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Words for Production 1. approaching [ 1`protSI9 ] adj. moving toward or nearer to someone or something 逐漸逼近的 The weather of the island will be affected.

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2 Words for Production 1. approaching [ 1`protSI9 ] adj. moving toward or nearer to someone or something 逐漸逼近的 The weather of the island will be affected by a cold front approaching from the north. 詞類變化 * cold front 冷鋒

3 approach [ 1`protS ] vt. 接近,靠近 When you approach the crossroads, you will see the bank on the right. * crossroad = intersection 十字路口 * on the right 在右邊 on the left 在左邊

4 Words for Production 2. flu [flu] n. [U] also influenza, an illness which is like a bad cold but is more serious 流行性感冒 Nancy is the third person in her family to come down with the flu. * flu = influenza * come down with 罹患 ; 感染

5 Words for Production 3. newsworthy [`njuz&w3DI] adj. important or interesting enough to be reported as news 有報導價值的,有新 聞價值的 The case will develop into an even more newsworthy story if the police are involved. * the police 警方 ( 做複數用 )

6 Words for Production 4. depart [dI`pArt] vi. [C] to leave, especially when one is starting a journey ( 飛機 ) 起飛, ( 火車 ) 開出, ( 人 ) 啟程 The train to Kaohsiung will depart from platform 2 in ten minutes. 詞類變化 * depart = leave

7 departure [dI`pArtS2] n. [U] 出發,啟程 Their departure was delayed due to the approaching typhoon. * due to 由於 = because of = owing to = on account of

8 Words for Production 5. regrettably [rI`GrEt1blI] adv. in a way that someone feels sorry about something 令人遺憾地 Regrettably, my favorite basketball team lost the game by two points. 詞類變化 * by … 以 … 之差

9 regret [rI`GrEt] vt. 對 … 感到遺憾或惋惜 We regret that we cannot go to your birthday party tonight.

10 regret [rI`GrEt] n. [U][C] 遺憾,可惜 The president expressed deep regret for people who had lost their families during the war.

11 Words for Production 6. comment [`kAmEnt] n. [C][U] an opinion made about an event, a person, a situation, etc. 評論,評語, 意見 When asked to make a comment on the educational reforms, the mayor answered, “ No comment. ” 詞類變化 * make a comment/comments on 對 … 做評論 * educational reform 教育改革 * No comment. 無可奉告.

12 comment [`kAmEnt] vi. 評論 The Minister of Education declined to comment on the rise in tuition fees. * the Minister of Education 教育部長 the Minister of Finance 財務部長 * comment on 評論 * tuition fees 學費

13 Words for Production 7. timeliness [`taImlInIs] n. [U] the exactly right time when something is done or happens 及時 Timeliness is a feature of the service offered by the delivery company. 詞類變化

14 timely [`taImlI] adJ. 及時的 Without your timely help, I might not have finished the report. * timely help 及時的協助 * might/could + have p.p. 過去可能 … ( 假設語氣 )

15 Words for Production 8. proximity [prAk`sIm1tI] n. [U] the state of being near in distance or time 接近,最近 Considering the possible danger, some people object to erecting any tall building in the proximity of the airport. * object to + N/Ving 反對 ( to 為介係詞 )

16 Words for Production 9. burglary [`b3Gl1rI] n. [C][U] (an example of) the crime of illegally entering a building to steal 竊盜 ( 案 ) People are worried about a rise in the number of burglaries in the community. 詞類變化

17 burglar [`b3Gl2] n. [C] 竊賊 Burglars broke into the museum at night and stole several priceless paintings. * break into 闖入

18 Words for Production 10. income [`In&k^m] n. [U][C] money that a person earns from work, investment, etc. 所得,收入 Linda lives beyond her income. She scarcely earns enough money to make ends meet. * make (both) ends meet 使收支相抵 ; 量入為出

19 Words for Production 11. prominence [`prAm1n1ns] n. [U] the state of being very well- known and important 顯著,重要 This is the first time that a musician of such prominence has performed here in Taiwan. 詞類變化

20 prominent [`prAm1n1nt] adj. 顯著的,重要的 The government should play a more prominent role in preventing the environmental pollution. * play a ~ role 扮演 ~ 的角色 * environmental pollution 環境污染

21 Words for Production 12. arrest [1`rEst] vt. to take someone to a police station and keep him or her there because of a crime he or she might have committed 逮捕 Surprisingly, the police arrested the cold-blooded murderer within 24 hours. 詞類變化 * police station 警察局 * commit a crime 犯罪 * Adj-Ned 為複合形容詞

22 arrest [1`rEst] n. [U] 逮捕 The man was under arrest on suspicion of bank robbery. * on suspicion of 因 … 嫌疑 … * under arrest 被逮捕

23 Words for Production 13. shoplifting [`SAp&lIftI9] n. [U] the crime of taking goods from a shop without paying for them 在商店裡行 竊 To people's surprise, the movie actress was arrested for shoplifting. 詞類變化 * to one’s 情緒名詞 令 ( 某人 ) 感到 …

24 shoplift [`SAp&lIft] vt. 在商店裡行竊 The police found that the man had shoplifted goods worth thousands of dollars.

25 Words for Production 14. heartwarming [`hArt&wOrmI9] adj. (of a story or an event) giving feelings of pleasure and happiness because something nice has happened to someone 溫馨感人 的 They report heartwarming stories to show that there is always love in the world.

26 1. make the headlines to be reported in newspapers or on television as headlines 成為 ( 報紙或電 視上的 ) 頭條新聞 SARS first made the headlines in the spring of 2003 and caused a panic in Taiwan. Idioms and Phrases

27 2. in a nutshell in a few words; briefly; in brief 簡言之 Prices are rising, business is bad, and more and more people are out of work. In a nutshell, times are hard and people are living in misery. Idioms and Phrases * in a nutshell = in a few words = briefly = in brief * out of work = out of job = out of employment 失業

28 3. dry out to become completely dry 乾透 He hung his shirt up in the sun to dry out. Idioms and Phrases * hang (v.) 的三態變化 hang hung hung 懸掛 hang hanged hanged 吊死

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