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I.Words for Production II. Words for Recognition III. Idioms and Phrases IV. Word Smart.

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1 I.Words for Production II. Words for Recognition III. Idioms and Phrases IV. Word Smart

2 1. purpose [`p3p1s] n. [C] 目的 The purpose of this class is to give you some information about aliens. Words for Production Reading

3 Words for Production Reading 2. fashion [`f8S1n] n. [C] 流行的東西 ( 或樣式 ) ; [U] 流行 Miniskirts are the latest fashion this year. Jeans never go out of fashion; they are always popular. derivatives

4 fashionable [`f8S1n1bL] adj. 流行的, 時髦的 It is fashionable to wear baseball caps these days. derivatives

5 3. relax [rI`l8ks] vi.; vt. 放鬆 Relax for a while! You have worked for eight hours today. Listening to music would help relax you. Words for Production Reading

6 4. asleep [1`slip] adj. 睡著的 My grandfather falls asleep whenever he watches TV. Reading Words for Production

7 5.tongue [t^9] n. [C] 舌頭 Tiffany’s tongue turned purple after drinking the juice. Reading Words for Production

8 Reading 6. disease [dI`ziz] n. [C][U] 疾病 The old man died of a rare disease. Foot-and-mouth disease can kill certain animals, such as pigs and cattle.

9 7. stare [stEr] vi. 凝視,盯著看 It’s quite impolite to stare at others. Reading Words for Production

10 Reading Words for Production 8. spoil [spOIl] vt. 破壞;寵壞 ( 小孩 ) The heavy rain spoiled our plan to go on a picnic. The mother spoiled her kids with a lot of toys and snacks.

11 9. upstairs [^p`stErz] adv. 往樓上 地 Please carry this box upstairs for me. My apartment is on the second floor. Reading Words for Production

12 Reading Words for Production 10. wave [wev] n. [C] ( 情緒的 ) 高漲, 波動;海浪 Gina felt a wave of anger when she found her boyfriend was lying. The waves in the sea were very high during the typhoon. derivatives

13 wave [wev] vi. 搖晃; vt. ( 向人 ) 揮手 ( 示意 ) It was windy outside, and the trees waved wildly in the wind. The students waved goodbye to their teacher after class. derivatives

14 11. regret [rI`GrEt] n. [U] 懊悔,悔恨 (regret - regretted - regretted) I am very busy, and much to my regret, I will not be able to go to your party next Sunday. Reading Words for Production derivatives

15 regret [rI`GrEt] vt. 懊悔,悔恨 regretful [rI`GrEtf1l] adj. 懊悔的, 遺憾的 Jim didn’t pass the exam. Now, he regrets that he didn’t study more for it. Mike was regretful that he had not told his parents the truth. derivatives

16 12. expect [Ik`spEkt ] vt. 期望;預料 Don’t expect your parents to do everything for you. The cost of the trip was much higher than we had expected. Reading Words for Production derivatives

17 expectation [&EkspEk`teS1n] n. [C][U] 期望;預料 My performance in the basketball game didn’t come up to the coach’s expectations. He thought I could play better. It is my expectation that our team will win the race. derivatives

18 13. behave [bI`hev] vi. 行為,舉止; vt. 守規矩 The spoiled boys behaved badly in public. They shouted and fought with each other for the toy. My mom always tells me to behave myself in public. Reading Words for Production derivatives

19 behavior [bI`hevj2] n. [U] 行為,舉 止 Studying the behavior of animals is Allen’s main interest. derivatives

20 Reading Words for Production 14. similar [`sIm1l2] adj. 相似的 The two pictures are similar to each other in color. derivatives MAIN

21 similarity [&sIm1`l8r1tI] n. [C] 相 似 點; [U] 相似 Ray is studying the similarities and differences between the two countries. The similarity between the two girls makes many people surprised. derivatives

22 Reading Words for Recognition 1. piercing [`pIrsI9] n. [U] 穿孔 pierce [pIrs] vt. 穿孔,刺穿

23 Reading Words for Recognition 2. schoolwork [`skul&w3k] n. [U] 功課,學業

24 Reading Words for Recognition 3. doorway [`dOr&we] n. [C] 門 口 MAIN

25 Reading Idioms and Phrases 1. on purpose 故意地,有意地 I’m sorry for what I said. I didn’t say it on purpose.

26 Reading Idioms and Phrases 2. in a flash 一瞬間,馬上 Since Joe got up late, he only had a sandwich and ran out of the door in a flash.

27 Reading Idioms and Phrases 3. make up for 彌補,補償 Shane bought his girlfriend a gift to make up for his being late.

28 Reading Idioms and Phrases 4. even if 即使,縱然 Even if there is no test tomorrow, I’ll still study as usual. MAIN

29 Word Smart 以下介紹一些青少年流行的事物: blog [blAG] 部落格 body piercing 身體穿洞 Cosplay [`kos&ple] 角色扮演 ( 為 costume play 的縮寫 ) MSN Messenger 即時通 tattoo [t8`tu] 刺青,紋身 online game 線上遊戲 photo sticker 大頭貼 結束放映

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