. I am here today by God’s Grace and Design. I am grateful to my family for supporting me every step of the way. I thank God for Somerset Christian College. The students in my cohort were amazing. We ate, prayed, cried, and laughed together. I recall meeting Dr Schroeder at orientation 2 years ago. Dr Schroeder prayed a powerful prayer. He said “we will all graduate”. I arrived at the orientation terrified of the idea of returning to school. I left the orientation encouraged and determined to make it to this day. Anana Phifer-Derilhomme Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Organizational Leadership

14 Graduation Reflections I really enjoyed my time here at SCC. I have met a new part of my family that I have grown to love. I recall laughing uncontrollably when Sabrina shared her story in class about growing up in NY and then the times where class discussions caused me to cry my way home because I was forced to face and fix some things. SCC has caused me to grow in so many ways! COHORT 7 Rocks! I LOVE MY SCC Family! Najiyyah Alexandre Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Christian Counseling

15 Graduation Reflections One day, out of the blue... Who knew? Once course? just 3 credits, hmmmm… could do. Add another, yet another...becomes 120! Remember that first Professor? Now, one of so many. And the second? Instructor, Mentor, colleague........... Friend Can’t leave out the Students! Those acquaintances - turned classmates – supporters......& MORE..... Friends. And WHERE on Earth would we be without our DEAREST loved ones?!?!? Those Heaven sent…Husband...Wife...children…Mother, Father, In-laws…Aunt, Sister, Brother, Nephew, Niece. Friends... dear friends, so close that you are family now. All these...My Special Ones. You know who you are. I am grateful for you, your touch...your difference. Could not have made it without you. I will carry you with meForever! YOU made This Day..............possible. Janice Gengenbach Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Organizational Leadership

16 Graduation Reflections It has been a wonderful challenge to have been part of the first LEAD cohort at SCC. Due to health issues, I did not get to graduate with my fellow # 1 cohorts. However, God's timing is perfect. I have been "properly stretched" for the many races Christ is preparing me for. My mentors at SCC & my home fellowship prayers are the reason I am graduating today. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!! Cynthia Stanford Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Christian Counseling

17 Graduation Reflections It has been a great ride! Being a student at SCC has been a life changing experience. Although challenging, I believe I take with me many tools which will assist me to fulfill God’s calling upon my life. The textbooks were great, but the relationships created with my professors and fellow students have been so rewarding. If not for these relationships I may have never discovered God’s hidden treasures inside of me. I can now say that I am READY for God’s next move in my life. Of course, all this would not have been possible without God’s help and the support of my wife Madelyn (thanks for the many cups of coffee on those late nights) and my children. Thank you Jesus! Jose Rivera Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Organizational Leadership

18 Graduation Reflections Bethany Erber Bachelor of Arts Degree Major in Organizational Leadership "My time at Somerset Christian College will always be cherished. God clearly led me here and it's by His grace that I'm now graduating! My absolute favorite memory is when I recorded the SCC jingle that can be heard on Star 99.1! As an aspiring artist, what a special treat it was to be a part of creating that. God used the jingle, the Beautiful Feet Tour, and other events at SCC to allow for continued growth in my life as a musician and singer. Beyond this, the people I met, things I learned, and personal growth I experienced will never be forgotten! Thank you Somerset Christian College!"

19 Danny R. Veasy Associates Degree: Christian Counseling Life Verse: Mark 4:39 “Peace be still... what manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey Him?” Willie Mae Veasy Bachelors of Arts: Organizational Leadership Life Verse: Luke 2:49 “How is it that you sought me, do you not know that I must be about my Father’s business?” We’re blessed to have attended SCC as a married couple. Over the years, we’ve been profoundly transformed and have witnessed amazing change and growth in the college itself. It went from being this sleepy little college filled with middle aged believers sharing their love of Christ to a thriving diverse school brimming with life and a passion for sharing the Gospel. Consequently, we have become more spiritually mature, confident of the Call the Lord has placed on our lives, stronger leaders, and better equipped to be about our Father’s business (Luke 2:49). Prior to attending SCC, we had a strong relationship with the Lord as we were actively engaged in ministry in and outside our Church home. However, our education at SCC has helped to enrich our relationship with the Lord in significant ways by: improving our understanding of the Divinity of Christ; gaining a better appreciation of Church History; and unleashing an earnest desire to seek God’s Will for our Lives Together. In so doing, we’ve been able to use SCC’s Christian Counseling principles to encourage the wounded and broken hearted and Organizational Leadership concepts to developed more strategic business plans to help redefine our business, to achieve sustainability in the marketplace. To us SCC’s learning environment is a unique oasis or haven unlike any other college experience because here you have committed Educators who generously pour their knowledge and spiritual wisdom into your life in such a nurturing way, that you feel brilliant and compelled to share what you’ve learned with others (believers and non-believers) to help them realize that they’re capable of greatness too! Finally, our favorite thing about attending SCC was going to school with other intelligent, Spirit filled believers from various denominations who love the Lord, just as much as we do and enthusiastically share the love of Christ, with everyone they meet.

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