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SOFSEM 2010 23.1 – 29.1.2010 Špindlerův Mlýn, ČR.

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1 SOFSEM 2010 23.1 – 29.1.2010 Špindlerův Mlýn, ČR

2 Začína to dobre...



5 Invited Talks Roger Wattenhofer: Theory Meets Practice, It’s about Time! Filip Železný: Taming the Complexity of Inductive Logic Programming Dave Ragget: The Web of Things: Extending the Web into the Real World Yishay Mansour: Regret Minimization and Job Scheduling

6 Invited Talks (2) Andy Schürr: Model-Driven Software Product Line Testing: An Integrated Approach Theo Härder: Essential Performance Drivers in Native XML DBMSs Arie van Deursen: Research Issues in the Automated Testing of Ajax Applications and many more...

7 Social and Outdoor Activities Indoor: 25m indoor swimming pool, toboggan, wild river, surf, sauna,... Outdoor: Sledging, Snowfox, Snowbike and others; Dinner at Myslyvna.





12 Regular Papers Foundations of Computer Science Principles of Software Construction Data, Knowledge and Intelligent Systems & Web Science

13 Foundations of Computer Science Fast Arc-Annotated Subsequence Matching in Linear Space Efficient Algorithms for Two Extensions of LPF Table: The Power of Suffix Arrays Deterministic Recognizability of Picture Languages by Wang Automata Fast and Compact Prefix Codes Efficient Testing of Equivalence of words in a Free Idempotent Semigroup

14 Foundations of Computer Science (2) Dynamic Edit Distance Table under a General Weighted Cost Function Approximate Structural Consistency On the Complexity of Highway Pricing Problem On a Labeled Vehicle Routing Problem Parallel Randomized Load Balancing Algorithms: A Lower Bound for a More General Model

15 Data, Knowledge and Intelligent Systems & Web Science An Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the Closest String Problem Student Group Modeling By Integrating Cluster Representation and Assoc. Rule Mining Flavors of KWQL, a Keyword Query Language for a Semantic Wiki … : A Social Vision of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Homophily of Neighborhood in Graph Relational Classifier

16 Moti Medina

17 Student Papers xxx yyy: ??? Elisa Papalardo: Ant Colony Optimization for Closest String Problem Best Posters: – Omer Landry Nguena Timo: Disjunctive Normal Form for Event-Recording Logic – Martin Jačala: Identifying Entity Relationships in News Reports


19 SOFSEM 2010

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